St. Patrick’s Day Kid Activities

St. Patrick's Day Kid Activities- Baby's First St. Patrick's Day!
My son and I on his first St. Patrick’s Day!

Hello! One of my favorite spring holidays is coming up soon. St. Patrick’s Day. Originally this was a religious Catholic holiday. St. Patrick is the patron Saint and apostle of Ireland. On this modern day at my house, we use it as a day to celebrate our Irish heritage. I love celebrating holidays with my kiddos. No matter how small it is fun to create memories and traditions with them. So here are 5 fun St. Patrick’s Day Kid Activities for you to enjoy with your kiddos.

St. Patrick's Day Kids Activities

St. Patrick’s Day Kid Books

I talk a lot about childrens books here on my site. Reading is very important for kids and we do a lot of it in our house. I love reading themed books with my kids because its an easy way to explain events and other things happening in their lives. Here are 5 of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day themed illustrated books. I always try to include fiction and no fiction when chooseing what to read with my kiddos.

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

Painting a Rainbow. I love doing hand and foot prints with my very little kiddos. St. Patrick's day Kid Activities.

Painting a Rainbow. I love doing hand and foot prints with my very little kiddos. It’s a fun way to create memories and very easy to fit in almost any theme you can think of. My favorite hand print painting for St. Patrick’s Day kids Activities is making a rainbow. 6 colors- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. 6 hand prints. I print them in an arch and have it ends at a black pot of gold I cut out with construction paper. They can even do finger prints to make the gold coins flowing out of the pot. It is so cute. Just make sure you have lots of wipes around to clean their hands when changing through the colors.

I also have created a shamrock cut out and printed feet on hands on each of the leaves with an cute “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” or “Hope your day is Lucky” written around the outside edge.

Another year I drew a leprechaun hat and beard cut out for the kids to wear like a mask and play pretend for pictures. They loved it!

St. Patrick's Day Kid Activities- Baby in a Leprechaun Hat and Beard.
Jonas on his first St. Partick’s Day. I free handed the hat and beard on some construction paper. Cut it out, used some tape or glue and instant cute holiday baby photo shoot!

Lucky Charm Sorting Game

My kids love Lucky Charms. Any excuse they have to eat them and they will. I created a cute game for them to practice sorting, counting, and even adding or subtracting with the cereal. All that is needed is a column chart. The kiddos get a pile of lucky charms and sort them according to color and shape. I even pick out just the marshmallow ones for them to use. After sorting them they can count and write how many of each they have. I am going to get my son to create some addition and subtraction problems with his. After all the sorting, counting and math fat practice they are allowed to eat them of course!

St. Patrick's Day Kid Activities- Lucky Charm Sorting.

Shamrock Scavenger Hunt

St. Patrick's Day Kid Activities- Shamrock Hunt

This game is so much fun. I give the kids little riddles about places around the house. A leprechaun has lost his shamrocks in our house! If they help him find them he will give them a pot of gold! Here is the list of clues- I picked places that should translate to mostly any house. I only have two kiddos, so I made it so they each get three clues and three shamrocks.

  1. Where do we keep ice and can get a treat that is nice? (Freezer)
  2. Where do you go to get a scrub and wash in the tub? (Bathroom)
  3. Where do you go and sit when you want to watch TV for a bit? (Sofa)
  4. Where after dinner we wash the dishes like a winner? (Sink)
  5. Where visitors knock and we have a lock? (Front Door)
  6. Where do you go to dream and you are the most tired it seems? (Bed)

After finding all the shamrocks they bring them to a photo of a leprechaun and I get his hidden pot of gold for them! Usually some real coins and chocolate ones. I put our fun green necklaces and hats in there as well.

I have included links to a printable version of the clues (Click on the image below), a coloring page to the leprechaun, and some printable shamrocks for the hunt.

Where did the Leprechaun Lose his Shamrocks? St. Patrick's Day Kid Activities.

Clover Cookies

I have this very cute clover cookie cutter I like to use for this special day. Here are some links to a super easy roll-out sugar cookie recipe or a rice crispy treat recipe that you could use a cookie cutter like this one with!

St. Patrick’s Day Kid Activities

These are many other cool games and activities you could do with your kiddos on this fun day. These are just my favorite to do with my family. If you have a new one for us to try out please share it with me in the comments!!! I am always interested to learn new St. Patrick’s Day Kid Activities.

If you enjoyed reading this please check out some of my other holiday themed posts below!

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Groundhog Day Fun for Little Kids

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35 Fun Ways to Teach the Alphabet to Little Kids

If you are a mom of a toddler or preschooler and/or a teacher, there are alphabet teaching goals we all have for our kids. We want them to learn reading and writing. Learning letters is one of the first steps they can take. Here I have compiles 30+ Fun Ways to Teach the Alphabet to Little Kids. Enjoy!

35 Fun Ways to Teach the Alphabet to Little Kids

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full Disclosure for more information.

3 Stages of Learning Letters

  1. Introducing the letters. 
  2. Practice associating the letter with shape and sound. 
  3. Recalling the letters shape and sound. 

You want to make sure your kiddo has mastered 1 and 2 before getting them to recall. They can’t tell you what a letter is if you haven’t shared it with them first! Remember that every kid is different. Some will learn super fast and others will need more practice. This is why I have compiled so many different ways for you to introduce and practice the letters! Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids.

1. Flash Cards

These are one of the most used ways to introduce letters. A lot of them have the letter, big and small, along with a picture that matches the letter song. I have used them in the classroom, with my own children and to teach online with English Language Learning Kiddos. They may seem basic but are a powerful and very easy tool. It is very easy to create your own with some markers and paper but look below for some of my favorites you can find on Amazon. They even make them with a texture tracing option (sandpaper, glue dots etc.) 

2. Song and Rhyme

Kids love when learning can be fast and fun. Songs and rhymes create patterns for them and help with that practice associating time. We all know as adults how some songs can get stuck in our heads. These are some we really want to be stuck in our kid’s heads. It will help them remember and associate those letters. Here is a list of some new and old Alphabet songs and rhymes. 

  1. The Classic ABC Song. 
  2. Alphabet with Animals 
  3. This link on youtube has 13 different songs and videos!

3. Alphabet Books

We always hear that reading to our children is one of the best ways to help them with school learning. There are so many amazing alphabet books that we can read with them to build letter knowledge and recognition. I have to limit myself here because I love children’s books, so I will give you my favorites. All are available at your local library I’m sure but I will include some Amazon links for you!

4. Chalk Play

Both sidewalk chalk or chalkboard and easel can be used for letter writing. You can help them move their hand along to create the letters, use books and flashcards for the kids to copy, or even just say the letter and have them reproduce it. 

Chalk Alphabet Play -  Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids

5. Sticker Play 

Kids love stickers! There are so many cool alphabet stickers out there. This can be a cool way to practice or even recall with your kids. I say this because there are so many different kinds of fonts out there. The letter “A” may look different from one set of stickers to another. They have to know the basic shape of the letters to recognize them in the funky fonts. 

Sticker Play-  Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids

6. Stamps

You can get letter stamps and have them practice or write the letter out big and have them stamp along the lines to form the letter. Bonus points if your stamps are words with a matching sound to the letter you are practicing. 

Stamp Play-  Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids
Check out my blog on how to create this cute snowflake stamp!

7. Play Dough

It helps to have the letters written out big for this one. Get to rolling some play-dough snakes and lay them onto the letter lines to create the letter. Don’t forget to practice your kiddos name with this as well. Makes it even more personal. 

 Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids- Play dough fun.

8. Finger Tracing 

Using a finger to trace out letters is the beginnings of writing. One of our 5 senses is touch. I can be a great way to help that information stick into the brain. Below I have listed some of the things we can use to practice tracing the letters and getting the kids using their sense of touch. 

  • Sand  Sand Play Tracing the alphabet.  Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids
  • Sequins
    Sequin Pillow for Letter Tracing
    Grab one of these cool pillows on Amazon to practice tracing your alphabet letters.
  • Shaving cream
  • Paint Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids- Paint Play
  • Sandpaper 

9. Letter Shapes with Blocks

You can gather regular building blocks or legos and create uppercase or lowercase letters by lining the shape with the blocks. Here is a link to an awesome blog who has the pre-made lego letter patterns made for you!

 Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids- Block Play

10. Alphabet Craft

It is really fun to do a letter craft as you introduce each letter. Create a creature or thing that matches the letter shape and sound to help move to the association stage of the learning. Here is a list of ideas- one for each letter. Look for a blog where I will show you how to create each of these along with giving you some other ideas. 

  • A- apple
  • B- butterfly
  • C- cat
  • D- Dragon 
  • E- Electric eel
  • F- frog 
  • G- goldfish
  • H- headphones
  • I- icecream 
  • J- juice
  • K- kite
  • L- llama
  • M- mouse
  • N- night
  • O- owl 
  • P- pig
  • Q- quilt 
  • R- rainbow 
  • S- snake 
  • T- tree
  • U- unicorn 
  • V- vase 
  • W- web
  • X- x-ray 
  • Y- yo-yo 
  • Z- zoo

11. Name Play

A fun way to get kids started with letters it teaching the ones that appear in their names first. Create their name with flash cards, write it and have them match it with the cards. This is usually one of the very first letters kids masters. The one at the beginning of their name! Look for an upcoming entire blog on learning letters through name play!

12. Dance and Move

When I taught Kindergarten and first grade one of my favorite things to do was dance around for a brain break with my class. Little did they know the music we were dancing to will still working their brain. Our favorite was Alphabet Aerobics!

13. Alphabet Snack

Again, write out those letters nice and big. Have the kiddos line up their favorite snack along the lines to create the letter shapes. Bonus if its a snack that starts with that letter sound. (Math bonus: Count how many it took to create the letter before eating!) 

 Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids- Letter Snacks

Alphabet Cookie Cutters
Awesome alphabet cookie cutters are available on Amazon!

I have also seen some awesome letter-shaped cookie cutters for making snacks or having fun with playdough too!

14. Water Play

Use a water gun, sponge, paintbrush to practice writing the letters with the kids. You can write it and have them say its name or sound and then give them a turn to write on with the water. 

15. Creating Letter Shapes with your body. 

This one is most useful when you have a class full of kids to use. Get them lined up on the floor to create the letter shapes and take a photo. They will love recognizing the letter and seeing their own shining faces in the photo. 

16. Sign Language

This is a super fun way to teach the letter recall practice. Say the letter and have the student practice creating the matching hand movement. 

Alphabet Sign Language Poster
Cool poster to teach American sign language Alphabet!

17. Tracing Letter Roads

Create these cute letter roads for your kiddos to trace with his or her favorite toy cars. Ride the roads and learn the letters at the same time. Here is a great link to some printables on Teacher, Pay Teacher. 

18. Alphabet Puzzles

Puzzles can be fun and engaging. There are some great ones out there to help with learning the alphabet! 

19. Computer Games and YouTube Videos 

We all love to hate screen time but there are some great educational options out there! The can enjoy some screen time and practice their alphabet too! 

20. Make your own Alphabet Book 

You can use a lot of these great ideas and creations I am talking about here to fill up the pages. Your kid will have a personal connection to the book and love to read all the pages they helped to create. A great way to review the letters during and after learning them!

21. Photo Collage

Cut out photos from magazines or color books to create letter collages for each letter. Be sure to add this to your alphabet books!

22. Typing 

Grab out an old keyboard and some flash cards. Get the kids to match the card to the keys on the board. They get to type just like mom, dad, and teacher.  Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids

23. Go Fish

Create some fish shaped flash cards and put some magnets on them. Get a stick and string with another magnet. Get the student to go fishing for letters, naming them as they catch them! Here is the link to full instructions and printable.

24. Feed the Alphabet Monster

Tiny trash can from Amazon to create alphabet monster.
You can imagine this as a monster with some teeth and eyes added on cant you?

Grab a container for your recycling bin or this cool tiny trash can and craft it into a fun monster. Have the kiddos feed the monster the letters her in hungry for as you all them out, or sort them. For example today he only wants uppercase or letters with only straight lines, etc.

25. Search and Find 

This is when you show the kiddo a letter flash card and have them look all around for a matching letter. Could be in a book or just anywhere in the house. We even play this game in the car while driving sometimes. 

26. Letter Pounding

Grab out a kid-friendly hammer and some golf tees. Have the kids nail the tees into some styrofoam with the letters written on there. I know I would be hesitant to give a little kiddo a hammer but think how fun it would be with some supervision! Here is a link I found on Pinterest on how to create a game like this one. 

27. Pipe Cleaner Letters

Pipe Cleaners for bending and creating letters.

Get this fun set of rainbow pipe cleaners and get bending with your kiddo to shape letters big and small. 

28. Bottle Cap Matching Game

Save up any kind of bottle cap! When you have 26, that will be enough to write one uppercase letter on each cap. Then write the corresponding lowercase letters on some cardboard and have the kiddos match up the letters. Here is a link to another blog full with instructions on how to create this game!

I really hope you enjoyed this great list of Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids! Keep a lookout for more learning ideas and please subscribe if interested in having them sent straight to your inbox. 

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10 Cute Hand and Foot Print Valentines

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. It is short (people don’t celebrate it for weeks like Christmas) and all about love! At my house, we use it as a time to warm ourselves from our hearts during the cold winter. It’s important to show those we love how much we appreciate them. Hand and footprint valentines are a great way to say I love you from little kids.

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full Disclosure for more information.

10 Cute Hand and Footprint Valentines

Ever since I had kids I love creating Valentines with them for the family. Grandparents especially. It’s fun to think of cute, loving puns and change the little hand and foot prints into fun creatures and illustrations. Here I have compiled a bunch of my favorite hand and foot print valentines, worthy of the postage to send to the family.

Before I get started showing you all the cute hand and footprints my daughter and I just recreated, here is my favorite paint to use. Its the best for cleaning off those precious fingers and toes. Nontoxic and washable! The sponge brushes are perfect for applying the paint quickly and gently. 

1.Bee Mine

Two little handprints of yellow paint. The with a marker add stripes, stingers, wings, and faces. 

Bee Mine Hand print valentine.

2. Pink Flamingo I love you! 

Two little pink handprints with fingers spread. Then add the head, neck, beak, legs, and eyes with a marker. 

Pink Flamingo Hand print Valentine.

3. Be my Love Bug!

Two little red footprints. Then add heart spots, legs, head, eyes, and antenna with a marker. 

Be my love bug footprint valentine.

4. I love you from the top of my heart to the tip of my toes. 

Two little purple footprints. Then add the words and heart trace around with a marker. 

I love you from the top of my heart to the tips of my toes footprint valentine.

5. I’m Stuck on You. 

This one can be a hand or footprint in green. Add the planter box, face, and prickles with a marker. 

I'm stuck on you hand and footprint valentine.

6. Love you to the Core. 

Two little red footprints pretty close together. Then add the stem, leaf, and seeds with a marker. 

Love you to the Core Footprint Valentine.

7. Love you, Berry Much. 

Two little red hand prints. Then add the leaves and spots with a marker. 

Love you Berry Much hand print valentine.

8. Hogs and Kisses. 

One little pink handprint. Will look even better with the fingers spread out more. Then add the head, hooves, and tail with a marker. 

Hogs and Kisses Hand print Valentine.

9. You make my heart flutter. 

Two little purple footprints. Keep them pretty close together. Then add body, eyes, antenna, and trail with a marker. 

You make my heart flutter footprint valentine.

10. Owl always love you. 

This can be with a hand or footprint. I added the eyes, wings, and nose with a marker. I think it would look better if I painted the eyes in white onto the body of the print and not at the top as I did here. Also, drawing a branch for the owls to sit on would look cute as well. 

Owl always love you hand and footprint valentine.
This one is my least favorite. I love owls but next time I want to do big white eyes inside the print and not on top. It would look wayyy better! And maybe draw a branch for the owls to sit on.

I hope you loved these hand and footprint valentines as much as I do! If you create some and want to share I would love to see them in the comments or on my Facebook Page!

Please check out my other Valentine Post with some great books to share with your kiddos. 

11 Valentine's Day Books to share with your kids

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11 Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

11 Valentine's Day Books for Kids

With Valentines Day just around the corner everyone needs some sweet books to help you teach your kiddos about the holiday. Reading with a theme always gets me in the mood for holiday celebrations and fun! I have compiled a list of 11 Valentine’s Day books for kids that we love here at my house.

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full Disclosure for more information.

10 Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

11 Valentine's Day Books for Kids

1. Love Monster by Rachel Bright. 

This story is great for preschool age and younger. It has cute and goofy illustrations. It is all about a monster searching for love and finally finding it when he least expects it. 

2. Arthur’s Great Big Valentine by Lillian Hoban. 

This story is about a money kid who is not really feeling the Valentine’s Day vibe. He had a fight with his friend. In the end, he forgives and creates a Great Big Valentine for his buddy. This is a longer book and more appropriate for a first grade or higher level reader.

3. Peanuts: Be My Valentine Charlie Brown by Charles M. Schulz

This is a classic Charlie Brown story where he hopes for valentines in his mailbox. The version we have is extra fun with pop-ups and lift-able flaps. 

4. Valentine Friends by April Jones Prince

This is a great quick read. I recommend for age preschool and below. A short story about animals making and baking valentines with friends. 

5. Clifford’s First Valentine’s Day by Norman Bridwell.

The cutest big red dog back when he was little. Read as he gets into trouble helping his girl and learning about Valentine’s Day. 

6. LOVE from the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

This is a cute story about love as told with the Very Hungry Caterpillar.  

7. The Valentine Bears by Eve Bunting. 

The is a sweet story about a hibernating bear who wakes up to share Valentine’s day with her Mr. Bear. The share treats and valentines and then go back to sleep until Spring. 

8. Who Loves the Little Lamb? by Lezlie Evens 

It is all about baby animals and their mothers always loving them no matter what they do. It ends with human kiddo and his mother just the same. 

9. Sweet Hearts by Jan Carr. 

This is a little story about hiding Valentine hearts all around for those you love. With great instructions at the end for making your own paper hearts. 

10. Will You Be My Valenswine? by Teresa Bateman.

This is a story of a baby piglet looking for a valentine all over the farm. In the end, she finally realizes she already has a valentine in her loving momma. 

11. A Sweetheart for Valentine by Lorna Balian 

This is my 3-year-old daughters favorite this year. An oversized baby was left to a town to raise. The story is about how she is so big they all work together to raise her and find her a husband. 

I hope you enjoy this very cute and loving book list for Valentine’s Day with your kiddos.

Please feel free to shop through my links. I am sure most of these treasures are also found at your local library!

Be on the lookout for my WHooo Loves You? Valentine Card template, Heart Scavenger Hunt and Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day Round-Up post! 

Join Ibotta and Get Cash Back

If you really like this book list check out my Christmas one! 

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Groundhog Day Fun for Little Kids

Groundhog Day Fun for Little Kids. Printable activities, poem, book list and more!

Groundhog’s day is often an overlooked holiday. I think it is super fun to celebrate and teach the kiddos. February 2nd is almost upon us! Winter is cold and long. This little furry interruption reminds us that Spring will be here eventually, even if it isn’t for 6 more weeks. In this post, you will find some engaging activities to do with preschool age kiddos while you are teaching them about Punxsutawney Phil! Read on for some Groundhog Day fun for little kids. 

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full Disclosure for more information.

Poem and Coloring Page for Groundhog Fun!

First I have a poem and a coloring page with a cute little groundhog. Color him and cut him out. Glue or tape along the bottom fold to plain paper. take him outside and place on the ground. Trace his shadow if there is one. You can also just hold it for the kiddo and let them trace the shadow with some sidewalk chalk. (Be sure to print this on some card stock so it will be strong enough to stand on its own.)

Groundhog Color Page and Shadow Activity. Link to Google Doc Printable.
Mr. Groundhog
Winter is here, long and cold. 

Groundhog's hole is getting old. 

He is very ready for Spring to be here. 

But if he see's his shadow he'll run in fear. 

Then six more weeks of winter for us. 

But no shadow, winter will be over in a rush.

Groundhog Mask

Next, there is a little printable groundhog mask. Color and cut out mask for the kiddos to act out being the groundhog and looking for a shadow. Cool connecting to teaching emotions- scared or sad when he sees his shadow. Happy and excited if he doesn’t see his shadow. 

Groundhog Mask. Color, Cut, Play. Groundhog Day fun for little kids.

Here are some fun Groundhog’s Day Books. Check them out at your local library or grab them up on Amazon! 

Groundhog Day Fun for Little Kids. Printable activities, poem, book list and more!

Here are some awesome links of other blogs who created some Groundhog day fun for little kids. 

Very cool Groundhog’s Day Shadow Matching Activity.

More Free Groundhog Day Coloring Pages. 

If you are interested in reading up on the meanings and origins of the day, check out this site! The Old Farmers Almanack 

If you like these activities be sure to check out my post 8 Fun Ways to Beat Cabin Fever with the Kids for more winter fun. 

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8 Fun Ways to Beat Cabin Fever with the Kids

We are now headed to the middle of winter. Cold, Cold, Cold! My motivation to be outside, for any reason, is at an all time low. 8 Fun ways to beat cabin fever with the kids will help on those frozen days when we are trapped inside with them.

Also, check out my past blog about Connecting on Days You Just Can’t. 

8 Fun Ways to Beat Cabin Fever with the Kids - Girl in Window

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full Disclosure for more information.

All of these ideas are not totally my own. I have borrowed them and tweaked them for my kiddos and my house rules. Please enjoy and I will link to my fellow bloggers where I can. 

1. Scavenger Hunt Games 

This is one can be played in so many ways! You can build it around any theme you can think of. All you will need are the objects to hide, time to hide them, and a way to list or show what they are searching for. Here are several example themes:

Lego Color Hunt for beating cabin fever with the kids.
Paint Chip Scavenger Hunt Beat cabin fever with the kids this winter.

2. Movement Die

Another game with endless possibilities. You can get this cube here on Amazon (also pictured below), create your own from tape and cardboard, or get the awesome one with dry erase spots on it that I found at Dollar Tree (also pictured below)! On each side of the die, write or draw a symbol for some movement. The kids roll and do the movement the die says! Pick a theme and there are 6 options for movements you can fit on the die. Here are some cool examples:

  • Super Hero Moves (Hulk Smash, Superman Fly, Spider Man Swing, Batman Kick, Wonder Woman Shield, Cat Woman Pounce, etc.)
  • Winter Moves (sled, snowball toss, snow angel, snowman build, drink hot coco, shovel snow, etc.) 
  • Animal Moves (stomp like an elephant, run like a cheetah, jump like a frog, hop like a bunny, swing like a monkey, swim like a dolphin, etc.)
Movement Die with Super Hero Moves for beating cabin fever with the kids.

3. Dance Game

I always keep some fun playlists on my Amazon Prime Music App. Its right on my phone and I can instantly play the kiddo favorites. Dancing is a great release of energy and an awesome way to reconnect with the kiddos when y’all have lost it to the cabin fever. 

Another music and dance idea is Go Noodle. It is a super cool online channel with song and dance moves. My Kindergarten Kiddo does it at school during brain breaks. He loves to show us some of his favorites here at home. I really like the Friday Night House Party Mix. It has songs and dances to get them moving with some goofy challenges mixed in for fun! It is free and you don’t have to give your email but if you do, your favorites and settings can be saved across devices. Dancing is a wonderful way to beat cabin fever with the kids! 

GoNoodle Image

4. Arts and Crafts Time

My kiddos always have access to crayons, markers, pencils and paper. They get more excited about using these things when I give them a purpose. For example, draw your favorite Star Wars character, draw the grocery list, draw the birds at our bird feeder, etc. 

Give the kids direction with their coloring and drawing to keep them engaged. Crayons, Marker and Pencils.

Play dough, slime and paint aren’t always up for grabs. They are messier and need more guidance. So it’s a special treat when I get these out!

Paper Air Planes. I have a really cool kit I have been saving for a rainy day. May have to break it out on a cold one. You can fold, decorate, and race these for entertainment. 

5. Tape Games 

It’s amazing the ideas people have created to keep kids moving and entertained with only tape and a few other supplies. Using masking or painter’s tape is the best, so that nothing is damaged when removing the tape after play. Here is a list of some great “Tape Games”:

  • Hop Scotch- Old fashion, easy to change up if you need to and safe inside if you have a good space. Here is where I found my hop scotch inspiration!
  • Car Race Track/Road- Map out a play area for toy cars and trucks to travel while your kiddos use their imaginations! Find my race track inspiration here!
  • Line Walking- Trace out some fun lines (squiggle, zig-zag, dotted, straight, wavy) and have the kids travel around the place following the lines. 
  • Alphabet Game- Trace out letters on the floor. Have the kiddos jump, hop, skip, or twist to each letter when you say a word matching its beginning sound. You can even do a scavenger hunt with these letters as well. Finding things in the house and placing them on the letter they begin with. 
  • Sticky Spider Web- Tape up and across a doorway to create a sticky tape spider web. Let the kiddos have fun tossing small toys or crumpled paper balls to see if they can make it through or get stuck in the web. Bonus points if you craft a scary spider to sit at the edge of your web. Sticky Spider Web inspiration is here. 

6. Balloon Games 

There are many ways to play this game. Any parent knows kids will be entertained with a balloon for a long time. They are just fun and attention grabbing. Here are some ideas to give that play direction: 

  • Don’t let it touch the ground. Oldie but a goody.
  • Balance the balloon. Use a foot or a hand and see who can do so the longest. 
  • Tape the balloon up high and have the kids jump to tap the balloon with hand or head. Count how many times they can do it in a row. 
  • Waddle with balloon between their legs pretending to be a penguin.
Balloon Games. Fun ways to beat cabin fever with the kids.

7. Sports Games

Everyone loves sports. They keep the kids moving all year round. Here are some that are controllable and safe to try out inside your house. Sports remind us of warmer times when we can be outside. So beat cabin fever with the kids and try out some inside!

  • Bowling. They make cute sets of pins and little plastic balls here. (Also pictured below.) If you want to be thrifty you can make your own using 2 litter soda bottles!
  • Mini Golf. Keep to putting only and be sure to have some plastic practice golf balls to use. Lat year on Fathers day I created a whole mini golf course for my husband to play with the kids. They playing it almost as much as they loved helping me create it (I promise a blog detailing how I created the course).
  • Soccer. Just set up a few cones like this or use whatever you have to pretend. Get a light ball and have each kid stand at the goal. 
  • Target Practice. Grab out those Nerf guns, set up some cups, stuffed animals, balls, or anything that can get shot at safely. You can even put numbers on different things for them to keep score like a shooting gallery. 
Mini Golf Game Ideas for beating cabin fever with the kids.

8. Act It Out Games

This last section is a combination of several games where you have to copy, mimic, or act it out. 

  • Fashion Show. Gather your kiddos favorite outfits, turn on some music and get them to strut their stuff.
  • Indoor Snowball fight. My mom has a great basket of white pompoms at her house. Every time we go to visit my kiddos love to pretend they are having an indoor snowball fight. I also have a fun blog about how to make a pretend snow ball fight inside be educational.
  • Mirror, Mirror. This is a copy game. You do one thing and get your kiddos to stand in front of you and match what you do. Another way to adapt this is playing it like Simon Says (less moving for mom!)

I hope you enjoyed all these wonderful ideas about how to beat cabin fever with the kids this winter. If you subscribe with your email I will send you all my content direct! No searching!

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DIY Snowflake Cork Stamp

DIY Snowflake Cork Stamp

Here is a quick and easy craft for creating a sweet snowflake stamp using only a wine cork and puff fabric paint! The learning activities with stamps are endless. I will give you some great examples with photos and a full list of all the ideas I can think of! Time for some DIY Snowflake cork stamp fun!!

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full Disclosure for more information.

How to make the Stamps:

I love recycling and up cycling things that I have when crafting.

  1. Pull out some wine corks from my collection.
  2. Grab a bottle of black puff fabric paint leftover from another craft.
  3. I turned the cork up and drew some lines, dots, and circles with the paint on one side to create a “snowflake like” look and shape.
  4. Let the paint dry over night or if you can’t wait- at least 3 hours.
  5. Then all you need is some stamp pads and paper to let the fun begin!
DIY Snowflake Cork Stamp
You can see that last one wasn’t all the way dry yet. Oops!

Math Learning Activities 

For my Pre-school kiddo, I modeled how to create number sets. #1 gets 1 stamp, #2 gets two stamps etc. I also encouraged her to use the stamps to create fun repeating patterns.

Snowflake Stamp Number Sets

For my Kindergarten kiddo, I wrote him some subtraction problems to practice (that’s the math skill happening at school right now).  He stamped out the total and then crossed off the snowflakes that needed to be subtracted. I also, had him making patterns because they are just fun!!!

Snowflake Stamp Subtraction

Other Math Ideas

  • Filling in 10 frames.
  • Measuring in non standard snowflake units.
  • Addition, Multiplication and even Division too! 
  • You write the number and they stamp along the line.
  • Taking surveys and filling in charts. 

Literacy Learning Activities

For my Pre-school Kiddo, I write the letter S and have her stamp the snowflakes along it to become familiar with the shape and associate the sound. 

For my Kindergarten Kiddo, I get him to write a few sentences about snowflakes using his sight words and the stamps to stand in for the word snowflake. 

Other Literacy Ideas

  • Letter match by stamping the same snowflake next to matching letter. 
  • Decorating an illustration about a winter scene and then labeling. 
  • Recognizing the correct letter/word by stamping out all the letter S or S words in a group of words or letters.

There are just so many ways you can use these for fun and skill practice at home or in a classroom! Great way to incorporate winter and snow theme into learning!

Please check out The Snowball Learning Game here for more winter themed fun!

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Word Family/ Alphabet Snowball Sorting Game

Snowball Word Family or Letter Activity

It is winter here in Maryland and the weather can’t make up its mind. I am ready for snow! To get the family in the mood I created some fun snow-themed activities. This first one was inspired by my son’s school work about word families and the fact that my daughter doesn’t know her alphabet as much as I would like. I created a Snowball Word Family or Letter Activity to practice those skills. 

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full Disclosure for more information.

Supplies You will need: 

  1. Practice golf balls or ping pong balls-24 of them. (They are great for throwing inside the house and not hurting anyone or anything. They do get lost easy though.)
  2. Wet erase marker (Expo Vis-a-vis). 2 colors- 1 for each kid. (Great for staying on during the game but easy to change for a new set of letters or words to practice.)
  3. 2 Egg cartons or Ice trays can be used too!
  4. 2 Piles of pillows. (These are just for fun!)

Use the photo links below if you want to get the ping pong balls and markers on Amazon!

My Kindergartner

He will be sorting word families and some digraph words because he started them in school this week. He will have 4 different kinds to read and sort before he is able to join the fight. 

Here is the list:

  1. -ed words are red, bed, led
  2. -all words are fall, wall, ball. 
  3. sp- words are spill, spot, spend. 
  4. sh- words are shell, shoe, shirt

I added little notes on the egg carton where to sort the different kinds of words. You could just write on the carton but I am hoping to reuse them for different words. 

Snowball Word Family or Letter Activity

My Preschool Kiddo

She will be sorting letters because I realize I have been slacking in that area with her. I chose only 4 letters and only uppercase since she is just a beginner. 

Here is the list: 

  1. L
  2. S
  3. N
  4. B
Snowball Word Family or Letter Activity
As you can see I took the photo after we played and lost a letter N.

They each built up their pile of pillows and I gave them the balls mixed in the other side of the carton. They had to sort them first and then came the snowball fight and hiding behind the pillows while trying to get each other with the balls. It was a little challenging for my preschool kiddo at first with the sorting. She really doesn’t know letters but after some prompting, she matched them up great and was repeating the names of them back to me. They loved the final throwing part and even did the sorting a few more times. 

I am sure we are going to try this out again with different words and letters. Maybe up the challenge by matching an uppercase to a lowercase letter, or for the bigger kiddo even writing his own word families before tossing. 

I hoped you loved my Snowball Word Family or Letter Activity. Make sure to read my post about creating a snowflake cork stamp for counting and pattern fun. 

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Kid Friendly New Years Eve Traditions and Activities

Kid Friendly New Years Eve Traditions and Activities

New Year’s Eve is a fun holiday celebrating the passing of a year and the start of a new one. It is fun to look back at the past with your family. Looking to see how far you have come and how much you have grown. A time to plan some new goals for the future and the new year to come. Here in this post, I am going to make a list of fun, kid-friendly New Year’s Eve traditions and activities. 

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full Disclosure for more information.

Some of the photos and links in this blog are from my fellow bloggers! Please enjoy checking out their creations!

Kid Friendly New Years Eve Traditions and Activities. They are all encompassed in a fun way to pass the time the day you wait for the ball to drop!

Balloon Count Down

Kid friendly New Years Eve Traditions and Activities

This is done with 12 balloons. Each has a piece of paper inside with an activity written on it. You can pop a balloon every hour of the day if you are super ambitious with older kids who are patient.

If you have younger kids like I do, know they have a hard time waiting and you like them going to bed at a normal hour there is a shorter way! Popping a balloon every 15 minutes for 3 hours seems a lot more appealing.

Feel free to change up the time increments any way you like.  The main point is to number the balloons 1-12 to “count down” the time. You could try to hang them from the ceiling or on the wall in the shape of a clock face. I went for on the floor for my kids to search for the number. 

Keep reading for an awesome list of activities to put inside of those balloons!!! Lots of links to help you find, make, recycle or buy what you need to create these fun activities with your family.

1. Take a group photo.

This is a great way to document your family as they change, especially if this becomes part of the yearly tradition. I even want to make sure I take some individual shots as well. We are going to pose with some fun new year props! You can buy some here or find some sweet DIY versions here. Links are included below with the pictures as well. 

2. Measure the Family Height. 

This is more for the kids benefit since we adults don’t grow much after a certain point. In my house, we measure right onto the wall. Below is a link for several DIY Height Measuring Wall Hangers! So Cute! Here is a link to one on Amazon. My kids like to try to measure themselves once a month almost but really all they need is once a year. How fun to make that time be on New Year’s Eve. 

3. Play a Family Board Game or Puzzle.

This is almost always a fun time! Remember its only 15 minutes till the next balloon gets popped so no time for marathon Risk or Monopoly games. Here are some of our family favorites that are quick and FUN! I also included a link to a fellow bloggers fantastic Minute to win it post. Enjoy!

Minute to Win it Games
Minute to Win It DIY Fun

4. Draw pictures of your favorite memory from the past year.

This is a great way to pick out some of the good memories from the year that has passed. It is a way to savor your children and see what they really remember, with some prompting I’m sure. I’ll definitely be saving the pictures they draw to look back at the following year. Its a great moment in the celebration to pause and be thankful. Here are some cool ways to savor, store and show off the pictures they draw. 

Easy Change Artwork Frame 

Or this 4 pack of 8 by 10 magnetic Picture Frames

5. Kids New Years Eve Interview

This is another great way to record your kids! Ask them some great questions, write down the answers, and save the papers to look back on for next year and beyond. If you ask the same questions each year you will be able to see the tangible change and growth. My Grandma always says, “time is fleeting.” The days are long but the years are short. 

New Years Eve Interview with the Kids
Free Printable!

6. Writing a New Years Resolution (On a wishing wand!)

It’s great to think about the past and the good memories you have made as a family this year. You also want to think about the future. The new year to come. Have a family discussion about some fun events, school and work goals etc for the new year. Here is a great book called Squirrel’s New Years Resolutions.  You can read it to the younger kids and help them understand goals or resolutions.

Have each person think of one that is the most important one and write it down. If you really want to get fancy for can make these DIY wishing wands with the kids and write the resolution or wish on the star!

7. Create a birthday calendar for the next year. 

I love to get a new family calendar each year. It hangs in the kitchen and I write all the important events for work, school, etc. This year we are going to work together to write down all the family birthdays. I have most of them on the old calendar we can use to copy them. If the kids have any new ones they may want to add its nice to have the phone and Facebook to look them up! Here is a link to some of my favorite calendars if you still need a nice one for the new year.  

8. Dance Party!!!

I love having dance parties with my kids. It wouldn’t be right to have a New Years celebration and not have a dance party! I love using Amazon Music! We pay for Prime and there is so much free music to stream with just that subscription! There is a lot of new music that is only available with their Unlimited subscription. It is extra money on top of the prime subscription but currently, they are running a deal for the first 3 months. Check it out!!

9. New Years Eve Party Crackers. 

My mom usually gets Christmas crackers. They are fun to open on Christmas and a big deal over in England I have heard. They usually come with a paper crown, some kind of little tool(corkscrew, comb, tiny scissors etc), a happy wish for the new year and sometimes a candy. A fun tradition if I do say so myself and we had some left from Christmas so we used them again on New Years. You can buy them or make some homemade DIY versions.

10. Gather the hats and noise makers for the count down. Make them if you want. 

Being a kid I always remember counting down with a fun noise maker in my hand and a fun hat or accessory! When this balloon is popped its time to get those out and practice for the big ball drop. Below is a photo link to buy and under that is a link to DIY. 

11. Cheers to the toast for the new year. 

Time to break out the kid-friendly glasses and cups. Grab that chilled sparkling apple cider and prep for when the ball drops. Talk to the kids about what a toast it and what they can say when it is time for the cheers. I am a big wine drinker. My kiddos see me have a glass probably more often than they should. We have a few tiny liquor glasses that look just like my big ones. They love to have them for special occasions. Filled with Sparkling Cider of course. 

12. Ready the Countdown!

Of course, there is always some kind of count down, especially for the last 10 seconds of the old year. My sister and brother-in-law had a stroke of genius. They love hosting the New Years Eve parties but know its hard for us with the little kids. SO they decided to stream the New Years Ball drop from England! When the stroke of midnight strikes there, it’s only 7 pm here! Awesome!

It gives me time to do all this fun stuff with the kiddos with a little celebration time after the ball drop. The best part is I can have them in bed by 8 pm! This mama likes bedtime. It’s the best time of the day. 

There is another option for those of you who don’t need or want a traditional live ball drop. There are at least 10 different options of pre-recorded countdowns on Netflix. You can pick your kiddos current favorite cartoon or character and if they are featured on Netflix it is a high possibility they will have a countdown. 

We are not against the classic, letting the kids stay up to midnight but if I have the choice and my kids don’t know any better why not! I’ll probably be asleep before the actual stroke of midnight as well. Those days of late-night parties are behind me. 

I hope you like all these fun ideas! I am very excited for the new year. My kids are going to be kept busy with all the fun. We are going to record and savor some great new memories using these kid-friendly New Years Eve traditions and activities. 

Also, if you Moms haven’t already read it, please go check out my just for Mom post!

Below I have made you an easy printable. You don’t even need to write these ideas down! Just print, cut and put them in the balloons. Happy New Year!

New Years Eve Countdown activity printable.
Click to Download and Print!

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24 Acts of Christmas Kindness- Kid Challenge

24 Acts of Christmas Kindness

This post does contain Affiliate Links. See Disclosure page for details. 

24 Acts of Christmas Kindness- Kid Challenge


December is officially here. My kids are like most and very excited for the visit by Santa. They get treated well each year by the guy in the big red suit! Goodies from Mom, Dad, and doting family easily add to the spoils. It is so easy for them to get swept up in the “I want” attitude.



The Incident

Just the other morning we went to breakfast with Santa. They got pancakes shaped like Christmas trees and visited with Santa. We got a photo, candy canes AND Santa even gave them each a new super soft and fluffy stuffed animal! Very unexpected and special early treat! We were at a church and all funds collected for this event go into helping the community. I wanted top get some baked goods on my way out, giving a little more and feeding my cookie addiction. Both the kids decided they really wanted bags of candy instead and I let them. The money still goes to the church even if I didn’t get my cookies.

Next thing I know Harry saw they had some little packaged toys for girls or boys. It was only a little car or trinket from the dollar tree. He had to have one. I don’t know about you but we are on a tight Christmas budget around here. He already got the awesome animal from Santa. That “I want” mentality came into play. I said no and he lost it. Super embarrassing right?! And in front of Santa!!!!! We moved on out of there. I got to thinking about how we need to move away from the “I want” and more towards the “I want to give and help.”

If I could go back in time and not be as flustered by his reaction I might have let him buy the toy bag if he was willing to give it to a child in need. I really want them to learn it feels good to help and spread kindness! Just like that church was doing by hosting an inexpensive breakfast with Santa and giving out stuffed animals.



How can I teach that giving is just as fulfilling as getting and it isn’t just about things. Its about actions.


I find myself looking for ways to teach them more about the joy they can get from giving to others. As a kid they don’t have funds to go buy gifts for people. Another learning experience is learning to be creative and that gifts aren’t always about things but actions! I have created a calendar for the month of December with a different act of “kid achievable” kindness listed each day. I hope some of them will help instill some habits of kindness and sharing that will translate to every time of year and not just during the holidays.

Giving is not just about things its about actions too.

The Calendar or Daily Notes


It will be a challenge for them, as well as me. I have to remember to encourage them each day and in some instances teach or assist them how to accomplish said acts. Right now I just have created the printable calendar to put on the fridge and share as a family. When they are older and can read I am going to put notes in their advent calendar and we will discuss how the act for the day went and how to achieve the next act.


The Calendar I created has an idea for each day of the month! The challenge is for 24. So there are a few extra bonus ideas included. With our busy lives its good to have some flexibility. I tried to make all the ideas as kid friendly as possible. My house has a 6 and a 3 year old and I am sure they will be up for completing or at the very least helping me complete all of these.


So here they are. 31 Ideas for Acts of Kindness Challenge During the Christmas Season


  1. Read a book to a sibling.

  2. Donate baby hats to a hospital.Stretchy Baby Hats

  3. Leave a tennis ball at a dog park.

  4. Let someone go a head of you in line.

  5. Donate a book to the library.

  6. Give away outgrown toys and clothes.

  7. Send a letter to a soldier.

  8. Pick up litter.

  9. Give a stranger a compliment.

  10. Plant a tree.Lemon tree seedling

  11. Leave money on a vending machine.

  12. Coffee and donuts for teachers.

  13. Tape a quarter to a parking meter.

  14. Be a friend to someone new at school.

  15. Smile at everyone you see.

  16. Hide a happy rock.Happy Rock

  17. Candy cane the cars in a parking lot.

  18. Visit a lonely neighbor.

  19. Do a favor without asking for anything in return.

  20. Rake leaves or shovel snow.

  21. Make cookies for a neighbor.

  22. Create a picture of a letter for a grandparent.

  23. Leave a balloon at a friends door with a kind message.

  24. Give a hug to someone you love.

  25. Hold an elevator for someone.

  26. Offer to help carry groceries.

  27. Help to make dinner.

  28. Make a craft for someone you love.Golf Tee Angels

  29. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

  30. Share a toy with a friend.

  31. Leave a jar of wishing pennies at a fountain.



If you are interested in brainstorming some of you own ideas here are some topics to get you started. Kindness to family, kindness to community, and kindness to our world. It would be a cool idea to write these acts on a chain and take one off to do each day until Christmas.


Acts of Christmas Kindness Challenge for Kids

Click on the Calendar for a link to a Printable Version!



Please if you haven’t already go read my other Christmas posts! Lots of great tradition ideas.

DIY Felt Nativity Scene and Advent Calendar

25 Storybooks of Christmas

Ditch the Elf on the Shelf! Alternative Ideas for Christmas Countdown and “Santa is Watching” Traditions


Some cool books to read with your kids about Kindness:


See Affiliate Disclosure for any questions. 
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