The #1 Hopeful Wish Parents have for their Children
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The #1 Hopeful Wish Parents have for their Children

Every Parent Wishes things for children! What would you pick if you could only share one? What is the most important?

A Parents #1 Wish for their Children

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Recently one of my cousins did a poll on Facebook for a class he is taking. One of the questions he asked of parents was “Name the ONE thing you as a Parent Wish for your children in life.” My immediate answer was happiness. I still stand by my answer but considering some recent worldly events it has gained an even deeper meaning for me. Most of the other responses were close to the same idea- hopeful for happiness! I compiled the top 18 answers. See if your first response or a similar one is on the list.

All the political and human drama going on currently in the world can be depressing. It is easy to get sucked into negativity. A great way to combat depression and negativity is by doing some self-reflection and goal setting! Parents, you can do this for yourself and your kids. Setting some goals for parenting is a great way to focus on anticipating good things! I am here to remind everyone of our common goals and us as parents wishing for our children.

Here is a list of the top 18 Hopeful Wish Parents have for their Children my cousin’s poll question generated. All are great wishes. Some may even be synonyms for others or even encompass others.

  1. Happiness
  2. Inner Peace
  3. Satisfaction
  4. Self Sufficiency
  5. Independence
  6. Employment
  7. Good Health
  8. Stress-Free
  9. Faith in God
  10. Love for Self and Others
  11. Wisdom
  12. Kindness
  13. Belonging
  14. Humility (Humbleness)
  15. Positivity
  16. Confidence
  17. Serenity
  18. Know Thyself

My answer is still Happiness!

I will explain why. Wishing for happiness for my kiddos means, as a mother, I will be working to teach them to find and keep said happiness. I can help guide them to choose what brings them happiness as well. I can show them the joy of being kind, helping others, working hard, loving, family, etc. This list could continue endlessly. We as parents need to focus on teaching our kiddos to seek happiness not only for themselves but also for others. Leading by example is the most important.

I am aware there are many people and kiddos out in this world that do not have this privilege, but I alone could never hope to change this. I can only hope that by sharing acts of kindness and love within my small reach, happiness will spread to others. At the very least it will spread to my children and have a ripple effect. All these wonderful 18 wishes can and will aid in creating future adults whom we will want in charge of this world in the future. We as parents just need to try our hardest to guide and encourage our kiddos down the right path.

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Please, if you enjoyed reading this add a comment sharing and explaining your one biggest wish for your kiddos.

I would love to make the list longer. Testimonies on a time when you taught a great lesson providing your child with a stepping stone towards your wish for them! COMMENT Positivity!

A Parents #1 Wish for Their Kids

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