Mom's Survival Guide for Daylight Saving Time
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Mom’s Survival Guide for Daylight Saving Time

Mom's Survival Guide for Daylight Saving Time

Spring forward- Fall back

The year (2022) Daylight Saving starts on Sunday, March 13th at 2 am. Time to spring forward in every state except for Hawaii and Arizona. It will end on the first Sunday of November when we fall back an hour. As a mom who runs the kid’s schedule this can be a challenging time. I am strict about sleeping hours in my house and this hour difference can totally make trouble. Read on for Mom’s survival guide for Daylight Saving Time.

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Mom's Survival Guide for Daylight Saving Time

A lot of people hate this time change and the challenge it brings. I personally think the challenge is fleeting. It goes very quickly and even though troubling can be easy if you stick to a plan. Also, I get very excited about Spring coming! Warmer weather and longer days. This is a crucial first step to that goodness!!!!!

1. Routine

The first and most important part of this survival guide is to have a good routine to follow. This is important to me at any time. My kids are bed champions. They do the same routine every night and we do not have yo-yo kids. You know the kind of kid that is in and out of bed enough to make you crazy, especially when you earned that kid-free time! When they are in bed they stay there and go to sleep 99% of the time. It is important when dealing with the earlier bedtime to remain strong in that routine. Bath, Teeth, Books, song, goodnight snuggles, and lights out sleep! Check out this post on a Stay at Home Mom Routine.

Bonus- When I was training my oldest to sleep and stay in his bed we got this awesome clock. It is made for teaching time and can be used as an alarm clock. What I really love about it is the fact that you can set it to just change color when it’s time to wake. It doesn’t need to make a sound. So if they are still sleeping and you want them to stay that way they will! I highly recommend this clock for kiddos who need reminders of when it’s time to wake in the morning. You can even set a night light to turn on so they know when it’s time to be in bed at night as well. I have a few versions below for you!

2. Ease Into It

Some people swear by starting bedtime a few minutes earlier each night for the week before the change. I am not organized enough to do this but I’m sure it would help. Just remember to keep the routine steady and they won’t notice the difference!

Bonus: Controlling the light that comes in the room helps. Sunlight tells our bodies it’s time to be up! So getting some nice blackout curtains can help when it seems too early for sleep.?

3. Wear them OUT!

The bonus of daylight saving which I have already mentioned is longer and warmer days. Get outside. Get those kiddos moving. Physical activity makes sleeping easier for any person. I know it’s March and still cold in some places so plan ahead if you need to. Find an indoor physical outlet. Just get them moving and grooving and ready for a good night’s sleep. Dance party after dinner, ride bikes, or walk the neighborhood.? Do fresh air and movement make for good sleep.?

Mom's Survival Guide for Daylight Saving- "Get outside. Get those kiddos moving."

4. Full Tummies

This is easier said than done in my house currently. My four-year-old is on a constant hunger strike at dinner time. She eats her dinner once a week if I am lucky. I am going to work hard for a few days around the time change to pick things I know she will eat for dinner. Grumpy sleepiness does not need to be compounded with hangriness!

5. Be Flexible and Patient

As much as I preach about having that strict routine sometimes you just have to remember change is hard. No matter how big or a small change can make for a grumpy kid. You only have a few days of some hard times going to sleep or waking up and it will even back out again.?

6. Self Care

Don’t forget to be nice to yourself. All of us moms know it is easier to have patience with our kiddos when we have our own needs met. Place that oxygen mask on yourself first before helping those around you right?! Make sure your tummy is full, your routine is solid, and you get some good exercise too! If Mom isn’t happy, nobody’s happy!? Read Treat Yo-Self Moms Spring Edition.

Now sit back and enjoy the coming of SPRING! Warm weather, long days, wine outside in a warm breeze. I can’t wait! I hope you enjoyed Mom’s Survival Guide for Daylight Saving Time. Please check out some of my other mom supporting blogs. 

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  • Jo-Ann Landers

    Ashton, remember the obstacle course we set up in the yard after dinner that you kids ran through each night? That was good fun, great exercise and good family time.

  • Wendy

    Yes, we lose an hour for daylight savings time. But I get so excited for the longer days. I hate it when it is dark while am driving home from work. To me, daylight savings means spring is just around the corner. I love the thought of sitting outside drinking a glass of wine on a warm evening!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post today. Now I am ready for Spring!

  • Todd P Matthews

    I’m always big on routine, I can tell you that much, but something I’ve always noticed with Daylight Savings is the grogginess I feel in the morning. I’m stubborn, so I try to stick to the same routine I had followed since falling back, which simply never quite works well, so to take your advice and adjust it a little will help do wonders for me. Going to bed a few minutes earlier to start is something I’ll likely incorporate tonight and go from there. I know one thing; I have a lot on my plate and must survive Daylight Savings to get to where I want to go!

  • Heather Cox

    Such great tips. I usually have no problems other than the usual, my oldest not getting to sleep at all. I love the longer days. Thanks for sharing!

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