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Grandparent Video Chat

In our current age of technology, video communication capabilities are amazing. We can see the face of a loved one who lives very far away. With the current state of the world, this is an amazing blessing. Grandparents are known to be happy helping hands with their grandchildren. Today I am going to share some of the ways they can video chat (with grandparent friendly printable instructions). I also am going to make an idea-list of fun activities that Grandparents can do with your kiddos over video. Attention-grabbing and captivating activities! Grandparent Video Chat just might give you a few moments alone to get some work done.

Grandparent Video Chat with Printable Instructions

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Video Chat Options

There are so many options out there for Video Chatting. Here are a few options where you only need a smartphone or a computer with a web camera. An internet connection and the ability to download the Apps mentioned below are also important.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is an app and social media platform that MANY people are familiar with. The messenger app that goes along with the platform is easy to download. It is an easy way to connect with fellow Facebook users through text messaging, audio calling, and video chatting. If you are a grandparent wanting to video with your grandkids- just find your kid’s Facebook account and look for a Private Message Option. The link above will take you to a How to page if you want more info!

How to Video Chat on Facebook Messenger. First, Click this Message Button. Next, Click this Camera Icon. Last, enjoy your video call.

Hangouts (Google Messenger)

Many many people use Gmail for their email accounts. With Gmail, you have a messaging app called Hangouts. It is an easy way to connect with fellow Gmail users through text messaging, audio calling, and video chatting. The link above will take you to a How to page if you want more info!

How to Video Chat on Google Hangouts
Log into your Gmail account. 
Look for the little word bubble with quotes inside. 
That is the Hangouts message center. 
Look for the + next to your name.
Click the plus and type the name of the person you want to video chat. 
Once the email is entered you can send a text message or click the video camera icon to video chat.

Face Time

This is the video messaging app that comes standard with all i-phones and Apple computer products. It is very easy to use. If you are here looking for instructions on that you can follow the link above.


This is my family’s current preferred method of video chatting. You can do so very easily with a large group of people (multiple grandchildren). Zoom is an app that needs to be downloaded and has a free option for meetings (chat sessions) shorter than 40 minutes. No credit card is required. You can get an upgraded plan for a small fee for more time. (Currently, for the Quarantine they are waiving that time limit for all users!)

Go To Meeting

This is very similar to Zoom. It is rated a bit more secure and you will be required to pay a subscription fee after an initial 14-day free trial. Click the link above to check it out.

House Party

This is a stand-alone App. It is available to download on Mac, Chrome, Android, and IOS. It is quoted to “simulate spur-of-the-moment in-person conversations and the ability to attend, or crash, a party.” I don’t think it works as well for a nice scheduled grandparent video chat session but looks like a fun way to connect. Click the link above to download the app and check it out!

Grandparent Video Chat

12 Grandparent Video Chat Activity Ideas

Coloring Pages

Print them right for the internet and send one for your grand kiddo to print. Then you can color the same thing together and compare.

Free Printable Coloring Pages from Crayola Here!

Drawing Lesson or Pictionary

There are so many simple drawing lessons out there. They show you line by line. Draw one and have the kiddo copy. You will make great pictures together. Pictionary is another fun drawing game where you draw a picture and have the kids guess what you are drawing. Then have the kiddos take a turn to draw with you guessing.

Step By Step Animal Drawings

Play Dough Sculpting

My kids love play-dough. They love it, even more, when I create crazy animals and faces for them. As long as both ends of the video chat have some playdough- chatting and sculpting would be fun!

Easy Homemade playdough from the pantry recipe here!


The same as the above. As long as both parties have the supplies doing it separately but on camera together it could be very fun! Coaching when to rinse the brush, switch colors, etc.

Block Tower Building

Break into the toy stash you keep at your house for when the kids do visit. Grab the blocks and show those kids you know how to play! See who can build taller and even have a lesson on measuring or counting.

Read a Story

This can be harder to engage over video but if you pick a good one, read with emotion and fun character voices- they will love it!

Write a Story

Think about the emblems of a story. Character, Setting, Problem, Solution, Title. You can ask the kiddo questions about these elements like What is the character’s name, how tall is he, what color is his hair? As you ask, write down the details and create your own story based on the answers!

Share Photos

What a great time to hold some old photos up to the camera and tell your grandkids what their parents were like as kids!


An easy over the camera game you can play., It will work best with older children who know their letters. Just make sure you have paper and a good dark writing tool.

Trivia or Would You Rather Questions

My son is the biggest nerd. He loves trivia- giving it and getting it. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lego, etc. Think about your grand kiddo’s interest and make them some trivia questions. You may impress them with your knowledge, even if you did have to research to find them!

Here is a Link to some fun Would You Rather Questions!

Flash Card Scavenger Hunt

Use any of my printable alphabet flashcards in the busy box library or create your own. Hold up the letter and ask them to find a toy that begins with that letter, or to write that letter. You could do the same with colors, shapes, or even numbers.

Easy Crafts

Something the kiddos can easily do with only guiding words and not a helping hand. You also need to choose something they will have the supplies for already on hand (scissors, glue, markers, etc). Many recycle crafts are best for this. Toilet paper rolls, egg carton, cardboard box crafts. I will link a few ideas below!

Here are 50 Quick and Easy Kid Crafts for some inspiration for you!

Grandparent Video Chat with printable Instructions for how to connect with Video Chat.

Some Supplies You May Need

You will need a smart phone, laptop with built in camera or a web cam attached to a computer.

Here is my Amazon Favorite Web Cam!

You will also need to have an internet connection if you are not using your smart phone.

In my house we love to hook the laptop up to to the TV with an HTMI cord. We can see the video stream on the computer screen. We plug the web cam into the computer but put it on top of the TV screen so we can look in the same direction as the video!

Here is the HDMI Cord

Grandma Video Chat at Savor the Mom Life's House.


  • MrBiizy

    Hi STML 😀; please permit me to call you that.

    Grandparents are truly amazing and fun to be with. I know this because when my grandmother was alive (may her soul rest in peace), I do have amazing times whenever I go visiting (hey, I love food!). Lol.

    Thanks for sharing these medium with which my kids can do video chat with their grandparents. There are several ways to make vide calls or chat (I use WhatsApp mostly and Facebook). Zoom has been proven to be better considering the fact that a conference call can be scheduled and anyone can join with the invitation link. Your printable is very easy to follow plus I love the suggestions of fun stuffs the kids can do with their grandparents while video chatting.

    Kind regards!

  • Donjanuka

    Hey, First of all, I need to mention you have created a nice niche website for parents. Thank you for sharing this article, even I was called my grandparents in the morning but not a video call. There are nice ways to connect our kids with their grandparents through the internet. These activities are really cool. I will try

  • Sami

    What fun ideas I found on your site.  I appreciated the suggestions to help with video chats for Grandparents.  Often is hard to get the conversation rolling on the person on person chats, then you add the remote challenge!   I started a Knock-Knock joke book with my 7-year old grandson.  We enjoy this as a way to stay tied. He is rapidly outgrowing his sitting down and reading time with me.  I will be using your suggestion or would you rather as well.

    The ideas you have shared will make me more aware of how I can share with him, the baby of the group.  I may even use the would you rather questions on the grown ones as well.  Communications are an important part of the relationship, and helping to keep the lines open both ways is important. 

    Finding suggestions to allow us to have conversations will go a long way to easing our relationship back to some familiarity between the visits.  Thanks Sami

  • Apersinger

    Your article is a wonderful host of ideas for grandparents to spend quality time with the kiddos.

    Your ideas of coloring and painting and playing with play dough over the wide world web is genious. I never really thought about doing those things while I was talking with my grandbaby on the video chat. Granted he is only 2 and it’s hard to keep his attention for any length of time, LOL.

    I certainly didn’t realize there were so many ways to take advantage of the technology. I typically just use my phone, but it would be more beneficial to set-up some knid of chat system on a bigger screen I think.

    Thank you for sharing some really great ideas with those of us that can’t be with our grandbabies, even when we are not being quarantined.

  • Chezya

    This is very thoughtful of you to create this platform for families and with such the world can indeed become a better place when families keep in touch and share bonds through all such mediums. I believe you are an amazing mother and will be an amazing grandparent someday. Everything is well laid out and its also great that the platforms themselves have been explained enough for one to understand how to operate each one. Great article and thanks for sharing this information with the world.

  • Chezya

    First of all this is an amazing article and it has great relatable content. All these platforms do depend on internet connectivity and perhaps that’s the major limiting factor, so with great network connectivity these make the best communication via video calling and text messaging methods for long distances between families. The games or activities such as telling stories and Dough sculpting, painting and drawing are excellent ways of bonding with children. GREAT ARTICLE!

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    Hello there, thank you so much for this very beautiful post on grand parent video chat, I understand for a post as this a lot of conscious, calculated and  deliberate effort have been put into a post as such, I live very far from my dad and my kids get video chat him, but they always complain that he’s boring LOL, but I hope this will help him relate better with his grandchildren i’m sharing this with him immediately.

  • edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there. This is the exact innovation my grandparents who thought  that technology has left them behind will be pleased to hear, I will definitely make some recommendations to them about the grandparents friendly printable instructions and video chatting. I am convinced with this experience they will tends to live healthier as a result of the fun and joy that will be derived.

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    Tremendous article the grandparents video chats, you did quite a nice job taking your precious time to share this, video chatting is really fun especially at a time like this where the ravaging pandemic has kept everyone apart from visiting each other, video chatting will go along way to seeing your loved ones from a far distance… Its true that grand patents really miss their kids and wish to see them always and this is the only way possible…thanks for bringing up this nice Review…

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