Painted Rock Name Games for Pre-K Kids
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Painted Rock Name Games for Pre-K Kids

Painted Rock Name Games for Pre-K Kids

My youngest is in Pre-k! She is loving it but I am noticing she needs some more practice with her name and the letters in it. While brainstorming ways to help her I noticed the piles of stones on my front porch she was gathering from my neighbor’s yard. Inspiration Struck! Painted Rock Name Games!


  • One bag of flat black stones from Dollar Tree.
  • An assortment of acrylic paints and brushes.
  • Foam Egg Carton and Water Cup for pouring and rinsing paint.
  • Messy mat or craft table.
Paint for painting rocks.

I had enough rocks to do every letter of both of my kid’s first names. There were also plenty of rocks left in the bag for them to have fun freely painting anything they wanted on the rest. The rocks come in different sizes but I made sure I picked the biggest to do the first letter of their name. Since that letter is always capitalized.

They were black rocks so I used white paint to do the letters of their name. I was very excited my kids are both old enough to get the concept of not mixing all the paint as you trade colors!! While I waited for the white letters to dry I had fun watching my kids paint their rocks. Once they were dry I turned them over and painted some fun symbols on the back. You could get very specific and do symbols to match letter sounds but this time I just had fun. Stars, hearts and rainbows, etc. After everything is dry the rocks are ready to play!

Painted Rock Name Games for Pre-K Kids

The rocks my kids painted on their own got played with, lost outside, and given to friends. The rocks I painted with the letters in their names are going to be very purposefully used.

Painted Rock Name Games for Pre-K Kids

Here are some fun names games you could play with the name stones:

Painted rock name game printable.

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