Learning Style Quiz for Kids

The 4 Learning Styles are Auditory. Visual, Kinesthetic, and Read/Write. Check out the Separate Blogs for more information on each and take the Learning Style Quiz Below to Learn Your Kids Strongest Learning Style!

This is created to be a tool and a guideline for helping your kids learn. I hope you won’t discover a learning style and go at it with tunnel vision. It is important to create dynamic learners who can learn in different ways. Use this quiz and learning styles as a tool to help when a student is struggling with interest.

Trying out different techniques for teaching, playing, and presenting information can help strengthen the learning. These Learning Styles can help educators and parents plan lessons and experiences to most benefit the child. There are several different Learning Style Quizzes focused on older children and adults. This one is Early Childhood focused. Kids can change as they grow and change how they learn can be a part of that. Being flexible with your plan is important.


These learners tend to grow up to be writers, journalists, teachers, lawyers, and language specialists. Their strength is hearing when they are learning.


These kids tend to grow up to be artists, chefs, engineers, architects, etc. Their strength is visualizing and seeing when they are learning.


These kids tend to be dancers, athletes, tradespeople, etc. Theis strength is in how they move their body and perceive the things they can touch and feel.

Reading and Writing

These kids grow up to be authors, teachers, and really any job where reading and writing are dominant. Their strength is in words- words they can absorb as they read and write.

If you are curious about yourself and want an Adult Learning Style Quiz- Here is my favorite:


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