3 Mother’s Day Reminders for Mothers

3 Reminders for Moms on Mother's Day. 1.Treat Yo-Self! Spend some time and/or money on you.

2.Time is fleeting. Do your best to enjoy it and make mom life fun!

3.Go Back to your Momma roots. Thank your own mother (or the closest thing to one).

So let me break them down, 3 Mother’s Day Reminders for Mothers.

1.Treat Yo-Self

It’s not often we as moms get something new for ourselves, or get to spend some guilt-free time alone. Usually the kiddos are first on our minds. Even though our walking shoes have a hole and leggings are our only pants that fit now, the kids’ favorite snack or sporting event takes first place in our minds, and sometimes the budget. Make sure on Mother’s Day that you take some time or money to get what you need or: GASP: what you want!

It is way easier to have patience when you are comfortable (in those new shoes), relaxed (after some alone time shopping) and excited (to try out that new bottle of wine after bedtime). This concept was especially hard for me when my kiddos were babies. I nursed both until a little over a year old, and this made leaving them stressful! So, I had to do short trips and treated myself to things I needed more often than I did to the things I wanted. Now, wine and escaping are top priority.

We will call this the Mother’s Day evolution.

I’m sure it will evolve again when they are a lot older and it will be about having them with me again. So, follow this rule the best you can according to where you are in motherhood and Treat-Yo Self! (Steph, I always think of you when I say this. Miss you!)

2. Time is Fleeting

Things move so fast in this world, us mothers need to remember to slow down and enjoy sometimes! Starting this blog has gotten me distracted from my kiddos. I have been feeling guilty about not giving them the same amount of attention and maybe relying on the screen time more than I would like. I went to have a visit with someone who has been in my tribe since my birth – one of my many amazing Aunties!

We were talking about one thing or another, and she mentioned how her mother was the best at making everything a game. She told me of how they always had a dress-up fashion show complete with cookies and tea in the bedroom. This was her way of changing over the kids wardrobe for each season. Making the pain-in-the-butt tasks, having to see what still fits and enticing the kids to change clothing styles from warm to cool layers, a fun and playful experience!

This was such a great reminder to me.

With all the stress of things to get done, I had fallen into just going through the motions; forgetful of my own advice to keep that connection with the kiddos. After doing my writing for that day, I needed to write a grocery list and make dinner.

I decided to take a page from my Auntie’s book and try to make these tasks fun enough to enjoy with the kiddos. I wrote the list while they drew pictures of what they thought should be on the list. My 5-year-old loved this and proceeded to draw me 5 pages of blueberries. Then we made tuna salad for dinner, so it was super easy for them to take turns adding ingredients and stirring it up. They loved that mom and dad were the ones who had to say, “thank you for cooking dinner”. My daughter even ate three big bites of the sandwich since she made it. That would never have happened otherwise! I got things done and the kiddos had fun with me.

Grandma Quotes
“Time is Fleeting.”

My grandmother always tells me, “time is fleeting.” It goes by so quickly, we need to remember to enjoy it. Soon enough we are onto the next evolution of motherhood, where they will ignore our homemade fun for friends.

3.Take it back to your roots.

Be sure to remember to thank your own mother (or the closest thing) on Mother’s Day. One of the important parts to growing and keeping your tribe strong is to take the time to make sure those in it feel special, listened to, wanted, and loved. My momma is a crucial member of my tribe. I see and talk to her often. She especially likes to have help with her projects, so the kiddos and I are going over to spend time with her and work in her garden.

I’m sure she has gone through many of the Mother’s Day evolution. Most recently, the evolution where her kids are grown and trying to make it in this busy world. Therefore, Mother’s Day sometimes takes the back burner.  I’m glad I can go spend time with her on this day. I like to think about my grandmothers as well. They have a wealth of knowledge and mom experience, and today is a great day to reflect on that.

I love to hear stories about my Gram Carlita who had 4 babies and ran the show at her home. And my Grandma, I can still hear stories from her! LUCKY!! She is one of the sweetest, most amazing people I have ever met. She had 8 kids, all about a year apart (give or take). I could probably write an entire blog just using her advice and stories alone. Look for some featured posts in the future.

Just remember to take time for the lady that is the mom to your tribe. The one that taught me how to mom, along with a whole bunch of other important life skills. I’m so proud and thankful for mine! Love you Mom!


Mother's Day
3 Reminders for Moms on Mother’s Day

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