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Foot Injury Mom- Things Learned Week 1 Using Only 1 Foot with 2 Kids

What I Learned After One Week of Using Only One Foot with 2 Small Kids Foot Fracture Backstory

About a week ago I was moving some things into my basement. My daughter (almost 3) and dog were already down there and out of the way (Thankfully!!!). I am usually hyper-aware of my footing on steps. I do not have a great track record and stairs are just dangerous. The last two steps into the basement evaded me! I went down, rolled, yelled some choice 4-letter words, screamed, and punched the floor. The kid was whimpering. The dog was whining. My foot hurt more than any other trip down the stairs before. I crawled up the stairs, kiddo walking next to me. The dog went ahead and licked my face a few times as I reached the top. I crawled to the freezer for some ice, and then to the sofa. Some tears and a few of those choice words later, I knew I needed to go get my foot looked over. Later my Doc confirmed what I feared. A fracture to my second metatarsal. With a big heavy boot, crutches, and orders to not bear any weight on that foot, I needed to survive the week before seeing my foot specialist and learning the rest of my fate. It’s Lefty so I can still drive thank GOD!

Things I did to prepare:

-Breakfast food prepped for me and the kiddos.
-3-year-old diapers and clothes downstairs for easy reaching.
-Get up before kids (I at least made it before the 3-year-old!).
-Boot, crutches, ice packs, and the computer wheelie chair for the kitchen.
-Bag for carrying all my crap when I moved from place to place.
-“Let it go” attitude about toy clean-up and other things I don’t “need” to do (way harder than anticipated).

Things I learned now that the week is over:

-I do A LOT of stuff around this house every day, and go up and down the stairs way more than I thought!
-Rugburn hurts and happens fast (I need some knee pads!)
-Crutches are way harder to use than you would ever think! My arms and right leg are going to be jacked when this is over.
-Don’t lean on a soap-dish tile in the shower with your knee? yes, it broke and fell and hit my bum foot.
-Not being able to carry and walk for my toddler has made her seem 10 times more irrational than normal.
-I must lower my daily expectations of myself.
-All about a Lisfranc injury and how it’s going to get me some bolts in my foot and 6-8 more weeks of this!!!!!

If you want to learn more about a Lisfranc injury check out this link.

Things I already knew but now am taking some extra time to be thankful for tonight:

-My hubby is amazing, supportive, and sweet.
-I am surrounded by a bunch of family and friends ready to help.
-Surgery scares the hell out of me, but I know I can do it and will be better for it!
-My kiddos are resilient as hell and, if I’m lucky, the little one won’t remember the summer that Momma couldn’t walk. I’ll be singing “Let It Go” as I try to focus on what I need and can accomplish, instead of what I want to accomplish.

And here is a link to a previous blog of mine? Connecting with the Kids on Days You “Just Can’t”?Good reminders!


  • Yaya

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I only have one question; where were you when my little kiddies were doin’ “Little Kiddie Things” an’ I was climbing the walls? I could have SO used summa’ the advice on both THIS Post AND other posts I skimmed through. B’lieve me… I was very tempted to spend several hours here, learning to be the mama I shoulda’ been, right from the get-go.

    Now, here’s sump’n else that might s’prise you; when you mentioned near the end of your article ’bout the Lisfranc injury, I was rather excited to learn more. See? I’m a bit of a “Lisa Frank” Fan… an’ I say that in the Most. Extreme. Way. Possible! Sadly for ME, you pulled a switch on me. There’s nuthin’ fun ’bout Lisa Frank as I wipe a small tear from my eye. *Sniff*

    That said, I completely enjoyed my stroll through your website an’ plan on coming back again, very soon. I can see that you have SO Much I still need ta’ learn.

    ~ Yaya

    • Savorthemomlife

      Thank you so very much for your Heart Felt comment! I wish that article was about Lisa Frank! haha My foot is mostly healed up now. I actually went on my son’s Kindergarten field trip today. Lots of walking. I have got to do a follow up healed post! Thanks for reminding me!

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