Busy Box for Preschoolers- Frozen Theme
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Busy Box for Preschoolers- Frozen Theme

Busy Box for Preschoolers Frozen Theme

The inspiration for this Busy Box for Preschoolers comes from my daughter. She loves the Frozen movies and dolls. She is currently a preschooler and she just got her first report card!! My girl is doing well but does not know her letter names and sounds. I have been brainstorming ideas for her to practice those and other skills that she is learning in school. Busy Box for Preschoolers- Frozen Theme here we come!

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Pre-Reading Activities

Print Motivation and Print Awareness

  • Books! Since I really want to focus on the alphabet in this busy box here are some ACB books with a Frozen theme. You can find them at the local library, buy them straight from Amazon or download the ebooks to a kindle.
Snowflake Letter Find
  • I made her a snowflake letter and a word-finding wand. Subscribe for the printable in the busy box library!
  • I cut out some blue contact paper snowflakes for her to mark the letters she finds as she reads.
  • They peel on and off easily. We marked the letter in the book and on the snowflake flash cards.

Below is the book we played our letter find game with!

Letter Knowledge

  • Here is a set of snowflake alphabet flashcards. They are laminated so they can be covered in play snow. She can use her finger or her doll’s hand to trace the letters through the snow. Subscribe for these printables.
Snowflake Letter Cards
  • Grab the old game “Don’t Break the Ice”. Use a dry-erase marker to write some letters on the cubes and play the game saying the letters you are trying to win.

Pre-Writing Activities

Fine Motor Practice

  • Frozen Puzzles- Kids love puzzles but they have to be taught how to do them. My hubby is such a patient teacher when it comes to this. Showing them how to find the edge pieces first and then matching the colors and shapes in the picture. Kids need to do this activity with a grown-up many times before it can be an independent activity. Use it as a chance to fill their attention cup.
  • DIY Coloring Page Puzzles. My daughter and I Fill her attention cup when we colored these pages together. Then once they were laminated she practice her fine motor cutting skills cutting the pieces of the puzzle. Check out my DIY puzzle Tinker Video!
  • Tracing pronoun sight words and matching them to her character dolls from the Movies. Get the free pronoun cards downloaded when you subscribe!
Pronoun Sight Word Cards. Match the word to the dolls.
  • Coloring and writing with this awesome Frozen marker and crayon set that any little girl would love.
  • There are several fun playdough sets available on Amazon with a Frozen theme that will get her practicing fine motor.
  • Play a fun “Build a Snowman” Game with playdough and create your own Olaf!!
  • Frozen Lego sets are available as well. Connecting the blocks is great practice for little fingers.

Pre-Math Activities

Matching, Counting, and Sorting

  • DIY Stamp Creation- Snowflakes, reindeer and troll footprints. They can sort the stamps under the characters and create fun patterns with them.
DIY Snowflake Cork Stamp
  • Grab the “Don’t Break the Ice” game again and this time practice with numbers of shapes. Make sure to show how to count the number of cubes knocked free at the end of the game.
  • When Building the Play Dough Snowman craft a Bigger and Smaller snowman.

I hope you enjoy these Frozen Themed activities I have gathered for your preschooler.

Get the Printables in my subscribers Libray. If you don’t want to subscribe they are available in my Teacher Pay Teacher Store!

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