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How to Remember Lunch for a Stay at Home/ Work at Home Mom

The Happy New Year is upon us and one of the top resolutions on everyone’s list involves some kind of diet change. I find it near impossible to eat a healthy lunch everyday. When I am trying to juggle two kids, running the house and this blog, the mid day meal just isn’t on my radar. Here is my plan and yours to help us remember to eat a healthy lunch at home for all you moms! 

How to Remember Lunch for a Stay at Home

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So if you are here still reading, I’m sure you share the same resolution as me! Focus on eating a better lunch. So many times I eat kid left-overs or don’t eat at all until I’m starving. By that time I just eat quick not healthy snacks. 

Back before kids I had to plan and pack my lunch everyday. I need to get back to planning things and not just fly by the seat of my pants for lunch. If I don’t try something different, nothing will change right?

I already meal plan for our weekly family dinners. We have home cooking nearly every night and I have to plan to make sure we have all the fix in’s we need. Time to take the extra 5-10 minutes to do this for lunch as well! The beginning of meal prep and being ready to eat a healthy timely lunch everyday comes with meal planning. 

The New Game Plan!

Here is my meal planning print out I am going to fill in and post on the fridge so I can’t forget. There is a section to write three meals for each day of the week, followed by the grocery list. I always hand write a list for groceries. If I forget the list, it is still fresh in my head more than any other way to record it. Even if you shop online you still will need to have the meals planned and record the things that are needed for the meals. 

Meal Plan For the Week of_

Example Meal Plan

Sample Meal Plan and Grocery List

I included the printable here and my filled out sample. Maybe seeing how my mind records the plan will help. Also, if you are reading this I’m sure you surf Pinterest. That is where I get almost all my recipes from. There are millions of great ideas and as you know super easy to search exactly what you are in the mood for. Here are some links to a few I am trying out in this weeks meal plan. 

Broccoli Chicken Divan

Loaded Veggie Quesadilla

If you are interested in some more New Years resolution ideas for Moms, check out this other awesome blog post!

Search Pinterest

I hope you like my meal planner. I will check back in with a later post on how well it keeps me on track. If you like what you see here please think about subscribing. If you do so from this blog I will include a bonus habit tracker in my welcome email! You can personalize it with any habits you may like to add. Post it at your desk, on the fridge or in a planner/journal. I love keeping track of all my daily to-dos. Eating a healthy lunch is going to be included on my version this month for sure! 

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  1. My aunt is a stay at home mom and she always tells us that making lunch and doing iron can be really exhausting.
    I will let her look at your helpful content so that she can improve her time by doing lunch the easiest and this article might be for her.

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