Educational Window Games for Kids
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Educational Window Watching Games for Kids

3 Educational Window Games for Kids

When stuck inside a car on a long trip or inside our home because of the weather or pandemic we are very lucky to have windows! We can still see the world outside. There are some cool games you can play with your kids using just their view from the window! Here at Savor the Mom Life I always try to make my kid games have an education spin. Kids all learn through play! Educational Window Games for Kids will have math and writing skills.

I always gear my games for the Preschool age but anything can be adapted for older students. If you like my ideas but can’t think of how to put a spin on them for the older students send me a comment and I will hook you up!!!

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3 Data Gathering Window Games for Kids

Data Gathering, Graphing, Comparing from the Window

Weather Watcher Graph

Look out the window each day and mark the weather for the day. Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy, Snowy, Windy, Partly Cloudy. If your kiddo has a hard time deciding which type of weather to pick, remind them to use their 5 senses as they are looking.

  • See with your eyes.
  • Hear with your ears.
  • Feel with your hands.
  • Smell with your nose.
  • Taste with your mouth (the air, raindrops, snow)?
Weather Watcher Graph

I created a weather Graph Printable that will be available in the Busy Box Libray for my Subscribers!!! All you have to do is print and have your kiddo color in the graph for the weather each day. We have ours hanging by the window. My husband asks my kids for the weather report at dinner time. Learn more about Busy Boxes Here.

This is a super simple version for Preschool kiddos. If you want to make it more complex you could have your kids mark the weather at your location and then choose another location in the world to compare.

Neighborhood Watch Graph

This one works best from a car or from a window that faces the street. Get the kiddos watching for passers-by. Then they color or mark the graph as they take notice. Person, Dog, or Car are the three things I have included in my printable available in the Busy Box Library (Subscribe Here).

If you are riding in a car it would be fun to choose stop signs, traffic lights, fire hydrants, cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.

If you are doing this at home, be sure to pick a time when the most traffic is happening in front of your house. This won’t work so well on a rainy day when people are not out walking.

Bird Watching Graph

This graph happens to be my favorite! My mom always had birdseed out for our backyard birds and I love doing it with my kids. They know a lot of the names of the birds already.

What you will need:

  • Bird Feeder (Here is my favorite one- it keeps the squirrels out so the birds have a chance and its easy to load and unload.)
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  • Optional: Bird Cards, Bird Poster, Bird Book (Learn about the names, colors, and seasons of the birds).
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Fill the feeder. If you don’t normally have one out it may take a few days for the birds to find it. Every time you are by the window where the feeder is hanging keep a lookout and encourage your kids to do the same. You will see birds. We happen to have A LOT of Cardinals at our house. Each time we see one at the feeder my kids put a tally mark on our graph. My kids can usually tell me if it’s male or female.

Educational Window Games for Kids. Bird Watching Graph

If you want to use this activity with older kids you can have them do research on the birds they see at the feeder. Get them to look up the names and facts about the bird they see. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has an excellent website for Bird Watching research!

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Bonus Window Fun

Check out these sweet Window markers! You can draw pictures on the windows and create your data-gathering graph on the windows!

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