How to Start a Mom Blog Today

How to Start a Mom Blog Today

Are you a mom who wants to work from home? Be there for your kids? Pick your own hours? Help support your household financially? One way to achieve all of these things is to start your own mom blog!

I know it seems to good to be true. It is by no means an easy road. You have to be ready for a lot of writing, research, self-motivation, and self-teaching. Continue reading for the hard way I started a mom blog and the easy way I have discovered to start your very own mom blog. If you choose to start your mom blog it could result in making money, just as long as you are ready to work for it.

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full Disclosure for more information.

The idea to start my own mom blog first came to me while perusing Pinteret.

There are a million articles on that platform sharing this same stuff I am sharing now. How to make money by starting your own blog. All of the free information is amazing. You just need to be willing to search for it and weed out the scams. Not all of it is the easiest to piece together and not all of it is helpful and correct.

There was a lot of trial and error in my first year. It didn’t help that I broke my foot and just stopped working on everything for a while either. I didn’t give up and got back to it by following any and all advice I could find that was free and seemed helpful.

Click to go check out my Pinterest Blogging Board!

Hitting one year of trying to blog, I began to think of spending some money on blogger training. It’s a hard decision to make, especially when a person is not making any money. I started looking for legit, helpful, result filled programs that would take me to the next level- making $$$$!

I had experienced a lot of “free” training programs.

There are about a million of them floating on Pinterest.  A lot of them were not giving what I felt I needed. Too much money with not enough explanation or demonstration of what I would be getting in return.

Drawn to Elite Blog Academy by its cute look and strong female creator, I researched the possibilities. The downside was my BUDGET. Too much money for me and not enough time to decide or plan. EBA is only open to enroll one week out of the year. Excited for it to be a goal for next year, but than I was sad because I was ready NOW. That next level was calling my name and I was ready to do the work. 

Thinking I could still find something that would fit in the now I decided to google blog training. Using the keyword free in the search, I came upon a site that wasn’t very “pretty and feminine and flowery” as I am usually drawn to (part of the reason I liked Elite Blog Academy so much, marketing tactics are real people!). Look here for the site if you would like to check it out. He has way more numbers and detailed testimony.

This site was promoting a blog training program called Wealthy Affiliate.

"Reading about what that had to offer appealed to my blogging heart." How to start a mom blog.

A free 7 days where I could sign up, begin training, host a site and get 24/7 support all for the cost of nothing and all in one place. Like I said, its style didn’t appeal to my eye but reading about what they had to offer appealed to my blogging heart. No surfing on Pinterest or googling how to troubleshoot my issues. I signed up and began the first training session.

The biggest and first reason I clicked over to check them out was the free start.

It was putting me right back at the beginning of starting my mom blog- but I was already a year into teaching myself this stuff! I already knew most of the first training. I was flying through. The checklists they have are so motivating. I love clicking each box as I complete the stages. 

Look at that WA training checklist! So satisfying!

All I could think was “I wish I would have found this a year ago when I first started and I have to share this with others who are wanting to start but don’t know how to begin”.

I know at least 5 people off the top of my head who could take this training and make something magical for themselves.

My site was hosted outside of their platform and I couldn’t link up my progress on my year old blog with this new training. That’s when I found out they have the hosting available and it’s included in their membership! To have my blog hosted and get access to the rest of the training, continued 24/7 support, and super cool keyword research tools (necessary for getting my post showing up on Google for you newbies). I have to buy in.

Get the Premium membership.

So now I won’t have to pay my hosting service (Wealthy Affiliate was super helpful with the moving as well). They also have monthly and yearly options for payment. It is around 400 for the year but with the hosting included and all the support, training and tools I will need it is worth it!

I wish I would have stumbled upon this when I very first began.

Maybe the money would have still stopped me back then but still, I would have had so much more guidance for building a strong base with just the free bits of training they offer!!!! A base which is necessary if I want to start adding affiliate links and Ads to my blog. So I can start being one of the money makers and not a hater of the money makers.

Hope you enjoyed reading my story of how I started a mom blog and if you are interested at all, please click on one of the links to check it out! It feels awesome that I may be able to help someone work towards their blogging goal. I always wish I would have started my mom blog sooner- so stop wishing and start doing!!!!!

Savor the Mom Life's Wealthy Affiliate Seal of Approval!

Check out this post about Stranger Danger on my mom blog which I am very passionate about. 

Stranger Danger for Children-4 Ideas to Explain and Prepare.
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Easter Activities for Kids- Non-Religious and Religions Ideas

Easter Activities for Kids- Non-Religious and Religions Ideas

Spring is about to be here and with it comes Easter. Easter is not my favorite holiday but Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. There is something to be said about the big change in the weather. Warmer outside time lies ahead.

In this blog you will find two sections- one is Easter activities for kids with a non-religious theme and the other is Easter activities with a religious theme.

Some people who are not a part of a church or religion celebrate Easter with just the coming of the spring season (easy and fun to teach kids.) If you are religious then it is all about Christ and his sacrifice of dying on the cross for us (death is a hard topic for adults, let alone children.) I grew up Catholic but am no longer practicing. The teachings and messages I learned in my time are still important to me and I want to share those with my kids. That sharing tends to happen mostly during the holiday season.

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full Disclosure for more information.

Non-Religious Easter Activities for Kids 

Hand and Foot Print Keepsakes-

These are some of my favorite things to create with little kiddos. They love to paint and this is an awesome way to get this creating but with direction. Here are some cute options I have created with my kids. 

Big Bunny Feet

Easter Activities for Kids- Non-Religious and Religions Ideas- Easter Bunny Foot Prints

Little Chick Hand 

Easter Activities for Kids- Non-Religious and Religions Ideas- Spring Chick Hand print.

Egg Finger Painting

Spring Silhouette Finger Painting- I used cookie cutters to trace out the cute shapes. 

Easter Activities for Kids- Non-Religious and Religions Ideas. Spring Silhouette Finger Painting.

Old Fashion Easter Egg Hunt-

Anyone who thinks of Easter thinks of an Easter egg hunt. Grab those plastic eggs and fill them with goodies. Hide them around the yard or inside the house if the weather does not corporate.

Old Fashion Easter Egg Hunt- Easter Activities for Kids

Here are some Ideas for egg stuffers besides the normal candy. 

-Stickers- You can get these by the 100’s at the dollar tree. Just might have to cut them out to fit into eggs.

-Little Toys -legos, barbie clothes, small dolls, cars etc.

-Coins- who doesn’t like money. 

-Notes -I’ll never forget the year my siblings and I found a note that said “look in the kitchen” and there was a live actual bunny in there! So awesome. You don’t have to go that extreme though- fun jokes, sweet sayings or ideas for acts of kindness are all good note ideas too.

I do one hunt inside for my kids so they can run and do it on their own because this mom is still waking up and does not want to go out first thing. Then, usually, there is a larger hunt outside. If you find yourself having to host a larger hunt inside, one way to scale down on the chaos and destruction of your house is to make it a scavenger-style or clue themed egg hunt. 

Here is my inside list of scavenger hunt clues for the kids to read and follow for their egg prizes. Read the list and then click on the image for a free downloadable printable!

  1. Look here for Easter Egg wishes. It’s where you wash your dishes. -Kitchen Sink
  2. Search here for a sweet prize. It’s where you rest your eyes.- Bedroom
  3. Here is where you go to get your body clean. Maybe this egg will be green?- Tub/Shower 
  4. Find the next egg where we eat big dinners. For holiday time this table is a winner. -Dining room Table 
  5. Where do you sit and watch TV? Look here for a treat you will be happy to see. -Sofa
  6. Your treat basket has really grown. Next, go to the place visitors enter our home. -Front Door 
  7. We go up and down these at least twice a day. To find your prise walk this way. -Stairs 
  8. Do you really want to find more? Go to the place where Mom and Dad snore. -Mom and Dads Room 
  9. From here you can see the backwoods. Go there to get the yummy goods. -Back Porch 
  10. You’re on fire you’re so hot. Get more treats from this last spot. -Fire Place
Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Dying Easter Eggs-

This is a favorite past time and something I ALWAYS remember doing with my mom. We always did it the old fashioned way with the PAC Dying kids. Here are some fun versions of that I have used and liked. Don’t forget the vinegar. I always almost do and it does make a difference. There are all kinds of ways to dye Easter eggs now! I searched for some quicker more hands-on versions to try out with my kids and here are the links I found. 

  1. Rice Shake Eggs
  2. Natural Dye Eggs

Non- Religious Easter Books 

Egg Silhouette or Plastic Shell Educational Ideas

Everyone associates eggs with this holiday (look up reason and add description here). 

They are such an easy shape to draw and cut out I want to show you a few ways you can take some fun egg creations and make this into some fluency and math skill building activities for your kiddos. 

  • Egg Name Practice- Create a puzzle with the egg by writing the child’s name and cutting it into strips to piece back together. Or make an egg line and do one letter of the name on each egg. 
Egg Name Practice- Easter Activities for Kids


  •  Egg Letter Match- Write uppercase on one half of the egg and lowercase on the other half. You can do this with paper cutouts or the fun plastic ones. 
  • Site Word Eggs- Write the word on the egg and get the treat inside when you read it. Or get to decorate the egg with markers and stickers after reading the word or using it in a sentence. 
  • Egg Blending- Write the word onset on one side of the egg and the rhyme on the other. When putting the eggs pieces together blend and read the word. 
  • Egg Number Set Match- Write the number on one half of the egg and draw a set of dots to match on the other- match. 
Egg Number Set Match- Easter activities for kids
  • Egg Patterns- Create patterns on the egg with colors and stickers. Or create patterns with the eggs after you have decorated them (stripe, polka dot, stripe, polka dot etc. ) 
  • Eggs with Ordinal Numbers- Put the eggs in order as they are found and have the child tell you first, second, third etc. 
  • I really could think of endless ideas. If you personally have one in your head for a certain skill you would like created, let me know!!!

Religious Easter Activities for Kids 

Good Lenten Deeds 

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us. He died so he could open the way for us to go to heaven. Kids can practice and learn about being more kind and loving as Jesus was by performing acts of kindness for others during Lent. Sacrificing their time to make something better for others. Here is a link to an Acts of Kindness Lental calender

Sun Catcher Cross Craft 

Religious Easter Books

Other Blog Links with Awesome Ideas on the Religious topic. 

Homemade Resurrection Eggs– to tell the story of Easter in an engaging way. 

Children’s Books and Activities for the Lenten Season 

I hope you liked all my Easter Activities for Kids! Don’t forget to check out some of my other special holiday blogs. 

Groundhog Day Fun for Little Kids
10 Cute Hand and Foot Print Valentines
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Stranger Danger for Children-4 Ideas to Explain and Prepare.

Stranger Danger for Children-4 Ideas to Explain and Prepare.

This is my follow up to 6 Ways to Promote Free-Range Kids in 2018. One of those 6 is teaching them about Stranger Danger for children. Preparing our children for some of the darkness this world has to offer is not a very fun subject but an important one.

It’s our job to prepare them to be upstanding, independent people. I’m not talking about scaring them with our parental anxieties so they never try anything new or fun but, there is a certain level of awareness they should possess. That level will grow with their age and experience as well. The boundaries or rules we have for our children are for their safety and can be crossed from the outside!

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full Disclosure for more information.

1. Teaching strategies for what to do if they need an adult and you the parent are not around. Who is the right kind of person to approach for help?

There are many scenarios where a child could be put into this situation. Getting separated from a parent or other adult while shopping or on a field trip. Playing unsupervised in the yard or walking to a friend’s house or park. If they or another child is hurt or in a boundary crossing situation where can they go to look for help?

Emergency. Children should be made aware of our public service protectors and how to recognize them. A police officer and firefighters are good options in an emergency if they are available. We can also teach them how to dial 911 on a phone to ask for emergency help.

Stranger Danger for Children-4 Ideas to Explain and Prepare. Emergency Help

-Lost. I read somewhere once to share this little tidbit with your kiddo in case they get separated from you. Look for another mom with kiddos to ask for help. I know if a little lost kid came to me I would want to help them in a heartbeat. Following this plan, it’s always good to have your kiddo memorize your phone number, especially if they do not have a phone of their own. You could even write it on a bracelet for them to where in preparation for being in a scenario where separation could happen.

-Approached by a stranger when out in the neighborhood. Here is where growing the like-minded village comes in handy. Learn who your neighbors are and whom you may be most comfortable having your kids look to for help and support. Make your kids familiar with these wonderful people. Yes, not all are ready to play that role but if your child is allowed that freedom to be out on their own, you as the parent need to help make the connections to have as many safety options as possible.

2. Teaching kids how to respectfully and safely get out of an uncomfortable situation that does not coincide with their boundaries.

My mom always told me I could say anything to anyone if I said it respectfully. Kids are very smart. If you have the boundaries trained and ingrained, they will know when they are in an uncomfortable situation.

They should be taught they can say “no” if their boundaries are being crossed and it doesn’t matter by who!Stranger Danger for Children-4 Ideas to Explain and Prepare.

They should be taught they can say “no” if their boundaries are being crossed and it doesn’t matter by who! Sorry Grandma if she doesn’t want a kiss today, I’m not going to make her. Encourage them to know they can excuse themselves to home or seek out a trusted village member when they are uncomfortable or pushed outside of their boundaries.

It is also important to have a good open discussion relationship with your kiddos. We want them to feel comfortable sharing when a situation that is boundary crossing has occurred. This way you can help guide your child to prevent future uncomfortable situations.

Another idea I have read about, especially for older children is to have a code word. The child can text or call you with the word and you can call them home or go get them without the peer pressure of seeming uncool to leave a boundary crossing situation. The other part of this idea was to not pressure them to talk about it unless they are ready or want to. Just to trust that you have this relationship where they are following the boundaries and trusting you in return. I’m sure if you have that open discussion relationship details will be shared anyway.

3. Seeking out friends that fit. Who do they enjoy spending time with that have similar boundaries to their own?

We all want our children to seek out friendships, have healthy relationships, and safely enjoy the people whom they spend time with outside of the family. This starts when our children are young, and we have all control over who they spend time with.

Stranger Danger for Children- Seeking out Friends that Fit.

As I discussed in my free-range post, I gravitate to like-minded parents with similar boundaries for their children. Encouraging, participating and modeling interests can help guide your kiddos as they grow. I was in Girl Scouts and loved it. My Mom became a leader because they needed more volunteers to keep it going. I am sure she is part of the reason I continued to love it all the way to high school. She was able to further guide and encourage mine and my friends’ interests. We did A LOT of outdoors and camping. Way more than most city-based Girl Scout troops normally do. It was amazing. I remember one of my best friends’ fathers also joined as a leader! He added a lot of camp knowledge as well.

Remember to try your hardest to listen to your kids.

Even when they are young and it does not always seem as pressing or important. They will remember and react. Them sharing details of their life needs to be important from the beginning to build the base of that relationship. Don’t forget keeping up the good open discussion relationship grows in importance as the kiddos get older. You want them to have the independence but still the comfort in coming to you for guidance as they build their own boundaries and choose their own friends.

4.Learning to notice when a situation could be unsafe or boundary crossing. Are they being aware of their environment?

Kids often love to get lost in the moment. Swept up into the fun of something and not notice when a situation becomes an unsafe one. For example, a 4-year-old stopping to look at a dead squirrel in the middle of the road and not thinking about cars that could be speeding over a hill towards them. We all teach them to look both ways before crossing the street as well as walking on the correct side following the flow of traffic. When they are younger they may need constant reminders of this boundary. As they get older it should be ingrained into the back of their minds.

Exactly why the boundaries grow with age and experience.

The darker side of this topic is when a child needs to be aware of an adult crossing into their boundaries. We all see the stories of people “sweet” talking kids into cars, or even just trying to snatch them up. We can teach about not going with strangers- even ones with cute puppies and candy!

Remind kids that with the freedom of unattended play or traveling comes the boundaries of not talking to or going with strangers.

The topic gets even scarier when the boundary crossing adult is a familiar one to your child. Teach them they can say “no” when they are uncomfortable no matter who they are saying it to. Again. You can say anything to anyone if you say it respectfully.


Stranger Danger for Children- Modeling situational awareness as a parent.

Modeling situational awareness as a parent is another way to teach this to our children.

It’s a true balance of trying new things and learning about the world while trusting intuition and staying in the boundaries.
If you do your best to cover all the steps in both my free range post and this stranger danger for children post the chances of #4 being an issue grow very small. This does not mean to skip this lesson! Just don’t let the anxiety of it overtake you and your child especially.

As bad as this world can seem sometimes it is doubly good. Now for one of my favorite Dumbledore quotes, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”-Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. That can go for good or bad dreams.

Stranger Danger for Children-4 Ideas to Explain and Prepare.

I truly hope you enjoyed my post on Stranger Danger for Children. It is a very loaded topic and I am no expert but as a parent, I have put so much thought into it I wanted to share my ideas with others. 

Here are some good reads if you want more information on stranger danger for children.

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Name Games for Letter Learning with Pre-School Kids

Name Games and Letter Learning with Pre-School Kids.

Usually, some of the very first letters we all learn are the ones from our own names! It’s something we hear all day, every day from the very first moment we are born. It’s only natural for it to be a quick intro to the world of learning letters. In this post, I will be going over 5 steps for teaching Name Games for Letter Learning with pre-schoolers. 

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full Disclosure for more information.

So here are the basic steps of teaching a kiddo to recognize and write their name. 

TEACHING A KIDDO TO RECOGNIZE AND WRITE THEIR NAME. Name Games for Letter Learning with Pre-School Kids.

A quick side note before I break down these steps. Please try to teach that an uppercase letter begins the name, followed by lowercase for the following letters. All uppercase letters are not the correct way to write a name. Even though it may seem easier to start with just those letters you will have to reteach the correct way eventually, so why not just start that way.

1. Recognize the First Name as a Whole. 

You show the kiddo their name! Anywhere and everywhere! Label their belongings- seat at the table, bedroom door, bed, toothbrush etc. Get them looking at those letters together and associating it with themselves. Find some fun children’s books where the main character shares the same name as your kiddo. Have them look for their name in the text as you read. Trace the letters with a finger. 

Place some emphasis on the first letter because, well it’s first! (Remember this one is uppercase) Whenever you see that letter tell the kiddo. “Look Harry, an H! Just like in your name. H for Harry.” Also, any time we read an alphabet book I mention his name on the “H” page. Here are some of our favorite alphabet books and even a site where you can order a custom name book with your kiddos name. 

2. Recognize the Individual Letters in a Name. 

I already mentioned emphasizing the first letter when you are introducing the name as a whole but now you want to get them thinking about the other letters in their name. Use those name tags you have all around now and read off those letters. Write the letters yourself for the kiddo to see. Have them parrot back the letters as you read them, finger trace them, and search for them in other places where letters can be found. 

Flash Card Name Game- Name Games for Letter Learning

Name Flash Card Game – Create flashcards for all the letters in their name and have them match the letters by placing them on top of a written out version on their name. I made this cool magnet version of this for my daughter to play with on the fridge when I’m working in the kitchen and she wants to be there with me. 

3. Order the Letters Correctly. 

Here you can use that same flash card game to practice, but this time take away the whole name as a guide. See if they can remember the order of the letters on their own. Keep the whole name guide for them to check their work and in case they still need practice with that step. Have them read the letters to you off the card and in the right order. If you want another helping visual you could create a background picture with the letters under it. Cut that out and you have a fun name puzzle the picture will help them remember the right order. 

Practice Writing the Letters of the Name- Name Games for Letter Learning.Start with some solid line tracing and then move to dots. Make sure you model and do one letter at a time. Say each letter as its traced.

4. Practice Writing the Letters. 

Grab your chalk, markers, crayons, and pencils! You write and they trace first. Start with one letter at a time- get crazy with color if they like that. Next, draw the name in dots and have them trace those. Again one letter at a time and work up to tracing the whole. Don’t forget to model each step for them (how to hold the pencil too- Here is a youtube video to help you with that step.) After they can trace great then you move to write the letters. Again, one letter at a time. 

Practice Writing the Letters of the Name- Name Games for Letter Learning. I found this in my kids craft stuff! So cool. Its a tracing light box. I won't have to redo the dots each time she practices. Just get a new top sheet! And she gets to see her own writing alone on the paper when you remove it. I love it.

Side Note: If they aren’t feeling it, not having fun, or fighting you then stop! Learning is hard for little kiddos when it is not fun. Try to think of other ways to engage them with name practice. Make a dance for their name, with a different dance move for each letter. Paint the letters, smear them in shaving cream, trace them in the sand, line flash cards with a cheerio snack, etc. Check out my blog about Alphabet learning for more ideas. 

35 Fun Ways to Teach the Alphabet to Little Kids

5. Repeat all the Steps for the Last Name. 

Don’t try to rush it and do both at the same time. That may be too much. Master one and then go for the other. Don’t forget to keep it fun!

I really hoped you liked my steps for Name Games for Letter Learning with Pre-School Kids. Check out some of my other posts about letter learning! 

8 Fun Ways to Beat Cabin Fever with the Kids.
Letter Snacks

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St. Patrick’s Day Kid Activities

St. Patrick's Day Kid Activities- Baby's First St. Patrick's Day!
My son and I on his first St. Patrick’s Day!

Hello! One of my favorite spring holidays is coming up soon. St. Patrick’s Day. Originally this was a religious Catholic holiday. St. Patrick is the patron Saint and apostle of Ireland. On this modern day at my house, we use it as a day to celebrate our Irish heritage. I love celebrating holidays with my kiddos. No matter how small it is fun to create memories and traditions with them. So here are 5 fun St. Patrick’s Day Kid Activities for you to enjoy with your kiddos.

St. Patrick's Day Kids Activities

St. Patrick’s Day Kid Books

I talk a lot about childrens books here on my site. Reading is very important for kids and we do a lot of it in our house. I love reading themed books with my kids because its an easy way to explain events and other things happening in their lives. Here are 5 of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day themed illustrated books. I always try to include fiction and no fiction when chooseing what to read with my kiddos.

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

Painting a Rainbow. I love doing hand and foot prints with my very little kiddos. St. Patrick's day Kid Activities.

Painting a Rainbow. I love doing hand and foot prints with my very little kiddos. It’s a fun way to create memories and very easy to fit in almost any theme you can think of. My favorite hand print painting for St. Patrick’s Day kids Activities is making a rainbow. 6 colors- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. 6 hand prints. I print them in an arch and have it ends at a black pot of gold I cut out with construction paper. They can even do finger prints to make the gold coins flowing out of the pot. It is so cute. Just make sure you have lots of wipes around to clean their hands when changing through the colors.

I also have created a shamrock cut out and printed feet on hands on each of the leaves with an cute “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” or “Hope your day is Lucky” written around the outside edge.

Another year I drew a leprechaun hat and beard cut out for the kids to wear like a mask and play pretend for pictures. They loved it!

St. Patrick's Day Kid Activities- Baby in a Leprechaun Hat and Beard.
Jonas on his first St. Partick’s Day. I free handed the hat and beard on some construction paper. Cut it out, used some tape or glue and instant cute holiday baby photo shoot!

Lucky Charm Sorting Game

My kids love Lucky Charms. Any excuse they have to eat them and they will. I created a cute game for them to practice sorting, counting, and even adding or subtracting with the cereal. All that is needed is a column chart. The kiddos get a pile of lucky charms and sort them according to color and shape. I even pick out just the marshmallow ones for them to use. After sorting them they can count and write how many of each they have. I am going to get my son to create some addition and subtraction problems with his. After all the sorting, counting and math fat practice they are allowed to eat them of course!

St. Patrick's Day Kid Activities- Lucky Charm Sorting.

Shamrock Scavenger Hunt

St. Patrick's Day Kid Activities- Shamrock Hunt

This game is so much fun. I give the kids little riddles about places around the house. A leprechaun has lost his shamrocks in our house! If they help him find them he will give them a pot of gold! Here is the list of clues- I picked places that should translate to mostly any house. I only have two kiddos, so I made it so they each get three clues and three shamrocks.

  1. Where do we keep ice and can get a treat that is nice? (Freezer)
  2. Where do you go to get a scrub and wash in the tub? (Bathroom)
  3. Where do you go and sit when you want to watch TV for a bit? (Sofa)
  4. Where after dinner we wash the dishes like a winner? (Sink)
  5. Where visitors knock and we have a lock? (Front Door)
  6. Where do you go to dream and you are the most tired it seems? (Bed)

After finding all the shamrocks they bring them to a photo of a leprechaun and I get his hidden pot of gold for them! Usually some real coins and chocolate ones. I put our fun green necklaces and hats in there as well.

I have included links to a printable version of the clues (Click on the image below), a coloring page to the leprechaun, and some printable shamrocks for the hunt.

Where did the Leprechaun Lose his Shamrocks? St. Patrick's Day Kid Activities.

Clover Cookies

I have this very cute clover cookie cutter I like to use for this special day. Here are some links to a super easy roll-out sugar cookie recipe or a rice crispy treat recipe that you could use a cookie cutter like this one with!

St. Patrick’s Day Kid Activities

These are many other cool games and activities you could do with your kiddos on this fun day. These are just my favorite to do with my family. If you have a new one for us to try out please share it with me in the comments!!! I am always interested to learn new St. Patrick’s Day Kid Activities.

If you enjoyed reading this please check out some of my other holiday themed posts below!

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Mom’s Survival Guide for Daylight Saving Time

Spring forward- Fall back

The year (2019) Daylight Saving starts on Sunday March 10th at 2 am. Time to spring forward in every state except for Hawaii and Arizona. It will end on the first Sunday of November when we fall back an hour. As a mom who runs the kids schedule this can be a challenging time. I am strict about sleeping hours in my house and this hour difference can totally make trouble. Read on for Mom’s survival guide for Daylight Saving Time.

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full Disclosure for more information.

Mom's Survival Guide for Daylight Saving Time

A lot of people hate this time change and the challenge it brings. I personally think the challenge is fleeting. It goes very quick and even though troubling can be easy if you stick to a plan. Also, I get very excited about Spring coming! Warmer weather and longer days. This is a crucial first step in that goodness!!!!!


The first and most important part of this survival guide is to have a good routine to follow. This is important to me at any time. My kids are bed champions. They do the same routine every night and we do not have yo-yo kids. You know the kind of kid that is in and out of bed enough to make you crazy, especially when you earned that kid-free time! When they are in bed they stay there and go to sleep 99% of the time. It is important when dealing with the earlier bedtime to remain strong in that routine. Bath, Teeth, Books, song, goodnight snuggles and lights out sleep!

Bonus- When I was training my oldest to sleep and stay in his bed we got this awesome clock. It is made for teaching time and can be used as an alarm clock. What I really love about it is the fact that you can set it to just change color when its time to wake. It doesn’t need to make a sound. So if they are still sleeping and you want them to stay that way they will! I highly recommend this clock for kiddos who need reminders of when its time to wake in the morning. You can even set a night light to turn on so they know when its time to be in bed at night as well. I have a few versions below for you!

Ease Into It

Some people swear by starting bedtime a few minutes earlier each night for the week before the change. I am not organized enough to do this but I’m sure it would help. Just remember to keep the routine steady and they won’t notice the difference!

Bonus: Controlling the light that comes in the room helps. Sunlight tells our bodies its time to be up! So getting some nice blackout curtains can help when it seems too early for sleep. 

Wear them OUT!

The bonus of daylight saving which I have already mentioned is longer and warmer days. Get outside. Get those kiddos moving. Physical activity makes sleeping easier for any person. I know its March and still cold in some places so plan ahead if you need to. Find an indoor physical outlet. Just get them moving and grooving and ready for a good nights sleep. Dance party after dinner, ride bikes or walk the neighborhood.  Fresh air and movement make for good sleep. 

Mom's Survival Guide for Daylight Saving- "Get outside. Get those kiddos moving."

Full Tummies

This is easier said than done in my house currently. My three-year-old is on a constant hunger strike at dinner time. She eats her dinner once a week if I am lucky. I am going to work hard for a few days around the time change to pick things I know she will eat for dinner. Grumpy sleepies don’t need to be compounded with hangriness!

Be Flexible and Patient

As much as I preach about having that strict routine sometimes you just have to remember change is hard. No matter how big or a small change can make for a grumpy kid. You only have a few days of some hard times going to sleep or waking up and it will even back out again. 

Self Care

Don’t forget to be nice to yourself. All us moms know it is easier to have patience with our kiddos when we have our own needs met. Place that oxygen mask on yourself first before helping those around you right?! Make sure your tummy is full, your routine is solid and you get some good exercise too! 

Mom's Survival Guide for Daylight Saving Time
Promote “Free Range” Kids

Now sit back and enjoy the coming of SPRING! Warm weather, long days, wine outside in a warm breeze. I can’t wait! I hope you enjoyed Mom’s Survival Guide for Daylight Saving Time. Please check out some of my other mom supporting blogs. 

Parents Feeling Guilty About Screen Time?

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Paw Prints on My Heart: Pet Loss with Little Kids

When my husband and I rented our first apartment together, way back when we were just engaged, he and I decided we wanted a dog. After a lot of rescue group research, we one day found ourselves at the local animal shelter. One little brown with white speckles doggy caught our eye. She was sweet, potty trained and stole our hearts the moment she jumped 5 feet into the air as we shut her back into the kennel to deliberate. She was due to be put down that week if not adopted. Of course, we took her! And here is the story of the Paw Prints on My Heart: Pet Loss with Little Kids.

Paw Prints on My Heart: Pet Loss with Little Kids

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full Disclosure for more information.

We loved her and she loved us.

She was not an easy dog. The very high jump on the first day should have clued me in. Filled with separation anxiety, sickness, and high energy, she was a needy creature. I am a very committed person, but she sure did test my resolve. I worked hard to help her with all her issues, telling her always that she would be ours for the rest of her days. She gave me loads of training for the mom life.

Paw Prints on My Heart: Pet Loss with Little Kids

Time marches on.

With our wedding, a few mangled dog crates, 2 big moves, and a baby, my husband found himself with the Army. The deployment was upon us. Two states away from the rest of our family baby, doggy and I survived. Even though her crazy dog-ness she helped me make it. Kept me company when the babe was in bed for the night, was a wonderful road trip companion and she got me out of the house for daily walks. I did lose a leather sofa to her anxiety during that time, but she was worth it!

Paw Prints on My Heart: Pet Loss with Little Kids

She is the sweetest creature with all kids.

Fast-forward again to another move and another kid. I could not ask for a more patient dog for my babies. Her anxiety still raging, but her body starting to slow down. The gray crept across her face, age lumps formed on her body, muscle and bone began to constanly ache . To quote my brother, “she can only go 100 miles an hour for so long before it starts having effects on her.” She still walked and wanted to be with me constantly but now sported her “power limp” as I called it. The cold season made things even harder for her.

Paw Prints on My Heart: Pet Loss with Little Kids

She was struggling all the time. Still loving to be with us, but the happy sparkle of a life-loving dog was fast fading. My husband and I decided it was time for her to go over the rainbow bridge. We had a sweet day with her. Sleeping in, car ride, walk around the yard, and even cheeseburgers for lunch were had. We talked to the kids about her age, her pain and what was coming. I wanted them to know that dogs are amazing but just can’t live as long as us. She would be waiting on the other side of the rainbow bridge for us in doggy heaven.

I got a wonderful storybook for my daughter called, Fairy Dog Heaven.

My daughter is 3 and the closest of my kids to her doggy.

She is too young to really grasp the concept but did well with our talks. Any moment her dog crosses her mind she tells me “Ziva’s in Doggy Heaven.” My 6-year-old has been very stoic and accepting of the situation. Super aware of our emotions about it all he told me, “I’m sad but just not crying.” Last night we talked to my sister for the first time since she passed and he tells his aunt plainly, “Ziva is dead”. My daughter replies, “No she’s just in doggy heaven”. That exchange totally sums up their reactions to the whole thing. They definitely took it better than their father and I.

Paw Prints on My Heart: Pet Loss with Little Kids

I do miss her very much. She was such a BIG part of my life for a long time. I am so happy and lucky we stumbled upon her that day at the animal shelter. One day in the future we will try again. Because the love of a dog is unconditional and beautiful. It’s worth the sad goodbye that we have to give, always too soon. Her paw prints will be on my heart and my kid’s forever.

Please check out some of my other posts about stressful times with kiddos. 

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35 Fun Ways to Teach the Alphabet to Little Kids

If you are a mom of a toddler or preschooler and/or a teacher, there are alphabet teaching goals we all have for our kids. We want them to learn reading and writing. Learning letters is one of the first steps they can take. Here I have compiles 30+ Fun Ways to Teach the Alphabet to Little Kids. Enjoy!

35 Fun Ways to Teach the Alphabet to Little Kids

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full Disclosure for more information.

3 Stages of Learning Letters

  1. Introducing the letters. 
  2. Practice associating the letter with shape and sound. 
  3. Recalling the letters shape and sound. 

You want to make sure your kiddo has mastered 1 and 2 before getting them to recall. They can’t tell you what a letter is if you haven’t shared it with them first! Remember that every kid is different. Some will learn super fast and others will need more practice. This is why I have compiled so many different ways for you to introduce and practice the letters! Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids.

1. Flash Cards

These are one of the most used ways to introduce letters. A lot of them have the letter, big and small, along with a picture that matches the letter song. I have used them in the classroom, with my own children and to teach online with English Language Learning Kiddos. They may seem basic but are a powerful and very easy tool. It is very easy to create your own with some markers and paper but look below for some of my favorites you can find on Amazon. They even make them with a texture tracing option (sandpaper, glue dots etc.) 

2. Song and Rhyme

Kids love when learning can be fast and fun. Songs and rhymes create patterns for them and help with that practice associating time. We all know as adults how some songs can get stuck in our heads. These are some we really want to be stuck in our kid’s heads. It will help them remember and associate those letters. Here is a list of some new and old Alphabet songs and rhymes. 

  1. The Classic ABC Song. 
  2. Alphabet with Animals 
  3. This link on youtube has 13 different songs and videos!

3. Alphabet Books

We always hear that reading to our children is one of the best ways to help them with school learning. There are so many amazing alphabet books that we can read with them to build letter knowledge and recognition. I have to limit myself here because I love children’s books, so I will give you my favorites. All are available at your local library I’m sure but I will include some Amazon links for you!

4. Chalk Play

Both sidewalk chalk or chalkboard and easel can be used for letter writing. You can help them move their hand along to create the letters, use books and flashcards for the kids to copy, or even just say the letter and have them reproduce it. 

Chalk Alphabet Play -  Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids

5. Sticker Play 

Kids love stickers! There are so many cool alphabet stickers out there. This can be a cool way to practice or even recall with your kids. I say this because there are so many different kinds of fonts out there. The letter “A” may look different from one set of stickers to another. They have to know the basic shape of the letters to recognize them in the funky fonts. 

Sticker Play-  Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids

6. Stamps

You can get letter stamps and have them practice or write the letter out big and have them stamp along the lines to form the letter. Bonus points if your stamps are words with a matching sound to the letter you are practicing. 

Stamp Play-  Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids
Check out my blog on how to create this cute snowflake stamp!

7. Play Dough

It helps to have the letters written out big for this one. Get to rolling some play-dough snakes and lay them onto the letter lines to create the letter. Don’t forget to practice your kiddos name with this as well. Makes it even more personal. 

 Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids- Play dough fun.

8. Finger Tracing 

Using a finger to trace out letters is the beginnings of writing. One of our 5 senses is touch. I can be a great way to help that information stick into the brain. Below I have listed some of the things we can use to practice tracing the letters and getting the kids using their sense of touch. 

  • Sand  Sand Play Tracing the alphabet.  Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids
  • Sequins
    Sequin Pillow for Letter Tracing
    Grab one of these cool pillows on Amazon to practice tracing your alphabet letters.
  • Shaving cream
  • Paint Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids- Paint Play
  • Sandpaper 

9. Letter Shapes with Blocks

You can gather regular building blocks or legos and create uppercase or lowercase letters by lining the shape with the blocks. Here is a link to an awesome blog who has the pre-made lego letter patterns made for you!

 Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids- Block Play

10. Alphabet Craft

It is really fun to do a letter craft as you introduce each letter. Create a creature or thing that matches the letter shape and sound to help move to the association stage of the learning. Here is a list of ideas- one for each letter. Look for a blog where I will show you how to create each of these along with giving you some other ideas. 

  • A- apple
  • B- butterfly
  • C- cat
  • D- Dragon 
  • E- Electric eel
  • F- frog 
  • G- goldfish
  • H- headphones
  • I- icecream 
  • J- juice
  • K- kite
  • L- llama
  • M- mouse
  • N- night
  • O- owl 
  • P- pig
  • Q- quilt 
  • R- rainbow 
  • S- snake 
  • T- tree
  • U- unicorn 
  • V- vase 
  • W- web
  • X- x-ray 
  • Y- yo-yo 
  • Z- zoo

11. Name Play

A fun way to get kids started with letters it teaching the ones that appear in their names first. Create their name with flash cards, write it and have them match it with the cards. This is usually one of the very first letters kids masters. The one at the beginning of their name! Look for an upcoming entire blog on learning letters through name play!

12. Dance and Move

When I taught Kindergarten and first grade one of my favorite things to do was dance around for a brain break with my class. Little did they know the music we were dancing to will still working their brain. Our favorite was Alphabet Aerobics!

13. Alphabet Snack

Again, write out those letters nice and big. Have the kiddos line up their favorite snack along the lines to create the letter shapes. Bonus if its a snack that starts with that letter sound. (Math bonus: Count how many it took to create the letter before eating!) 

 Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids- Letter Snacks

Alphabet Cookie Cutters
Awesome alphabet cookie cutters are available on Amazon!

I have also seen some awesome letter-shaped cookie cutters for making snacks or having fun with playdough too!

14. Water Play

Use a water gun, sponge, paintbrush to practice writing the letters with the kids. You can write it and have them say its name or sound and then give them a turn to write on with the water. 

15. Creating Letter Shapes with your body. 

This one is most useful when you have a class full of kids to use. Get them lined up on the floor to create the letter shapes and take a photo. They will love recognizing the letter and seeing their own shining faces in the photo. 

16. Sign Language

This is a super fun way to teach the letter recall practice. Say the letter and have the student practice creating the matching hand movement. 

Alphabet Sign Language Poster
Cool poster to teach American sign language Alphabet!

17. Tracing Letter Roads

Create these cute letter roads for your kiddos to trace with his or her favorite toy cars. Ride the roads and learn the letters at the same time. Here is a great link to some printables on Teacher, Pay Teacher. 

18. Alphabet Puzzles

Puzzles can be fun and engaging. There are some great ones out there to help with learning the alphabet! 

19. Computer Games and YouTube Videos 

We all love to hate screen time but there are some great educational options out there! The can enjoy some screen time and practice their alphabet too! 

20. Make your own Alphabet Book 

You can use a lot of these great ideas and creations I am talking about here to fill up the pages. Your kid will have a personal connection to the book and love to read all the pages they helped to create. A great way to review the letters during and after learning them!

21. Photo Collage

Cut out photos from magazines or color books to create letter collages for each letter. Be sure to add this to your alphabet books!

22. Typing 

Grab out an old keyboard and some flash cards. Get the kids to match the card to the keys on the board. They get to type just like mom, dad, and teacher.  Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids

23. Go Fish

Create some fish shaped flash cards and put some magnets on them. Get a stick and string with another magnet. Get the student to go fishing for letters, naming them as they catch them! Here is the link to full instructions and printable.

24. Feed the Alphabet Monster

Tiny trash can from Amazon to create alphabet monster.
You can imagine this as a monster with some teeth and eyes added on cant you?

Grab a container for your recycling bin or this cool tiny trash can and craft it into a fun monster. Have the kiddos feed the monster the letters her in hungry for as you all them out, or sort them. For example today he only wants uppercase or letters with only straight lines, etc.

25. Search and Find 

This is when you show the kiddo a letter flash card and have them look all around for a matching letter. Could be in a book or just anywhere in the house. We even play this game in the car while driving sometimes. 

26. Letter Pounding

Grab out a kid-friendly hammer and some golf tees. Have the kids nail the tees into some styrofoam with the letters written on there. I know I would be hesitant to give a little kiddo a hammer but think how fun it would be with some supervision! Here is a link I found on Pinterest on how to create a game like this one. 

27. Pipe Cleaner Letters

Pipe Cleaners for bending and creating letters.

Get this fun set of rainbow pipe cleaners and get bending with your kiddo to shape letters big and small. 

28. Bottle Cap Matching Game

Save up any kind of bottle cap! When you have 26, that will be enough to write one uppercase letter on each cap. Then write the corresponding lowercase letters on some cardboard and have the kiddos match up the letters. Here is a link to another blog full with instructions on how to create this game!

I really hope you enjoyed this great list of Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids! Keep a lookout for more learning ideas and please subscribe if interested in having them sent straight to your inbox. 

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Savor Your Kids Through Stress

Life gets complicated, intense and stressful. Leaky hot water heater, aging family pet, workload, self-expectations, raising decent human beings… and my list could go on and on. Read on for ways I try to remember to savor my kids during stressful times.

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full Disclosure for more information.

Even the most organized and mentally strong person has weak days. It can be super hard to put the pressing adulting matters plaguing us moms into the background when we are with our kiddos. Some moments it can even be impossible but that is ok too. Its good for the kids to learn how we handle hardships, teach by example.

Savor Your Kids Through the Stress

Here to remind you to try not to get so overcome that you miss the sweetest moments.

Smelling my daughter’s sweet strawberry fresh hair as she sits on my lap brushing her teeth after bath. What? She can now brush her own teeth?!! At least she still likes to sit on my lap while she’s doing it.

When my son is so excited about starting to read the Harry Potter series with me, he keeps me longer at bedtime to discuss the chapter we just read. What? He is old enough to absorb and comprehend this big book without pictures!? At least he is interested in something I think is awesome.

When we are sitting at the table for dinner and both kids finish eating (or don’t eat because they don’t like how it looks) and they both decide to stay and chat with us until we are done eating. What!? They are almost like real people?! At least their picky eating is childlike still.

There are so many times and locations during the day when it’s perfect to push all the adult stress to the side and reconnect with the kids.

Savor my kids during stressful times, in that one good moment. Think about it almost like pitching a tent around you and your kiddos so there is a blinder to the other junk, but it is only a thin piece of canvas away.

First thing in the morning. I always try to say good morning happily even when I’m still sleepy and so hungry I may snap. Starting the day with a happy thought goes a long way for kids and moms. I love it when my daughter, who still stays in her bed till I get her up, gives me the happy good morning first. Makes me smile every time.

At breakfast I always try to sit and eat with my kiddos. No phone in hand. They ask me questions about the day, or I just watch them eat. Once the big kid is on his way to school, I give my little some one-on-one time to play. I try to savor her creativity even when she is upset, I am not holding Barbie in the right way.

At breakfast, I always try to sit and eat with my kiddos. No phone in hand. Savor my kids trough the stressful times.

When I pick my oldest up from the bus stop, that is my time to talk to him about his day. My husband likes to ask both my kiddos at dinner since he isn’t home all day like me. Yesterday I was feeling so overwhelmed by things I rocked out to some music on the way to the bus stop so I could be ready for him.

Bath time is fun for making up our own crazy songs and savoring the kiddos still needing help with the simple stuff. One day it will be helping them navigate the real world and not just remembering to scrub behind their ears.

Savor my kids during stressful times. Bath time is fun for making up our own crazy songs and savoring the kiddos still needing help with the simple stuff.

Bedtime is my favorite. I love reading with my kids every night. We have special songs and snuggle time as well. Its one of the best ways to reset when the day may be been troublesome. Having the routine remain constant is comforting to all of us. Even when I have more to do after bed the routine reminds me to slow myself down and enjoy them!

I try my hardest to focus on these moments each day. To savor my kids during stressful times Time does not stop for leaking water heaters or while you are trying to get those work expectations filled. Kids keep growing and I don’t want to miss the moments they give me in this little stage. It will be over before the blink of an eye!

Savor my kids even when stress challenges you and tries to steal away those moments.

Check out this blog from another author. It’s about loving your kids but still being allowed to complain about them a little. @Her View From Home. 

Connecting with the Kids when you are having a hard day.
A Parents #1 Wish for their Children

I hoped you liked my post about Savoring my kids during stressful times. Please Check Out some of my other blogs about focusing on your kids. 

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8 Frugal and Free Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day after the Kids go to Bed

8 Frugal and Free Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day after the Kids go to Bed (1)

Some of us parents are at that stage in life where parenting takes precedence. I’m not saying we cannot or should not treat ourselves to some adult time and situations but sometimes it’s just not in the cards. Read on for 8 Frugal and Free Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day after the Kids go to Bed.

Low funds, sickness, exhaustion, and stress make it hard to have that special time with your main man and partner.  

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full Disclosure for more information.

Here I have compiled a list of 8 of my favorite frugal and free ways to celebrate valentines day after the kids go to bed

1. Share a favorite treat together.

Brownies, ice-cream, cheese plate, a glass of wine etc. This is a “treat yo self” moment. Just use what you already have on hand at home. Everyone has a favorite snack. 

Share a favorite treat together. 8 Frugal and Free Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day after the Kids go to Bed

2. Snuggle by the fire or candlelight.

Grab a fresh blanket straight from the dryer. I just like being warm. Makes me feel wonderful. It’s even better to share that warm feeling with someone. 

3. Watch a favorite sentimental or even new movie/ TV show together.

I love to pick out new movies and shows to try out and these days its so easy with all the streaming right at our fingertips. Sometimes it can even be overwhelming to pick something new. So we go with our old favorite standbys that we know we both enjoy.  

4. Yes, back rubs are great and free but break up that old routine, try a foot or hand rub!

Easy to do when laying on the couch together. And do not underestimate the relaxing power of a good hand rub. 

Yes, back rubs are great and free but break up that old routine, try a foot or hand rub! 8 Frugal and Free Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day after the Kids go to Bed

5. If the sky is clear and you are somewhere you won’t freeze your butt off- go sit outside and look at the stars together.

Even better next to a fire. Stargazing is fun. My favorite is to look up some of the current constellations and search for them in the sky. Bonus points if you pick an evening with a possible meteor shower.

If the sky is clear and you are somewhere you won’t freeze your butt off- go sit outside and look at the stars together. 8 Frugal and Free Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day after the Kids go to Bed

6. Take a bath or shower together.

I’ll wash your back if you wash mine. Don’t act like you don’t enjoy having your hair washed. I don’t have to go into any detail here, I’m sure you know the possibility of where this one may lead.  

Take a Bath or Shower together. 8 Frugal and Free Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day after the Kids go to Bed

7. Do a puzzle together.

There is something calming about working together to a peaceful goal while listening to music. My kids even like doing this one with us but since they are going to be in bed for this, pick a harder puzzle!!!

Here is a very satisfying beautiful puzzle for sale on Amazon!

8. Look at old photos or family movies together.

Grab out the wedding albums or scrapbooks. Remember fun times past with each other and the kiddos. 

Look at old photos of family movies together. 8 Frugal and Free Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day after the Kids go to Bed.

I hoped you liked 8 Frugal and free ways to Celebrate Valentines Day after the Kids go to Bed. Please check out my other valentines day posts. 

10 Cute Hand and FootPrint Valentines. 

11 Valentines Day Books for Kids

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