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My Tribe: An Introduction

My Tribe: An Introduction to my mom tribe. I want to talk about my idea of a ?tribe?. It means so much to me and is an important part of my mom identity. This is not just the mom tribe but really the group of women that help support each other through life.

Every woman needs some level of a tribe! You send her occasional goofy memes or snap chats when you think of each other, a girlfriend whom you don?t see often but feels like you never left each other when you do get to meet up, or even the woman you call or see in person every day to discuss every detail of your life (for some, this is mom). Imagine this on a 0-5 scale. The lady who makes you feel special because they were thinking of you -all the way to the one who gives you advice about some of your most intimate moments. These relationships are so important to me. Mom tribes are important to our survival as moms!

We as humans need relationships with each other, women, especially with other women. I read a blog post almost a year ago about how we are hard-wired to need that community or village as the author called it in her article (I?ll try to link it up at the bottom of this post for you to check out!). This is something people these days don?t necessarily value as much or take the time to grow and cultivate for themselves. I know for myself it?s a big part of my everyday happiness, and I work hard to encourage the relationships that mean the most to me. Some we may grow away from or be forced to move away from, but they are all important at different stages in life.

In each one of my life-stages so far, I have met some amazing women who make up my support system, or tribe if you will. The groups change and sometimes fall out of touch but they all have made an impact on my life. I know many of them would jump right back into those roles for me again – today if possible. I like to be picky when picking my friends. ?Quality over quantity,? they say. When I find a good friend with whom I take turns, encouraging and lifting up one another, I make sure they know it!

Some different groups I have found kindred spirits for my mom tribe include:

-High School (It was ALL GIRLS! Go Cubs!!)
-College (Of course these ladies were important, its where I became a grown-up)
-Army Wives (This is a group that, for sure, I was and still am very proud to be a member. If anyone knows how to support other women, it?s these girls!)
-Stay-at-home moms (I miss my “Wine Wednesday” playgroups)
-Bus stop moms (I cried this year when my first baby got on the bus – hugs all around!!)
-FAMILY (We are born with this group, and some are definitely better at being supportive than others. I feel truly blessed when considering mine)

Photos of my tribe through the years.

I just want to remind everyone how important these women, our mom tribe, are to our happiness. Remember to be thankful for them and work for your happiness by seeking out amazing women to be apart of your tribe. Return that favor and be a great tribe member in return. Know that you can distance yourself from those who don?t practice that “give and take” with you. You won?t have anything to give if all the other woman does it take. That?s where being picky about picking those in your mom tribe comes into play.

Make sure to check out my follow up post. How to Catch your Mom Tribe- Mom Dating. 

In the Absence of a Village, Mothers Struggle Most <— Here is that other blog I was referencing.

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