DIY Felt Nativity Scene and Advent Calendar
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DIY Felt Nativity Scene and Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar- 25 Numbered Stockings

Check out this tutorial for an awesome DIY Felt Nativity Scene and Advent Calendar. Don’t forget there are enough pieces to fill an advent calendar! Scroll to the bottom for the How-to Video!

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This all started because I wanted to create a reusable advent calendar for my kiddos. I needed to do it as cheaply as possible. I already had the mini numbered stockings that a neighbor had gifted to my family when I was young.

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Next, I wanted something fun, toddler appropriate, and keeping with the reason for the season. I had a ton of felt left over from a previous craft project. So, I set to work and drew some simple templates.

——>Get Templates here!

DIY Felt Nativity Scene and Advent Calendar

Once they were drawn, I cut them out and pinned them to the felt to cut the material into desired shapes.Buy it Now on Amazon

I used embroidery floss to stitch the different color pieces together to create the figures with their faces, sashes, and to add details like mouth and eyes. If you are not into sewing, gluing the shapes will work just as well. A sharpie or tube of puff fabric paint can be used to add detail.Buy it Now on Amazon

This is a pretty simple project and can be done one evening while watching your favorite show or even during nap time.

My kids love to pull each piece and create the scene of Jesus? birth story. They take turns pulling one out each day. Please share with me if you try to make it on your own! As they get older, I am going to start including notes in each stocking with Acts of Christmas Kindness. Extra practice being kind during the holiday season will spread during any time of the year.

Felt Natavity Scene DIY

This DIY Felt Nativity Scene and Advent Calendar can also be used in a Christmas themed Busy Box for your kiddos. What is a Busy Box, you ask? Check them out here! Busy Boxes for Independent Playtime.

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