Would You Rather Questions for Kids
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Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Would You Rather? Questions for Kids

It is so important to give that attention and patience to our kids when they crave it. This way when they start getting older and quiet you have built a strong base of communication. They know you are ready to listen when they are ready to talk. Fill your Kid’s Attention Cup now so they will fill yours later! A very fun way to do this is with Would You Rather Questions. They can be adapted for many ages, are great conversation guides, and can even be used when you are getting the Kiddos to Practice Delayed Gratification.

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What is a “Would You Rather” Question?

They are fun, simple two-part questions that get two or more people thinking. You ask the question and then you can follow up with “Why did you answer that way”.

Children often enjoy “Would You Rather” questions because they provide a fun and engaging way for them to exercise their imagination, make choices, and express their preferences.

  1. Imagination and Creativity: “Would You Rather” questions often present hypothetical scenarios that encourage children to use their imagination. The questions spark creative thinking as children envision different possibilities and consider the outcomes of their choices.
  2. Decision-Making Practice: Kids, especially younger ones, are still developing their decision-making skills. “Would You Rather” questions offer a low-stakes environment for them to practice making choices. This can be empowering for children, allowing them to assert their preferences in a playful context.
  3. Conversation Starter: These questions serve as excellent conversation starters. They can lead to discussions about the reasons behind a child’s choice, promoting communication skills and the ability to express thoughts and feelings.
  4. Engagement and Entertainment: The format of “Would You Rather” is inherently entertaining. Children enjoy the lightheartedness of considering amusing or sometimes absurd scenarios, making the activity enjoyable and engaging.
  5. Social Interaction: When used in group settings, these questions can foster social interaction and cooperation. Kids can share their choices with friends or family, leading to shared laughter, storytelling, and bonding experiences.

Kids love to talk with their parents when they are young. Some of the babies are in the “why” phase when they first begin chatting with us. When they get a little older they want to share every thought with you and will repeat your name over until you give a reply even if you are looking at them when they say whatever was on their mind. Both of these can be maddening when you are a part of that age and stage. In the blink of an eye, they will be older and less inclined to share every detail, let alone listen to our opinions. That time will be even harder I am sure.

Parents should consider incorporating “Would You Rather” questions into their interactions with children for several reasons:

  1. Building Communication Skills: These questions encourage kids to articulate their thoughts and preferences, contributing to the development of their communication skills.
  2. Critical Thinking and Decision-Making: Children learn to think critically and make decisions by weighing the pros and cons of each option presented in the questions.
  3. Positive Interaction: It creates a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for parent-child interactions. It’s a light-hearted way to connect with children and share moments of laughter.
  4. Encouraging Expression: Parents can gain insights into their child’s personality, interests, and preferences by listening to their responses to these questions.
  5. Flexibility and Adaptability: Some questions may present scenarios that require flexibility and adaptability in thinking. This can be a valuable skill for children to develop.

When and Where would you ask “Would You Rather” Questions?

Delayed Gratification is important to model for your kids. Would You Rather Questions are a great way to pass time in a car, at a restaurant, at a doctor’s office, etc. They can be a great way to share dinner conversations. Truly any moment you can talk to pass the time these questions can be used.

How can you ask “Would You Rather” Questions?

Pick 2 ideas, put them together, and say. “Would you rather A or B?” Then you can ask why! Sharing your answer as well and discussing it is a great way to extend the conversation and get kids to think of other perspectives.

  • Would you rather eat cookies or cake?
  • Would you rather go skating or biking?
  • Would you rather have long hair or short hair?

5 Questions for the Youngest Conversationalists

  • Would you rather jump the highest or run the fastest?
  • Would you rather eat peas or broccoli?
  • Would you rather get one big toy or lots of little toys?
  • Would you rather have pancakes for dinner or meatloaf for breakfast?
  • Would you rather play outside all day or inside all day?

5 Questions for Your Older Mature Kids

  • Would you rather do work that makes you sweat(Physical) or work that you sit (more mental)?
  • Would you rather have lots of money or lots of friends?
  • Would you rather only know how to cook or only know how to clean?
  • Would you rather have to read a whole book in one day or write a whole book in one day?
  • Would you rather be more like your mom or more like your dad?

Here are some fun Themed Would You Rather Questions I have compiled for you.

Would You Rather? Questions got Kids. Star Wars Theme.

Star Wars Would You Rather

  • Would you rather be C3PO or R2D2?
  • Would you rather have a blue lightsaber or a green lightsaber?
  • Would you rather fight Darth Vader or Kyle Ren?
  • Would you rather train with Obi-Wan Kenobi or Yoda?
  • Would you rather be a Jedi or a Smuggler?
  • Would you rather fight a Rancor or a Rathtar?
  • Would you rather have Chewbacca or Luke as a best friend?
  • Would you rather live on an ice planet or a desert planet?
  • Would you rather be friends with young Anikin or Clone Wars Anikin?
  • Would you rather fly an X-Wing or a TIE Fighter?
Would You Rather? Questions for Kids. Frozen Theme.

Frozen Would You Rather

  • Would you rather be Anna or Elsa?
  • Would you rather have Olaf or Sven as a sidekick?
  • Would you rather be shut in a castle or trapped in an enchanted forest?
  • Would you rather fight an ice monster or an earth giant?
  • Would you rather have ice or fire powers?
  • Would you rather ride a water/ice horse or a reindeer?
  • Would you rather be friends with a troll or an Arendelle Villager?
Would You Rather? Questions for Kids. Sports Theme

Sports Would You Rather

  • Would you rather run a race across a football field or a basketball court?
  • Would you rather score 3 points in basketball or 3 points in football?
  • Would you rather swim in a pool or in the ocean?
  • Would you rather get a hole-in-one in golf or a home run in baseball?
  • Would you rather play ping pong or badminton?
  • Would you rather play American football or European football?
  • Would you rather be good at the high jump or the long jump?
  • Would you rather play beach volleyball or gym volleyball?
  • Would you rather dance ballet or Jazz?
Would You Rather? Questions for Kids. Harry Potter Theme

Harry Potter Would You Rather

  • Would you rather have the sorcerer’s stone (unlimited gold, eternal life) or possess the deathly hallows (cloak, resurrection stone, unbeatable wand)?
  • Would you rather know how to make a Polyjuice potion or Veritus Serum?
  • Would you rather taste a cockroach cluster or a fizzing whizbee?
  • Would you rather be alone in a room with fluffy the 3 headed dog or a blast-ended scroot?
  • Would you rather be next-door neighbors with Lupin or Hagrid?
  • Would you rather be in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?
  • Would you rather play seeker or beater on the Quidditch team?
  • Would you rather have to live with Professor Snape or Professor Lockhart?
  • Would you rather have Moaning Murtle or Peeves live in your house?
  • Would you rather duel Malfoy or Goyle?
  • Would You rather visit Nocturn Alley or go into the Forbidden Forrest?

“Would You Rather” questions are an entertaining and educational tool that parents can use to engage with their children, promote communication, and encourage the development of various cognitive and social skills playfully.

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