How to Quickly Get Your Kids to Learn Your Phone Number
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How to Quickly Get Your Kids to Learn Your Phone Number

Learning phone numbers is turning into a lost art in the world of speed dial and cell phone address books. What about the little kids who don’t have a phone yet? If your kids need to call you it will need to be the old-fashioned way. This is an important safety skill. If you ever get separated or they need you at a school event or a friend’s house its good for them to know the number to call and reach you. These 5 strategies for How to Quickly Get Your Kids to Learn Your Phone Number will make it fun and easy.

How to Quickly Get Your Kids to Learn Your Phone Number

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Use Rhythm to Learn a Phone Number

Clap out the number patterns- 3-3-4. You can hold up fingers and count out the pattern as well. This will help them know how many numbers they will have to remember. Next say the numbers in the phone number to a tune like Frere Jacques. For example 410>410, 222<222, 1234>1234 That’s Mom’s#, That’s Mom’s #. (Not a real phone number here just picked those numbers for an example.) Practice singing the song every day until they can do it without your help! Bonus: Make up a dance move to represent each number. This is a cool idea if you have a kid that likes to move a lot.

Number Match and Number Order

Write out the numbers from the phone number you are trying to memorize. Be sure to write them in the correct order. Get your kid to copy, trace, and write the numbers. You could even use these cute number ink stamps or stickers to make it more fun and interactive.

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You can cut out the numbers and create a phone number puzzle. Get your kid to practice putting the numbers back together in the correct order. Close Pins on a Popsicle Stick are an excellent way to practice and reuse over and over!

Phone Number Practice with Close Pins
Numbers Covered for Security! Don’t put stickers on yours!!!

Act It Out

Use a paper phone or a toy phone and act it out! Pretend to dial the phone number and sing the song while you do it. Practice 10 times, 5 times, etc. It can be a part of the fun getting your kiddo to craft the phone with you. I will include a photo step by step guide to one I made with my kids. Bonus: We highlight the numbers needed in red! I will link a few awesome practice toy phones below.


Learn the #s in different parts- the first 3 numbers or the area code for example 410-410-410-410-410, etc. Use the practice phone to practice just these first 3 alone. Then the once that is mastered do the next three numbers and then the last 4. Memorize each one individually and then put them all together!

Phone Number Part Part Whole

Real Phone/ Real World Practice

Let your kids try calling you in real-time! Give them a friend or partner’s phone and have them dial the numbers and chat with you! On our phones, it’s important to show them how to get to the phone! There are many other things there. They need to know where to punch in the numbers! It’s just the last thing they need to learn.

Memorization is what we are aiming for here.

The best way to get a phone number memorized is practice, practice, practice. The secret to really get them learning is to choose the way your kiddo likes to play and they will absorb the memory the best! Some kids are more creative, some learn with big movements, some with small movements, etc. If you are unsure how your kid learned best try out each way! Have fun. This is an important skill to teach them but also a great time to build a connection!

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