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The Benefits of Connecting with Your Kids

These little people we have in our lives are amazing blessings. It’s hard to remember that when they are driving us crazy by challenging boundaries, or when work and other life stresses take our attention. Here is where the benefits of connecting with kids during stronger, happier moments can be very helpful. Connection with kids strengthens the bond. So, when you or your child have a weak or difficult moment, making one of these connections can sometimes make it easier or quicker to navigate the moment.

Tantrum Recovery-

I love to talk to my kids about nature all the time. We play ‘I Spy’ with birds, squirrels, and flowers. Sometimes when my daughter has a hard time riding in the stroller, I get her going with a good game of ‘I Spy’. It takes her mind off her current troubles and back to that fun moment from another time when we were spotting wildlife, or even mailboxes and trash cans if you need to get creative. I do this in the house when she might need a redirection as well. I use the windows for nature ‘I Spy,’ or even just remind her what toy we had the most fun with when we last played, turning her attention to that object.

Good Memories-

Would you rather remember listening to screaming children while making dinner until you are ready to pound a few glasses of wine, or be able to enjoy that wine slowly after having a fun dance party while cooking dinner? Sometimes they want and need our attention at the most inopportune times. I’ve been in both situations, and trust me, the dance party situation is way better. Sometimes the dance party might not work. So, the wine is there and we go back to try better for tomorrow.

Dance party connecting with the kids to build fun memories.

Independence Building-

Taking a moment to work with your child while learning a new skill is another great way to connect. Shoe tying, toilet scrubbing, sock matching or even golf ball cleaning. My husband is a huge golf guy and he loves to clean his golf clubs. Sometimes it’s not the easiest thing to do with the kiddos hanging around wanting to help. He taught my son, and now my daughter, how to scrub the golf balls and even polish up some of the clubs. So, now, they can help him with his hobby. Start small and maybe your hobby can grow to be one of your kid’s hobbies; and, if that’s not a connection, I don’t know what is!

When kids are struggling with change-

Last year I was doing a lot of babysitting. I had 3 extra babies in my house during different days of the week. My youngest being not yet 2 at the time was still a baby herself. They needed a lot of my attention. My oldest was 4 and he had to either be helpful or play on his own a lot. He is amazing, but the change did wear on him. He was used to having way more of my attention and he started acting out a bit. So, I started giving him extra snuggles after story time each night. He could talk to me, hug me and have me all to himself. Sometimes this was super hard because I would be exhausted, but he needed it and so did I.

Connecting with your kids brings all of you joy!

I’m sure there are many more examples of and benefits to connecting with kids. I’ve put together 4 of my favorite connection strategies to get you started. Please feel free to share any time you felt you made a great helpful connection, or, if you struggle in this area, ask away! I’ll do my best to give helpful ideas!

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I am a mom of two sweet kiddos. One boy who is 6 and one girl who is 3. Before kids, I was a Kindergarten teacher. My purpose here is to build a positive place for Moms (or any parent for that matter) to learn, share and support each other in our life quest for Happiness!


  • Jess

    I love how you mentioned bonding with your kids doesn’t always happen at the most appropriate times. Those are the time I lose my cool and I feel awful afterwards. Dance party!!

  • Robin Ward

    These are really helpful and very smart ideas! Thank you so much for sharing! I am REALLY digging the dance party! Even for my older children (9 & 10)!! 🙂

  • Laura Doss

    This is great! I love the I spy idea! It may work with the kids together, too. Mine tend to argue when they get bored, so this would be a great game for them to play together!

  • Eilish Pickmere

    I love this, you’re such a wonderful soul and mother ! I’m not a mother yet but your tips will truly stay with me until i have mine x

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