Summertime Backyard Fun for Mom and Kiddos

4 Summer yard products my family lovesHere are 4 things we love to use in our yard when the days get warm and school stops!

Summertime backyard fun for moms and kiddos!

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Hammock or Air Hammock

We have both and I love them. Its nice to have place to lay down when the kiddos are out having fun!

-The Air Hammock

Air Hammock with Girl lounging.
It works OK. I really suggest using a box fan when filling it up and you may have to refill after a few hours. I don’t suggesting letting kids play with them like trampolines unless you don’t mind them getting popped or broken. Although this is really fun especially if you video it in slow motion. Here is the link for the air hammock.

-The Normal Hammock

Nylon Hammock- Blue Stationary hammock with stand. -Rainbow
It is awesome.  We have a nylon one with hooks to wrap around a pole or tree. I love it because I can pack it in my backpack and take anywhere. I’ve use it at home, camping by the river and even at friend’s houses. Kids love swinging in it and I love lounging in it. A few friends of mine have the big ones that are stationary, and they are nice for multiple people lounging and when you don’t want to worry about packing it anywhere. Here is the link for my nylon one. And Here is the link for the stationary one.

Bubble Machine

Blue Bubble Machine Battery Powered
My kiddos love blowing bubbles, or should I say they love me blowing the bubbles while they chase. Last summer my cousin bought one for my kiddos when we went camping. They used that thing until the motor ran out. It was easy to refill and created lots of bubbles for them to chase. It took AA batteries and like I said they used it all last summer for hours at a time. When I tried to run it this spring the fan was the “little engine ” that couldn’t. Even though it only lasted a summer I would consider it a solid investment to get another one this year. It’s  hours of fun! Bubble Machine Link!

Water Table

Kids water table
Kids always love splashing in water. My soon to be 3-year-old just likes to stand there and fill up cups and dump them back out again. The 5-year-old will still play for a little but is not as interested in it as she is. So, I recommend it for ages 4 and under. If they can stand next to it and splash you’re good to go. Water Table Link!


Kids in Sandbox
This is another favorite! We have the little fisher price turtle one. It works great and the kiddos love playing in there! Fill the cup dump it out again for the almost 3-year-old and the 5-year-old likes building mounds and using his construction vehicles in there. Here is the link to the green turtle sand box.

We have tried out all of these products and enjoy them very much. I hope you will too!

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