Football and Super Bowl Busy Box Learning Ideas
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Football and Super Bowl Busy Box Learning Ideas

One of the biggest events of the winter season is the Super Bowl. Many games leading up to one big game can lead to a huge interest in little kids especially if they are from a football-loving family. Sports, especially football are usually a shared family interest. These Football and Super Bowl Busy Box Learning ideas are a great way to use that common interest and get your kiddo learning.

Football and Super Bowl Busy Box Learning Ideas

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These prereading activities are where kids learn skills to build with into reading fluency. These building block skills include print awareness, print motivation, letter knowledge, and phonemic awareness. Those skills work together as a football team to get your new learner reading! Here are some awesome Football and Super Bowl inspired learning activities for those beginning readers.

Print Awareness and Print Motivation

Books, books, books! They have pictures, letters, words, information, and stories. Just like we can learn by sharing interests if we want book interest you have to model it! Always include a mix of fiction and nonfiction books for your exploring new readers.


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Non Fiction

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Letter Knowledge

Learning about letter shapes and names with games to match, sort, find, and write letters. I always include ABC flashcards with uppercase and lowercase letters and a word/ letter wand.

Some games to play with these printable tools include:

  • Sorting uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Sorting letters by pointy and sharp or round and curvy letters
  • Pick a letter card and search for it in a book or text
  • Line up the letters in ABC order.
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Phonemic Awareness

This part of the learning team is all about letter sounds. Matching the letter shapes to the sounds they make and putting the sounds together to make words! This section of the busy box always has a CVC word building mat.

Some games to play with these printable tools include:

  • Sorting the vowel letters from the ABC cards
  • Picking a flashcard and saying its sound.
  • Finding items that begin with the letter.
  • Creating Consonant Vowel Consonant Words
  • Using the word wand to find words or objects that start with certain letters.

DIY Cheerleader Pompoms video. Watch Here! Create an ABC cheer to learn letters and letter sounds.


Fine Motor

This stage of learning is mostly about developing fine motor skills. These games build the muscles in the hands and fingers used to write. The more creative side of writing can be exercised by using the Football themed word wall cards! Learn more about word walls here. Encourage writing about Football and give them words to use!

Some games to play with these printable tools include:

  • Write sentences with the football words
  • Write labels for football pictures
  • Tracing or cutting the football trails
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Some supplies to get for working out the fine motor hand muscles:

  • Playdough
  • Puzzles
  • Beads
  • Crayons, Markers
  • Stickers
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Pre-Math Skills

Counting and Number Recognition

These are the first things everyone thinks about when learning math. Seeing a number and saying its name. Here the name and matching it to a number shape. The number flashcard jerseys can help and the football field number line.

Number Sets

This is where we create different sets of objects to represent the numbers. The Football ten frame and number line are helpful here. You can also use stamps, stickers, and small toys to create sets. Learn more about using ten frames here!

DIY Football Beanbags How to Video Here!! Create sets, do basic addition and more!

Sorting and Matching

Sorting objects by color and shape are very beginning math skills. Use stickers erasers and other little toys to practice these skills.

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DIY Bean Bag Shape and Number Toss Board How to Video Coming Soon!

Shapes and Patterns

Use those same toys to create patterns with shapes and numbers. Skip counting and number patter fun can be practiced with the football field. Laminate and practice writing numbers with a dry erase marker. The field is a free printable on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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