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20 + Words of Affirmation to Easily Boost Your Kids Confidence

In the parenting world today, many of us are doing the best we can to be better. Better for ourselves and our kids. We’re all trying to make people that will be good for our future. Creating, happy, confident, and positive kids is the goal. This can sometimes be hard and yes we are all not perfect. Words of Affirmatio are a Love Language that you can use to help your kids! Learn more about all the Love Languages here! Use 20 + Words of Affirmation to Easily Boost Your Kids Confidence and fill their Attention Cups!

These words of Affirmation can be used by parents, teachers, kids, or anyone! Affirmations are positive words used to make relationship connections, build self-esteem, and confidence.

To get the most from your words of affirmation, make sure you use the present tense, personalize the words, use specific examples, and keep it positive.

One more way to boost those words of affirmation is to visualize or picture them and get the receiver to say them out loud to themselves.

When you share them with your children it’s a model or how-to for them! You will hear them sharing positive affirmation right back to you and the others around you.

Here are 20+Confidence Boosting Affirmations with Examples of How to Personalize them for Your Kid.

1.You are helpful.

  • When you do your chores without me asking.
  • When you read with your little sister.
  • When you play with or walk the dog.

2. I know you do your best.

  • During writing class at school.
  • Following the school bus safty rules.
  • Cleaning up your toys.

3. You have great ideas.

  • For how to get the family chores done.
  • When playing with your little sister/brother.
  • Creating games with your friends.

4. You make me proud.

  • When you try new things.
  • When I see your hard work.
  • When you encourage others to do their best.

5. You make my heart full.

  • When you hug your brother/ sister.
  • When you take time to include younger kids in your games.
  • When you smile, dance, sing, read, etc.

6. You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.

  • Wrong answers help you learn.
  • You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
  • I love watching you try again.

7. I am grateful for you.

  • and your curiosity about cooking.
  • and your tenacity about your clothing style.
  • and spending time sharing ideas with you.

8. You are important.

  • because you make me excited about holiday traditions.
  • becasue there is only one you.
  • because of your kind heart.

9. I believe in you.

  • When I see all your hard work and attentiveness in learning a new sport.
  • When you are taking your time to tie your shoes.
  • When you tell me a story about your friends.

10. You are loved.

  • Every day and every night.
  • by everyone in our family.
  • Even when life seems hard.

11. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

  • others look up to you.
  • doing things you like will make you happy.
  • I love your style.

12. Your ideas are great.

  • That game you have been loving really has you thinking hard.
  • I can tell how much you have learned reading that book.
  • I never thought of that!

13. I am so excited to spend time with you

  • on the drive to school.
  • While we work on this craft.
  • When you are leanring to ride a bike.

14. That was a really good choice.

  • to help your sister/ brother.
  • to sit with the new kid at lunch.
  • to practice your instrument before video game time.

15. I love how you said…

  • you are excited about our holiday/ vacation.
  • “thank you” for cooking dinner mom.
  • you want my help.

16. You were right.

  • about that kid pushing you in the basketball game.
  • about math being tricky sometimes.
  • about how taht storybook ended.

17. This family would not be the same without you.

  • Your laughter is the best.
  • We love your stories at dinner time.
  • You are a great helper aruond our house.

18. I appreciate you.

  • and your company on the dog walk.
  • and your snack idea for movie night.
  • and how you stuck up for your firend onthe bus.

19. You did that so well.

  • I can tell you have been practicing/studying.
  • Thank you for thining of others.
  • Your patience is big today.

20. You are worth it.

  • We need your ideas in our family.
  • Your team loved all those rebounds today.
  • Spending time with you makes me happy.

These 20 ideas can be endless when you personalize them. Now I have 3 cool ways you can up your words of affirmation game even more!

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