5 Habits of a Happy Stay at Home Mom
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5 Habits of a Happy Stay at Home Mom

Staying at home with our children and family can sometimes be a choice and sometimes not. As human beings, we all have a goal in life to be happy and to enjoy our time here on earth. Sometimes it can be hard to find contentment- I say this for moms who choose to stay home and for those of you with no choice. “A contented mind is the greatest blessing a man can enjoy in this world.”- Joseph Addison. As moms and people, in general, we can be better at everything with the goal of daily contentment. I am truly blessed to be a very contented mom and woman MOST days. I wanted to share my top 5 habits that help me find contentment from my home each and every day.

5 Habits of a Happy Stay at Home Mom

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These are separated into 5 Habits but they are all intertwined. Some overlap with others.

#1 Keep a Planner/ Journal

When you are home it can be easy to lose track of the days, the to-dos, and the endless juggle. Writing down what I want to accomplish every day is my key to getting things done. It will take some practice of how much to actually add to that list. You want it do-able and not so overwhelming that you just look at it and do nothing. I have house to-dos, kid to-dos, blog to-dos, and VIPKid to-dos. Some days things just don’t get finished but I do love when I get to cross things off the list!

I don’t keep a full journal but when I think of a new idea I write it. If I see a new inspiring quote I write it. If I’m feeling less content than usual I make a point to write down some thankful thoughts to boost the mood. Sometimes the bad and hard things can make you lose sight of all the good we have to keep us in that state of contentment.

I am currently using a Plum Paper Planner!! Check them out by clicking here!

5 Habits of Happy Stay at Home Moms

#2 Give Yourself Grace

When that to-do list does not get done, give yourself grace. You are not Wonder Woman with godlike powers to do everything all the time. Know you can always start fresh tomorrow. Pick some small wins to always get done! (See #4).

If it was a frustrating day with the kids love on them at bedtime/ or get them in bed early so you can reset and try again for a better tomorrow. You can try to think about what made it hard and how to can change it up to make things go smoother. After those thoughts about making tomorrow a better day- forgive the faults of today and sleep (or have a glass of wine)!

#3 Give those Kids Purposeful Attention

I have a whole blog post on Filling your Kiddos Attention Cup. It can be hard to do when you are distracted by house chores, working from home, and world events.

When you do give them direct and full attention they will sometimes repay you with some content independent time! Maybe instead of 40 interrupting questions you only get 20 this time. Ha, I say this because they are always going to be wanting and needing your attention until one day they won’t. You will miss it and wish for the rewind. Giving that attention now will help ensure that those kiddos know as they grow you have always given the attention and when they are ready for it will seek you out!

Attention giving can be as light as watching some TV together or as Heavy as playing a game of Monopoly. The point is to make sure you are present. No phone, work, or distraction. Live in that moment with your kiddo. Bonus points if you do so while teaching or modeling a skill- especially one they can practice when you can’t give the attention.

#4 Choose 1-2 Small Wins you can Always Make Happen

Creating a to-do list every day can be good for some but overwhelming for others. When you have those hard days and the state of contentment seems out of reach, try for those 1-2 small wins. For example:

  • Got the laundry folded.
  • Did the dishes.
  • Cleaned the toilets.
  • Make some fun moments with the kids.
  • Finished a work deadline.
  • Drank my water goal.
  • Have a workout.

I’m not saying do everything. Just pick one or two you know you can accomplish. One or two things you enjoy accomplishing ( I love folding laundry more than any chore, I know I’m strange). I always write all the things on the list no matter how easy. It is extremely satisfying to cross things off and sometimes motivates me to continue on!

#5 Self Care, Me Time, and Treat Yo-Self

This is important! It doesn’t have to be anything super grand. You can even count time spent with your family as me time. You just have to be doing something YOU want to do, something you enjoy, and something that relaxes you. It does seem to work better if you can have this time alone- but that is not always possible.

Going for a morning walk I still have to take my youngest. Since her school starts in the afternoon. I still count my morning walk as Self Care. She rides in the stroller so I can walk at my pace. My neighbor and I walk and talk. Even with my daughter there I am focused on me, enjoying my friend, and my exercise.

Kids having a strict bedtime or at least “be in your room for the rest of the night” time for the older kids is another way to gain some time alone for Self Care. Then you can have the TV to watch adult things, you can craft without being interrupted, you can video chat with your friends and have adult talks!

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5 Habits of a Happy Stay at Home Mom
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  • John

    Great post, my mom stayed home and I wish she had had this site to keep her head up sometimes because I think she often compared herself to others when small things didn’t get done.  I loved the journal idea too, especially writing down something you are grateful for.  The plum planner is great!

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