How to Start a Mom Blog Today- A Wealthy Affiliate Review
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How to Start a Mom Blog Today

How to Start a Mom Blog Today

Are you a mom who wants to work from home? Be there for your kids? Pick your own hours? Help support your household financially? One way to achieve all of these things is to start your own mom blog!

I know it seems to good to be true. It is by no means an easy road. You have to be ready for a lot of writing, research, self-motivation, self-teaching, and a lot of work with nothing to show for a long time. If you want to learn how Weathly Affiliate can teach you to start a Mom/Parenting bolg-keep reading!

If you don’t want to read my story and want to get right to the Training Program go here! It’s hard to wait to get to the good stuff!

I really love being home for my family. Being here for my babies was amazing but they have grown a lot. Now I have more free time but truly in my heart, I want to remain home. I want to be as available to my family as possible. I need to help my husband, my prince charming who has made all my dreams come true. Living on one income in today’s society is not impossible but it comes with a sacrifice. My big motivation for creating this blog is to ease that sacrifice! I love being a mom and because I was a teacher I have plenty of experience when it comes to little kids! So I decided to jump in and put those passions to work from the comfort of my own home!

I have been or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full disclosure for more information.

The idea to start my own mom blog came to me while perusing Pinterest.

There are a million articles on Pinterest sharing this same type of information. How to make money by starting your own blog. The amount of free information is amazing. You have to be smart enough to piece all the free bits together and to weed out all the unimportant or incorrect information. Sadly there is way more of this out there an anyone cares to admit.

Ideally, I wanted to get one course, one support group, one blogger about blogging that could give me all I needed in one place. This concept gets pricey! Back when I first started researching my idea to start a mom blog I was not ready to do any investing. When you have no base knowledge on the subject it is very hard to take that risk and spend the money on yourself.

Even if every other mom blogger out there is selling courses, challenges, support groups, and how-tos- how could I know if they are worth it? Especially since any old mom could start selling those things? I needed something that was free or as close to free as possible to get me started. To help me learn the basics to teach myself how to make a website!

There was a lot of trial and error in my first year. It didn’t help that I broke my foot and just stopped working on everything for a bit either. I didn’t give up and got back to it by following any and all advice I could find that was free.

I began to think of spending some money on blogger training when I hit one year of participating in the blog business. It’s a hard decision to make, especially when I was not making any money. I started looking for legit, helpful, result filled programs that would take me to the next level- making $$$$!

I had experienced a lot of “free” training programs.

There are about a million of them floating on Pinterest.  A lot of them were not giving what I felt I needed. They only give so much detail and then require money. I understand this is how they make “their” money but usually, there is not enough detail to make sure the “juice is worth the squeeze” if you know what I mean. Finding something I wanted to commit to was proving difficult. 

Drawn to Elite Blog Academy by its cute look and strong female creator, I researched the possibilities. The downside was my BUDGET. Too much money for me and not enough time to decide or plan. EBA is only open to enroll one week out of the year. I was excited for it to be a goal for next year, but then I was sad because I was ready NOW. That next level was calling my name and I was ready to do the work. 

Thinking I could still find something that would fit in the now I decided to google blog training.

Using the keyword free in the search, I came upon a site that wasn’t very “pretty and feminine and flowery” as I am usually drawn to (part of the reason I liked Elite Blog Academy so much, marketing tactics are real people!). The site was a review for a blog training program called WEALTHY AFFILIATE. The biggest pull for me was the FREE START! I could try lots of its benefits- for FREE! 

This site was promoting a blog training program called Wealthy Affiliate.

Quick Details:

  • Wealthy Affiliate 
  • Free to Start and if you think the juice is worth the squeeze- $49 a month for Premium Membership
  • Who can benefit?- Beginner Bloggers and Experienced alike!
  • Bonus: You can stay on Free as long as you like. Some of the trial benefits will fall off but if you find them worth it signing-up will give you even more!

Free Membership Includes 

  • Ability to stay on as a free member as long as you wish. No Credit Card Info REQUIRED!
  •  2 free hosted WordPress websites on their SiteRubrix domain. 
  •  Limited 7-day access to the community (many many people ready and willing to answer all of your burning questions and provide strong mentorship). 
  • Access to the first level (10 lessons) of the online Entrepreneurship Course. This is amazing!!!! 
  • Access to the first level (10 lessons) of The Affiliate Bootcamp Course. 
  • Bonus #1: If you sign up for the free version right now I will send you a welcome message in the WA platform with my Weekly Blog To-Do List! I created it just for you!!! Another tool to help keep you on track to be the best blogger you can be!
  • Bonus #2: As soon as you get all signed into Wealthy Affiliate (yes still just the free starter pack)  I will give you a copy of my Blog Log! All the information I record each time I add a new post to my site. Super helpful for when you need to update and or social share your post. 

Premium Membership Includes

  • The cost is $49 a month, and they have deals for paying yearly. 
  • Up to 50 free hosted WordPress websites on their SiteRubrix domain.
  •  Unlimited access to the community (1,000s of people ready and willing to answer all of your burning questions). 
  • Access to ALL of the online Entrepreneurship Courses. 
  • Access to ALL of The Affiliate Bootcamp Course.
  • Free access to Jaxy- a keyword search tool(I can’t convey to you how awesome this little tool is). 
  • Weekly live Webinars and Unlimited training posted by other WA members. (When I find something new I need to learn, I always go search here.)
"Reading about what that had to offer appealed to my blogging heart." How to start a mom blog.

A free 7 days where I could sign up, begin training, host a site and get 24/7 support all for the cost of nothing and all in one place.

Like I said, its style didn’t appeal to my eye but reading about what they had to offer appealed to my blogging heart. No surfing on Pinterest or googling how to troubleshoot my issues. I signed up and began the first training session.

The biggest and first reason I clicked over to check them out was the free start.

Training put me right back at the beginning of starting my blog- but I was already a year into teaching myself this stuff! I already knew most of the first training. I was flying through. It was great to see all of the self taught steps I had gone though and validate them. The checklists they have are so motivating. I love clicking each box as I complete the stages. 

Look at that WA training checklist! So satisfying!

All I could think was “I wish I would have found this a year ago when I first started and I have to share this with others who are wanting to start but don’t know how to begin”.

I know at least 5 people off the top of my head who could take this training and make something magical for themselves.

My site was hosted outside of their platform and I couldn’t link up my progress on my year-old blog with this new training. That’s when I found out they have the hosting available and it’s included in their membership! To have my blog hosted and get access to the rest of the training, continued 24/7 support, and super cool keyword research tools (necessary for getting my post showing up on Google for you newbies). I decided to buy-in.

Get the Premium membership.

So now I won’t have to pay my hosting service (Wealthy Affiliate was super helpful with the moving as well). They also have monthly and yearly options for payment. It is around 400 for the year but with the hosting included and all the support, training and tools I will need it is worth it!

Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Start showed me they were worth the investment. I wish I would have stumbled upon this when I very first began.

Maybe the money would have still stopped me back then but still, I would have had so much more guidance for building a strong base with just the free bits of training they offer!!!! A base which is necessary if I want to start adding affiliate links and Ads to my blog.

If you are interested at all, please click on one of the links to check it out! It feels awesome that I may be able to help someone work towards their blogging goal. I always wish I would have started my mom blog sooner- so stop wishing and start doing!!!!!

How to Start a Mom Blog Today! Wealthy Affiliate Review
PIN ME!!!!

Added Bonus to Signing Up with Wealthy Affiliate- Join with me and I will send you my most up to date Monthly Blogging Planner. It includes the month at a glance, video planner, social planner, email list planner- everything it took me 3 years to nail down.

Blogging Planner
If you are not interested in WA but still want the planner… Check it out on my Teacher Pay Teacher Store!


  • jen

    This is great information to have, thanks for sharing it. I’m a mom whose been wanting to start a blog for a while now I just didn’t know how to get started. There are so many websites out there that claim to be the real deal but i’ve spent money before and end up with nothing to show for it.
    The company you are talking about here looks like a good start and I like that I can get started for free. Thanks for the recommendation, I’m going to check it out. Maybe this could be a new beginning for me.

  • Ayockson

    Wow! It’s has been a long journey in search of the best online marketing training for you, nothing good easy though. Now am sure you’ve gotten to the right place WA which I believe you’ll make it to the top. Thanks for this article, I’ve learned to be resilient in everything never to give up, one have to push it to the top.

  • RhondaLeigh

    Awesome, simply awesome. I can testify that everything you are saying about Wealthy Affiliate. It does take hard work, but they teach you everything you need to know. As a person who started a blog without training, I understand this. It was a total flop! But since I’ve been on Wealthy Affiliate, with the premium membership, I have learned from my mistakes and I know this time my blog is going to take off. So, like Ashton says, if you want to create a successful blog, go to Wealthy Affiliate!

  • Carmen

    Living the mom life is a dream. I’m a mother of 3 (one of them a special needs kids) and it seems like Wealthy Affiliate could be the answer for me. thanks for this article

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