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5 Ways to Make It Through When Life Gets Hard

This past year we bought a house, moved, I broke my foot, had two surgeries, and kept my two kiddos going and happy every day. It has been challenging but I have survived. Everyone has a hard day, week, month in their lifetime. Maybe even a year- although I hope not! When we are stuck in the hard, dragging our mom behinds through each day and barely making it I want us all to remember these strategies. 5 Ways to Make It Through When Life Gets Hard. 

5 Ways to Make It Through When Life Gets Hard

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1. Ask for Help and Accept Help

This one was hard at first but I’m getting used to it. Feelings of being a burden and guilt come to mind. Sometimes it’s a really hard thing to do! People can be surprised by how ready and willing they are to help. They just need to be asked and directed with how they can be helpful. I know I will have chances to return the many favors that have been bestowed upon me in the past few weeks. Dealing with a broken foot or any other hardship while having two small kids truly requires help. You never know until you ask!

Quarantine Edit: This one will be harder when stuck at home with those kiddos. There is so much technology at our fingertips. A video chat with another adult can go a long way to giving some distraction. Even just a different voice to answer some of the endless questions can be a helpful moment. 

2. Prioritize Needs Over Wants

Ask yourself? What is important to get me through this hardship?? and what can I let slide, skip or wait to make life easier?? I love being a stay-at-home mom and homemaker. I am proud of my home, my sweet kiddos, and I enjoy doing a lot of the house chores to make hubby’s life away from work a little easier.

Since we were currently in “survival mode”, I had to choose what I could do and what I need to do. This is the hardest for me! I have high expectations for myself. For example, I love having the house tidy at midday nap time. It helps me focus more on writing and planning my blog. But right now, it doesn?t happen. Slowing down and focusing on the priorities helps me have more patience with my kiddos and, of course, more healing rest for my foot.

Quarantine Edit: There are some “needs” right now that may be impossible! Socializing, self-care, certain types of shopping, etc. I create this very simple printable to place somewhere you see every day. You can ask yourself these questions to help prioritize your needs over your wants.

Knee Scooter With Kid Riding Along 5 Ways to Cope When Life Gets Hard

3. Always Try Your Best

I am borrowing this from one of my favorite books. The 4 Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom?? I LOVE this book and will probably talk about it in many posts to come! Right now, my best does not involve walking. Some days it may not even be getting my youngest down for a nap. One way I have found to achieve this for myself is to set little attainable goals each day. Accomplish those and celebrate with #4: Treat Yo-Self!

My current goal or to-do list is way shorter than it would be with two feet, but will I try my hardest and celebrate in the same way! Loading the dishwasher instead of cleaning the whole kitchen. Folding the laundry instead of doing all the washing, drying, and putting away. And this last one I probably will make me happier in the future – getting the kids to put their own toys away instead of me doing most of it!

Quarantine Edit: Our best right now can be to stay home as much as possible. It can be to teach our children in our own way. Teach them how to get through the stress of this moment in time.?

4. Treat Yo-Self

As mentioned above, when I try my hardest it?s always important to treat myself. Cookies and wine are my favorites, but I am cutting back since I can’t walk off the calories like I normally do. Now that school is done I get to treat myself to a morning sleep-in or a new Netflix show to binge on. Reading a book,? a new citronella candle for sitting outside, and some fancy bath salts are my other picks! Moms are always taking care of everyone and we must remember to take care of ourselves too!

Quarantine Edit: Since we should be limiting ourselves to essential items this # may seem even more difficult. You may have to get creative. Treat yourself to 4 days of homeschooling instead of 5, to a long hot bath or shower than you would normally take, to finishing some of the craft projects you have been putting off, etc. Most importantly treat-yo-self to some Grace! Know that just like #3 said- you are doing your best and some things will not be the same for a bit.?

Here are some links to my current favorite “Treat Yo-Self” goodies! Amazon is still going for now!?

5.Have a Thankful Perspective

I know there have been many studies done about the benefits of practicing gratitude for your happiness. Lately, when I am having a hard moment, annoyed at my current state, I try for a quick thankful meditation or mantra to refocus myself onto a happier moment. It gets me back on track for trying my best. Life is so sweet, and my kids are growing so fast. Focusing on the good makes the hard stuff a little easier. I am also insanely thankful for my amazing family who has cooked, cleaned, babysat, and more to help me out. Time to write some thank you notes!

Quarantine Edit: Even though we have to change our entire lifestyles for this- it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. This forced slow down is a great way to get perspective on the wonderful things in our life we move too fast to enjoy.

Check out this cool video to show some of that scientific stuff on using gratitude to be happy! It’s one of my favorites and I hope it inspires you as it has for me. Remember to have a thankful perspective when using 5 Ways to Make It Through When Life Gets Hard.

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In case you didn’t get the back story on how I hurt my foot read this post to find out! Foot Injury Mom

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  • Kristen

    Great list! I personally would have liked an introduction before your list but your personality and struggle did come out in your post anyway. You have a great style that is easy to read and welcoming. I hope you feel better!

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