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VIPKid Rewards- What are they? Why do I need them? How do I use them?

I have previously shared that one of my side hustles is teaching for VIPKid! I love it and if you want to learn more about teaching for them go read this post – Today’s post is all about VIPKid Rewards. What are the rewards? Why do I need rewards? How do you use rewards? Where can I find materials to create rewards? And if you subscribe to my VIPKid list I will give you access to any rewards I create for my classroom and you can always email me with any questions about VIPKid- Reward related or not!

I have been or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Please read my full disclosure for more information.

VIPKid Rewards- What are they?

Rewards are fun and engaging photos, pictures, games or objects that keep the kids motivated, engaged and excited about what they are learning. Rewards are only limited by your imagination! There is a star reward system for each lesson. The students can get 5 stars as they go through the lesson these rewards I am talking about today are extra and on top of those.

  • Physical 3D- stuffed animals, Mr. Potato Head, toys, etc.
Physical 3 D Rewards- VIPKid
  • Physical 2D- flashcards, stickers, printed clip art, coloring pages, etc.
Physical 2D Rewards- VIPKid
  • Google Slides- There is an amazing group of people who have created a library of available rewards slides in an App Called Slide Kick.
Google Slides- Slide Kick App
Find a Star Rewards- FAS

Most lessons also have a reward slide at the very beginning. I have used this before as its always nicely related to the lesson. I find it hard to switch back and forth from that slide to the one we are learning and because of this- I usually skip or only use this reward as an intro.

Why do I need rewards?

There are many reasons to use rewards. The big one is to keep your students interested and motivated. Some students have no English experience. It can be hard to focus when nothing is familiar. Food, animals, games, cartoons- anything they might recognize can make it more engaging. Some students have a lot of English experience and can become easily bored as they breeze through lessons. Rewards give you a great opportunity to extend and teach beyond the basics of the class. Some words are easier than others and rewards can be a great way to practice some that students may struggle with.

How do I use rewards while I am teaching?

Sometimes it can be hard to multitask. Teaching the content, giving students stars and sharing a fun engaging reward. Trust me when I say you will get better with practice. You can use them to grab the attention of your students when they start to wander. You can use them to extend the lesson when your student knows the information.

Rewards can be simple for those students who are new to English. Some examples:

  • Give the Monkey a Banana
  • Cookies in the Jar
  • Scoops of Ice Cream
  • Feed the Shark Fish
  • Find a Star
Simple Rewards for VIPKid

Rewards can be more complex and enriching for students who easily get the lesson content.

  • Games
  • Would You Rather Questions
  • Matching
Complex Rewards for VIPKid

Rewards can be based on student interest. Once you have some repeating students you will learn what they like.

  • Cartoon/Disney/movie characters
  • Video games
  • Foods
  • Sports and hobbies

As you are teaching the slides every few you can stop and add a moment to share a part of the reward. Give a monkey a banana or play a round of rock paper scissors. Some students will need more than others to keep attention.

Where can I find materials to create rewards?

Again, reward creation and usage are only limited by your imagination!

  • Search your kid’s toy box!
  • Dollar Tree- toy, seasonal, education and craft sections all have great stuff! (Stickers and Flash Cards are some of my favorites to use)
  • Check out Google Slides- when I can’t think of an idea or need something very specific and quick I look there. (I do find a lot of my kids like the physical rewards more but you can find some amazing stuff in the digital options).
  • Just search google images and print!
  • Look on FB groups, Pinterest, and other blogs. You don’t have to completely reinvent the wheel. So many others are ready and willing to share their materials! In fact, I will be creating a free reward library.

If you subscribe- I will email you when I add a new reward to my library and you can download FREE!!!

If you are looking to start teaching for VIPKid I would love to help you out! Just sign up with my referral code and you are welcome to email me any time with questions! Grabbing one of my simple rewards from the library will be very helpful when you are doing your interview process!

Ice Cream Scoop Reward In the Subscribers Library!

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