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Hop Into Fun with Our Eggcellent Easter Spinner Game for Preschoolers

Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with some egg-citing games for your little ones? If you’re searching for a fun-filled activity that combines Easter traditions with preschooler-friendly fun, look no further! Our Eggcellent Easter Spinner Game will bring joy, laughter, and plenty of Easter-themed adventures to your home or classroom. Let’s dive into why this game is the perfect addition to your Easter festivities!

Educational and Entertaining

Our Easter Spinner Game isn’t just about hopping around and picking eggs—it’s designed to engage preschoolers in several fun and educational activities. From practicing motor skills with bunny hops to learning about Easter traditions with fun facts, every spin of the spinner brings new opportunities for growth and development.

Encourages Creativity

With activities like decorating paper flowers and sharing Easter facts, our game encourages preschoolers to unleash their creativity and imagination. Whether they’re doodling with crayons or coming up with their bunny dance, every activity is a chance for self-expression and exploration.

Promotes Social Skills

Playing games with others is a fantastic way for preschoolers to develop social skills like taking turns, sharing, and cooperating. Our Eggcellent Easter Spinner Game fosters a sense of camaraderie as children cheer each other on and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

Easy to Set Up and Play

With just a custom spinner, an Easter basket filled with surprises, and a few optional extras like stickers and crayons, our game is easy to set up and play. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering at home or leading a group activity in the classroom, you’ll spend less time prepping and more time enjoying the Easter fun!

Materials Needed:

  • Easter basket filled with plastic eggs (each egg contains a small surprise or candy)
  • Easter stickers
  • Crayons/markers


  1. Set up the game area with the Easter basket filled with plastic eggs, the custom spinner, Easter stickers, crayons/markers, and blank paper.
  2. Gather the preschoolers around the game area.
  3. Explain the rules of the game: Each player will take turns spinning the Easter spinner. Whatever image the spinner lands on, the player will perform the corresponding activity.
  4. Let the youngest player spin the spinner first and proceed clockwise.
  5. Here are some ideas for activities corresponding to each image on the spinner:
    • Easter Egg: The player gets to pick an egg from the Easter basket and keep the surprise inside.
    • Bunny: The player hops like a bunny to the other side of the room and back.
    • Chick: The player makes chirping sounds like a chick and flaps their arms like wings.
    • Flower: The player picks a flower sticker from the sticker collection and decorates a piece of paper.
    • Carrot: The player pretends to munch on a carrot and then does a silly bunny dance.
    • Easter Basket: The player shares a fun fact or a happy memory about Easter.
  6. Encourage creativity and imagination during each activity.
  7. Continue playing until each player has had several turns.
  8. For added fun, award Easter stickers to players who complete each activity with enthusiasm.
  9. You can also incorporate the game board by having players move their game pieces along the board based on the results of their spins. The first player to reach the finish line wins a special Easter prize!

How to Play Our Eggcellent Easter Spinner Game:

  1. Gather your preschoolers and set up the game area with the spinner, Easter basket, stickers, crayons, and optional game board.
  2. Let the youngest player spin the spinner first and follow the corresponding activity.
  3. Encourage creativity, imagination, and lots of laughter as children hop, chirp, and decorate their way through the game.
  4. Continue playing until each player has had several turns, awarding stickers for enthusiasm and creativity along the way.
  5. Celebrate Easter joyfully with your preschoolers and cherish the memories made during this egg-citing game!

This Easter, make memories that will last a lifetime with our Eggcellent Easter Spinner Game. Designed to entertain, educate, and inspire, this game is the perfect addition to your holiday celebrations. Whether you’re a parent looking for a fun activity to enjoy with your little ones or an educator searching for engaging classroom games, our Eggcellent Easter Spinner Game promises hours of laughter, learning, and Easter-themed adventures. Hop into fun with us this Easter season!

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