How to Use Number Frame Fun to Help Young Kids Learn Math
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How to Use Number Frame Fun to Help Young Kids Learn Math

How to Use Number Frame Fun to Help Young Kids Learn Math

5, 10, and even 20 Frames are some of the most used and versatile tools when teachers begin to teach numbers and counting. This is the basis for almost all math skills in a child’s school years to come. Order and organization a very important part of math and using a number frame, also known as a ten frame, is a great tool to teach the important parts of working with numbers. How to Use Number Frame Fun to Help Young Kids Learn Math is super helpful in creating some Busy Boxes about Math Skills as well.

What is a Number Frame, also called a 5 Frame or 10 Frame?

A Number Frame is Rows of 5 Boxes. Used to place objects for organized counting. A five Frame has one row, a 10 frame 2 rows, etc. This tool can help kids get more independent with early math skills.

Number Frames- 5 Frame and 10 Frame

Teaching kids how to count with a ten frame helps them learn:

  • how to order objects into groups
  • practice left to right number reading
  • one to one counting
  • creating sets
  • sorting
  • pattern creation
  • skip counting
  • precise organization

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When and Why would you use a Number Frame?

As children learn each new number you can use a 5 or 10 frame to model a set of that number. Match to number to the set. By learning each number in this way all those previously mentioned skills can be learned without actively trying! Just modeling how and then having them use the tool will get them learning. The best part is after teaching them how to use the tool they can play with it independently and learn while they are at it.

If you are interested in learning more about which math skills are learned at which age then please check out my Post on Pre-School Educational Skills By Age.

Here is the shortlist (the possibilities are really endless) of items you could use for counters on a 5, 10, or 20 Frame.

  • cereal
  • candy
  • cookies
  • erasers
  • table scatter pieces
  • beads
  • cubes
  • coins
  • stickers

Really anything that you have 5 or more of that is small enough to fit into the square. When first starting out it helps if all the objects are precisely the same. Then move to two different shapes or colors as you want to add more skills. Bonus: I have made sidewalk chalk ten frames before! Then you can use big toys, rocks, sticks, leaves, etc.

10 Frame Fun for Kids: Teach Math and play at the same time

There are so many fun ways to use and create your own number of Frames.

  • Nature 10 Frames
  • Side Walk Chalk 10 Frames
  • Holiday Theme
  • Seasonal
  • 10 Frame Sticker/ Stamp Book
  • 10 Frame Flash Cards
  • Laminated for Dry Erase
  • Check the YouTube Channel for Fun ways to use your 10 Frame.

In all of my busy boxes, I like to include some kind of 10 Frame. Using small toys, food, or other themed items as counters is very easy. Make an old boring 10 Frame fun and new again by grabbing some awesome counters to use with it.

Here are some examples of 10 Frames created for Busy Boxes

Games to Play with Your 10 Frame

  • Count your objects as you line them up on the 10 Frame.
  • Put all the like objects together.
  • You two different objects to find different ways to make 10.
  • Make a pattern as you fill in from left to right.
  • Grab some number flashcards or a number spinner and create the corresponding settings in the 10 Frame
  • Make a set and write the corresponding number.
  • 9 Ways to Count on a 10 Frame when you are Camping!

Check out my Subscribers Busy Box Library for Themed 10 Frame Options.

If you don’t want to subscribe there is a growing selection of 10 Frames in my Teacher Pay Teacher Store.

Check the YouTube Channel for Fun ways to use your 10 Frame.

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