Ditch the Elf on the Shelf
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Alternative Christmas Tradition Ideas to the Elf on the Shelf

Alternative Christmas Tradition Ideas to the Elf on the Shelf! Happy Holiday Season Everyone! Time to break out all the Christmas decorations and that Elf on the Shelf. NOT! I refuse to let that dude in my house. Don’t get me wrong, the concept is fun, but it creeps me out having some THING in my house watching. We already have enough of that going on with today’s technology. I do like watching some of y’all get creative with it, but the tradition is just not for my house. I’m more into the set and forget type of tradition. I put the work in once and then have minimal to do the rest of the month. I especially like when they are traditions that already fit into our daily routine like reading before bedtime.

Ditch the Elf on the Shelf

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Here are some alternate ideas if you are a mom like me and you don’t want that elfish responsibility.

1. Christmas Countdowns

Everyone loves a good Christmas countdown. It’s hard for kiddos to wait for the big exciting day. Doing a countdown can help with patience or at the very least they don’t have to come to you to ask “Is it Christmas yet?” There are plenty of crafts to make featuring countdowns. I’m am going to link one of my fellow bloggers and add one I made just for you to print!!

Snipping Santa's Beard
Snipping Santa’s Beard
Christmas Tree Countdown

Christmas Tree Countdown- FREE Download

2. Advent Calendars

They sell awesome pre-filled ones. I vividly remember having one like this a few times as a kid. Loved opening the little cardboard doors for a chocolate or sticker treat! Some even just had a cute little hidden picture inside.

If you follow one of these links to Amazon you can find an almost endless supply of all kinds of Advent calendars from magnetic, to paper, and more!!

I much prefer one that I can reuse and change each year. There are several options/ideas you could get or make to fill yourself. Each usually features numbers for each day. Hanging stockings, shelves, envelopes, pockets are all good options. You can fill them with candy, stickers, and pencils for treats.

Another idea I can’t wait to try when my kiddos get older- notes in each pocket featuring an Act of Christmas Kindness to achieve that day. Lastly, you can use pictures or felt figures to create a Christmas scene or more specifically a Nativity scene.
Check out this post to get a free pattern and see the DIY video! There are enough to pull one piece out of the advent calendar each night to add to the scene.?

Advent Calendar- 25 Numbered Stockings

3. Special Routines

Another idea is to save 25 special ornaments and add one to the tree each day of the month. We also love having a new Christmas book to read each night. I wrap and number them for my kiddos and they take turns unwrapping one each night before bedtime stories. One of our books even has all 24 stories in one (I included the Amazon link to the exact book below). It makes things super simple with less wrapping and books to keep track of. Check out the full list of books here!

Books Before Wrapping
Buy it Now on Amazon

4. For those of you who really like the idea of the reporting back to Santa. Here are some more Alternative Christmas Tradition Ideas to the Elf on the Shelf.

  • I just tell my kids I can call or text Santa after they are in bed to tell him how they are behaving. There is even a phone number with a Santa hotline set up if you need proof!
  • Writing letters is a very old school or a traditional way of keeping in touch with Santa. It is also a great way to see how honest your children prove to be about their own actions.
  • A Santa cam is a good set and forgets method. Use a Christmas bulb from the tree and craft it to make it look like a camera lens (when the kids aren’t around). Then just hang back on the tree and tell the kids that’s how Santa keeps a watch on them. (Here photo with an Esty link! So cute!!!)
Santa Cam

I hope you like all these ideas if you have one you love to do with your family please share it with us in the comments! Or if your family loves that Elf, please share some of the silly things he does when visiting!

Christmas Story Book List
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