6 Nerf Gun Learning Games
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6 Nerf Gun Learning Games

The Nerf Gun. This popular toy brings movement and imagination to any kid. Did you know you could use it for teaching and learning? Toys can be some of the best tools, and our imagination only limits them. Here are 6 different skills you can make some awesome games using one of the best toys out there! You can play these 6 Nerf Gun Learning Games inside or out.

6 Nerf Gun Learning Games

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Nerf Gun Alphabet Games

Shoot the Letters

  • Collect them as you shoot them.
  • Match the letters.
  • Say a word that starts with the same letter, and write the letter on paper or in the air.

Letter Targets

Nerf Gun Number Sense Games

Shoot the Numbers

  • Make matching # of movements.
  • That’s how many more shots you have left.
  • Find that many objects.
  • Say an equation that equals that #.
  • Make an equation with 2 of the numbers you shoot.

Number Targets

Nerf Gun Shape and Color Games

Shoot the Shapes/ Colors

  • Name the shape or color.
  • Find a toy with a matching shape or color.
  • Shoot the shapes and draw them- in the air, on paper, etc.

Shape and Color Targets

Nerf Gun Reading Games

  • Shoot a target and read a page (Use a short text or one where it is easy to read one fact, page or sentence at a time).
  • Miss = you read. Make the mark = parent reads.
  • Shoot sight words. Read the words and locate them in your book! Use one of Savor the Mom Life Word Wands in the Busy Box Library!!!

Sight Word Targets and Word Wands

Nerf Gun Writing Games

Shoot the Elements of a Story

  • Each time a target is hit the writer has to write that element of their story.
  • Character, Setting(place, time of day), Title, Problem, Solution, Details, Illustrations.
  • You can add details to the targets to help the writers. Like Animal character, Nighttime for Setting, etc.

Informational Shoot the Facts

  • Hang and shoot topic targets. Then the shooter will write 1-2 facts they know about the topic.
  • Shoot fact targets and write down the matching topic target.

Story Element Targets and Informational Topic Targets

Nerf Gun Charades

  • Shoot names or pictures targets and act it out.
  • More advanced kiddos can shoot categories like sports, school, food, etc. and think of something in that category to act out and have others guess.

Charade Topic Targets

Nerf Gun Targets

Targets can be displayed in several different creative ways when playing. Laminating them will let you get more creative and help the targets to last longer. You can create your own easily but I have made them for you to download. Check out the Busy Box Library (must subscribe for password) and Teacher Pay Teacher Store!

  • Hang the targets from the ceiling or a tree with a hole puncher and string.
  • Tape the targets to the wall, sofa, or any flat vertical surface that can take getting Nerf Darted.
  • If outside you can steak them in the ground- tape the targets to a stick in the ground.
  • Drawing your own targets with sidewalk chalk is another great option. (Bonus Idea: When the heat of summer comes, break out the water guns and shoot your DIY chalk targets with those!)

All the targets are available in the Busy Box Library for Download by my Subscribers!

If you want the targets without subscribing you can check out my Teacher Pay Teacher shop!

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