35 Fun Ways to Teach the Alphabet to Little Kids
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35 Fun Ways to Teach the Alphabet to Little Kids

If you are a mom of a toddler or preschooler and/or a teacher, there are alphabet teaching goals we all have for our kids. We want them to learn reading and writing. Learning letters is one of the first steps they can take. Here I have compiles 30+ Fun Ways to Teach the Alphabet to Little Kids. Enjoy!

35 Fun Ways to Teach the Alphabet to Little Kids

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3 Stages of Learning Letters

  1. Introducing the letters. 
  2. Practice associating the letter with shape and sound. 
  3. Recalling the letters shape and sound. 

You want to make sure your kiddo has mastered 1 and 2 before getting them to recall. They can’t tell you what a letter is if you haven’t shared it with them first! Remember that every kid is different. Some will learn super fast and others will need more practice. This is why I have compiled so many different ways for you to introduce and practice the letters! Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids.

1. Flash Cards

These are one of the most used ways to introduce letters. A lot of them have the letter, big and small, along with a picture that matches the letter song. I have used them in the classroom, with my own children and to teach online with English Language Learning Kiddos. They may seem basic but are a powerful and very easy tool. It is very easy to create your own with some markers and paper but look below for some of my favorites you can find on Amazon. They even make them with a texture tracing option (sandpaper, glue dots etc.) 

2. Song and Rhyme

Kids love when learning can be fast and fun. Songs and rhymes create patterns for them and help with that practice associating time. We all know as adults how some songs can get stuck in our heads. These are some we really want to be stuck in our kid’s heads. It will help them remember and associate those letters. Here is a list of some new and old Alphabet songs and rhymes. 

  1. The Classic ABC Song. 
  2. Alphabet with Animals 
  3. This link on youtube has 13 different songs and videos!

3. Alphabet Books

We always hear that reading to our children is one of the best ways to help them with school learning. There are so many amazing alphabet books that we can read with them to build letter knowledge and recognition. I have to limit myself here because I love children’s books, so I will give you my favorites. All are available at your local library I’m sure but I will include some Amazon links for you!

4. Chalk Play

Both sidewalk chalk or chalkboard and easel can be used for letter writing. You can help them move their hand along to create the letters, use books and flashcards for the kids to copy, or even just say the letter and have them reproduce it. 

Chalk Alphabet Play -  Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids

5. Sticker Play 

Kids love stickers! There are so many cool alphabet stickers out there. This can be a cool way to practice or even recall with your kids. I say this because there are so many different kinds of fonts out there. The letter “A” may look different from one set of stickers to another. They have to know the basic shape of the letters to recognize them in the funky fonts. 

Sticker Play-  Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids

6. Stamps

You can get letter stamps and have them practice or write the letter out big and have them stamp along the lines to form the letter. Bonus points if your stamps are words with a matching sound to the letter you are practicing. 

Stamp Play-  Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids
Check out my blog on how to create this cute snowflake stamp!

7. Play Dough

It helps to have the letters written out big for this one. Get to rolling some play-dough snakes and lay them onto the letter lines to create the letter. Don’t forget to practice your kiddos name with this as well. Makes it even more personal. 

 Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids- Play dough fun.

8. Finger Tracing 

Using a finger to trace out letters is the beginnings of writing. One of our 5 senses is touch. I can be a great way to help that information stick into the brain. Below I have listed some of the things we can use to practice tracing the letters and getting the kids using their sense of touch. 

  • Sand  Sand Play Tracing the alphabet.  Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids
  • Sequins
    Sequin Pillow for Letter Tracing
    Grab one of these cool pillows on Amazon to practice tracing your alphabet letters.
  • Shaving cream
  • Paint Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids- Paint Play
  • Sandpaper 

9. Letter Shapes with Blocks

You can gather regular building blocks or legos and create uppercase or lowercase letters by lining the shape with the blocks. Here is a link to an awesome blog who has the pre-made lego letter patterns made for you!

 Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids- Block Play

10. Alphabet Craft

It is really fun to do a letter craft as you introduce each letter. Create a creature or thing that matches the letter shape and sound to help move to the association stage of the learning. Here is a list of ideas- one for each letter. Look for a blog where I will show you how to create each of these along with giving you some other ideas. 

  • A- apple
  • B- butterfly
  • C- cat
  • D- Dragon 
  • E- Electric eel
  • F- frog 
  • G- goldfish
  • H- headphones
  • I- icecream 
  • J- juice
  • K- kite
  • L- llama
  • M- mouse
  • N- night
  • O- owl 
  • P- pig
  • Q- quilt 
  • R- rainbow 
  • S- snake 
  • T- tree
  • U- unicorn 
  • V- vase 
  • W- web
  • X- x-ray 
  • Y- yo-yo 
  • Z- zoo

11. Name Play

A fun way to get kids started with letters it teaching the ones that appear in their names first. Create their name with flash cards, write it and have them match it with the cards. This is usually one of the very first letters kids masters. The one at the beginning of their name! Look for an upcoming entire blog on learning letters through name play!

12. Dance and Move

When I taught Kindergarten and first grade one of my favorite things to do was dance around for a brain break with my class. Little did they know the music we were dancing to will still working their brain. Our favorite was Alphabet Aerobics!

13. Alphabet Snack

Again, write out those letters nice and big. Have the kiddos line up their favorite snack along the lines to create the letter shapes. Bonus if its a snack that starts with that letter sound. (Math bonus: Count how many it took to create the letter before eating!) 

 Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids- Letter Snacks

Alphabet Cookie Cutters
Awesome alphabet cookie cutters are available on Amazon!

I have also seen some awesome letter-shaped cookie cutters for making snacks or having fun with playdough too!

14. Water Play

Use a water gun, sponge, paintbrush to practice writing the letters with the kids. You can write it and have them say its name or sound and then give them a turn to write on with the water. 

15. Creating Letter Shapes with your body. 

This one is most useful when you have a class full of kids to use. Get them lined up on the floor to create the letter shapes and take a photo. They will love recognizing the letter and seeing their own shining faces in the photo. 

16. Sign Language

This is a super fun way to teach the letter recall practice. Say the letter and have the student practice creating the matching hand movement. 

Alphabet Sign Language Poster
Cool poster to teach American sign language Alphabet!

17. Tracing Letter Roads

Create these cute letter roads for your kiddos to trace with his or her favorite toy cars. Ride the roads and learn the letters at the same time. Here is a great link to some printables on Teacher, Pay Teacher. 

18. Alphabet Puzzles

Puzzles can be fun and engaging. There are some great ones out there to help with learning the alphabet! 

19. Computer Games and YouTube Videos 

We all love to hate screen time but there are some great educational options out there! The can enjoy some screen time and practice their alphabet too! 

20. Make your own Alphabet Book 

You can use a lot of these great ideas and creations I am talking about here to fill up the pages. Your kid will have a personal connection to the book and love to read all the pages they helped to create. A great way to review the letters during and after learning them!

21. Photo Collage

Cut out photos from magazines or color books to create letter collages for each letter. Be sure to add this to your alphabet books!

22. Typing 

Grab out an old keyboard and some flash cards. Get the kids to match the card to the keys on the board. They get to type just like mom, dad, and teacher.  Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids

23. Go Fish

Create some fish shaped flash cards and put some magnets on them. Get a stick and string with another magnet. Get the student to go fishing for letters, naming them as they catch them! Here is the link to full instructions and printable.

24. Feed the Alphabet Monster

Tiny trash can from Amazon to create alphabet monster.
You can imagine this as a monster with some teeth and eyes added on cant you?

Grab a container for your recycling bin or this cool tiny trash can and craft it into a fun monster. Have the kiddos feed the monster the letters her in hungry for as you all them out, or sort them. For example today he only wants uppercase or letters with only straight lines, etc.

25. Search and Find 

This is when you show the kiddo a letter flash card and have them look all around for a matching letter. Could be in a book or just anywhere in the house. We even play this game in the car while driving sometimes. 

26. Letter Pounding

Grab out a kid-friendly hammer and some golf tees. Have the kids nail the tees into some styrofoam with the letters written on there. I know I would be hesitant to give a little kiddo a hammer but think how fun it would be with some supervision! Here is a link I found on Pinterest on how to create a game like this one. 

27. Pipe Cleaner Letters

Pipe Cleaners for bending and creating letters.

Get this fun set of rainbow pipe cleaners and get bending with your kiddo to shape letters big and small. 

28. Bottle Cap Matching Game

Save up any kind of bottle cap! When you have 26, that will be enough to write one uppercase letter on each cap. Then write the corresponding lowercase letters on some cardboard and have the kiddos match up the letters. Here is a link to another blog full with instructions on how to create this game!

I really hope you enjoyed this great list of Fun Ways to teach the alphabet to kids! Keep a lookout for more learning ideas and please subscribe if interested in having them sent straight to your inbox. 

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