Simple, Crafty, and Traditional Easter Activities for Little Kids
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Simple, Crafty, and Traditional Easter Activities for Little Kids

Spring is here and with it comes Easter. It is fun building the anticipation for the holiday with young children. Traditions, new and old can be shared as you try out these simple, crafty, and traditional Easter Activities for Little Kids. Easter is traditionally a very religious and culturally driven holiday but you don’t have to focus on those aspects to create and carry on traditions with your family.

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Some people who are not a part of a church or religion celebrate Easter with just the coming of the spring season (easy and fun to teach kids.) If you are religious then it is all about Christ and his sacrifice of dying on the cross for us (death is a hard topic for adults, let alone children.) I grew up Catholic but am no longer practicing. The teachings and messages I learned during my time are still important to me and I want to share those with my kids. The religious lessons are most organic and easy to share during holidays were memories we made strong by tradition! Read more about how important Tradition is here!

Easter Activities and Crafts with a Springtime Theme!  

Hand and Foot Print Keepsakes-

Hand and footprint paintings are a fun and easy way to get kids of any age to paint with a theme. They can get their hands messy but still, have some guidance in what they are trying to create.

Easter Painting Ideas

Bunny Feet

Chick Hand Print

Rabbit and Carrot Print

Spring Silhouette Finger Painting

Just let your kiddo go to town with their fingers or a brush. Give them some nice Easter/ Spring Pastel Colors. Use some Spring Shapes cookie cutters to trace and cut out the shapes when the painting dries! I Hung mine on some ribbon to decorate!

Easter Activities for Kids- Silhouette Painting, Non-Religious Idea.

Old Fashion Easter Egg Hunt-

Anyone who thinks of Easter thinks of an Easter egg hunt. Grab those plastic eggs and fill them with goodies. Hide them around the yard or inside the house if the weather does not corporate. I love adding other things to my eggs besides candy. You can create a fun scavenger hunt type game for your readers or even draw a map of the area you have hidden the eggs with Xes to mark the spot eggs are hidden.

Old Fashion Easter Egg Hunt- Easter Activities for Kids

Here are some ideas for egg stuffers besides the normal candy.




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I’ll never forget the year my siblings and I found a note that said “look in the kitchen” and there was a live actual bunny in there! So awesome. You don’t have to go that extreme though- fun jokes, sweet sayings, or ideas for acts of kindness are all good note ideas too. I love these Easter Knock knock jokes from a fellow blogger.

Who doesn’t like a little pocket change! My husband saves his change all year in a jar and we always grab a handful or two to add to the eggs.

Little Toys

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Inside vs. Outside Egg Hunt

I do one hunt inside for my kids so they can run and do it on their own because this mom is still waking up and does not want to go out first thing. Then, usually, there is a larger hunt outside. If you find yourself having to host a larger hunt inside, one way to scale down on the chaos and destruction of your house is to make it a scavenger-style or clue-themed egg hunt.

Here is my inside list of scavenger hunt clues for the kids to read and follow for their egg prizes. Read the list and then click on the image for a printable!

  1. Look here for Easter Egg wishes. It’s where you wash your dishes. -Kitchen Sink
  2. Search here for a sweet prize. It’s where you rest your eyes.- Bedroom
  3. Here is where you go to get your body clean. Maybe this egg will be green?- Tub/Shower?
  4. Find the next egg where we eat big dinners. For holiday time this table is a winner. -Dining room Table?
  5. Where do you sit and watch TV? Look here for a treat you will be happy to see. -Sofa
  6. Your treat basket has really grown. Next, go to the place visitors enter our home. -Front Door?
  7. We go up and down these at least twice a day. To find your prize walk this way. -Stairs?
  8. Do you really want to find more? Go to the place where Mom and Dad snore. -Mom and Dad’s Room?
  9. From here you can see the backwoods. Go there to get the yummy goods. -Back Porch?
  10. You’re on fire you’re so hot. Get more treats from this last spot. -Fire Place

Dying Easter Eggs-

This is a favorite pastime and something I ALWAYS remember doing with my mom. PAAS Dying kits are what I have always used. But there are plenty f easy and creative ways to dye eggs. Don’t forget the vinegar. I always almost do and it does make a difference.

Non-Religious Easter Books 

Egg Silhouette or Plastic Shell Educational Ideas

Everyone associates eggs with this holiday.

They are such an easy shape to draw and cut out I want to show you a few ways you can take some fun egg creations and make this into some fluency and math skill-building activities for your kiddos. 

  • Egg Name Practice- Create a puzzle with the egg by writing the child’s name and cutting it into strips to piece back together. Or make an egg line and do one letter of the name on each egg. 
Egg Name Practice- Easter Activities for Kids
  •  Egg Letter Match- Write uppercase on one half of the egg and lowercase on the other half. You can do this with paper cutouts or the fun plastic ones. Check out the Video with the plastic Eggs!
  • Sight Word Eggs- Write the word on the egg and get the treat inside when you read it. Or get to decorate the egg with markers and stickers after reading the word or using it in a sentence. 
  • Egg Blending- Write the word onset on one side of the egg and the rhyme on the other. When putting the eggs pieces together blend and read the word. 
  • Egg Number Set Match- Write the number on one half of the egg and draw a set of dots to match on the other- match. 
Egg Number Set Match- Easter activities for kids
  • Egg Patterns- Create patterns on the egg with colors and stickers. Or create patterns with the eggs after you have decorated them (stripe, polka dot, stripe, polka dot, etc. ) 
  • Eggs with Ordinal Numbers- Put the eggs in order as they are found and have the child tell you first, second, third, etc. 
  • I really could think of endless ideas. If you personally have one in your head for a certain skill you would like created, let me know!!!

Traditional Religious Easter Activities for Kids

Good Lenten Deeds

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us. He died so he could open the way for us to go to heaven. Kids can practice and learn about being more kind and loving as Jesus was by performing acts of kindness for others during Lent. Sacrificing their time to make something better for others. Here is a link to an Acts of Kindness Lental calendar.

Sun Catcher Cross Craft

Religious Easter Books

Other Blog Link with Awesome Ideas on the Religious topic.

Homemade Resurrection Eggs– to tell the story of Easter in an engaging way.


  • matthew y

    You’re like my Mom, so devoted to her kids. Her entire life is taking care of us all. Can’t thank her enough for the love , care and devotion she gave us all. Her unqualified love, devotion, nourish and gave us strength to face the world. I was the youngest so when I left for college last year she was at a lost of what to do with her time and life. During the first few months she kept calling me everyday asking if I am alright, do I remember to brush my teeth before sleep and so on like I am still her little boy.
    My Mom once said to me,, God may have created man first, but that was a trial run. The second creation was a perfection.

  • Amy

    This is such a great article, I love that you have included both religious and non-religious ideas to celebrate Easter. My daughter would love the ‘live rabbit’ surprise that your parents did, but we aren’t quite ready for that yet! I will try out the Easter egg hunt and egg letter match though! Any ideas for including a one year old sibling?

    • Savorthemomlife

      I love the hand and footprints with the one-year-old. Ooooh and also, when my son was that young I did just a trail of eggs to his basket since he didn’t get the “hunt” concept.
      I loved that rabbit. Named him Pete for Peter Rabbit. We had him in a hutch in our back yard for a while. He was a pretty chill and easy first pet.

  • Kisha Russell

    This is awesome! I’m always looking for activities for my kids to do as they are now entering the toddler stage and are so full of energy and always getting into things. Thanks for this thorough post! I can’t wait to see more of your content!

  • jen

    This is awesome for both religious and non religious. For me it could go either way. I grew up in a house where going to church was a huge things especially on Easter Sunday. There was a whole event leading up to it, but my favorite part was the huge Easter egg hunt we would have at our house every year and the easter baskets and so on. Even with a childhood filled with religion I am not a huge religious person nor do I push it on my kids.
    I love that you have a bunch of non religious things we can do for Easter without going to church. My sisters an I usually do a Easter egg hunt for the kids but I like some of the other activities you have as well so I will try to incorporate some of them into our day. I’m sure the kids will love the finger painting! Thanks for sharing.

  • Tamika G


    I love these Easter ideas! I’m planning a mini hunt for my cousins so I may use some of these clues to help spice things up a bit. The free printable also makes it so easy. I like that you also suggest books as well via Amazon, straightforward and convenient. Do you do any special foods or Easter themed snacks?

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