Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit- How to Use it!
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Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit

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This kit is one of several created by Teach my Toddler Inc. This particular one is specialized for preschool. It can be used for ages 3 and up. It has lots of educational pieces to share with your preschooler. You can help them practice the skills they are learning in school. If you are a parent with no background in education you may find it hard to think of fun ways to use this kit. Even if you read the teaching guide that comes inside you still might need some guidance. This post will show all the pieces of the Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit and some great ideas for using them to educationally engage your preschooler!

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What Comes with the Teach My Preschoolers Learning Kit?

  • 40 Foam Number’s and Counters
  • 13 Books
  • 1 Magic Drawing Board (the magnetic type)
  • 4 Sets of Transparencies (clear plastic cards with numbers, letters, and shapes on them)
  • 1 Set of Word Flash Cards
  • 2 Posters
  • 1 Set of 1-100 Flash Cards (train car style)
  • 4 Storage Bags
  • 1 Reward Tin
  • Teaching Guide
  • Carrying Case

Why is the Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit Awesome?

So how do I use this Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit?

Just like in each of my Busy Box posts I am going to break this kit down by those Pre Reading, Pre Writing, and Pre Math skills. Also, remember not to limit yourself to only what is in the kit! Gathering other toys and books that currently pull at your child’s interests can make things more fun and engaging. I promise to give you some examples.

Pre Writing Skills

Every child is different! Some preschoolers are writing their name, all letter and number proficiently. Some are just learning about holding a pencil. Pre Writing is all about fine motor skills-using those tiny muscles in the fingers and hands.

Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit- Fine Motor and Letter Awareness

Pre Reading Skills

This box can cover a large range of abilities when it comes to Pre Reading Skills. Print Motivation- Just learning what a book is. Print Awareness- Learning the correct way to hold the book and turn the pages. Letter Knowledge- Learning the letters- uppercase and lowercase. Phonemic Awareness- Learning the sounds the letters make and starting to put them together for words.

  • Looking at the books together. Holding the book correctly, identifying the front cover, the spine, the back cover, the title, the author. Look at the pictures and turn the pages in the correct direction. It’s obvious, but do not just expect them to know these things- you have to model or show them how! Check out 9 Ways to Make the Most of Reading with Your Kids.
Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit- Books
  • Search and find! Match the letter transparencies with the corresponding letters in the book. There are uppercase and lowercase sets. You can also sort the letters into uppercase and lowercase.
Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit- Letter Knowledge
  • Match the word cards with the corresponding words in the books. There are even pictures on the other side of the word cards that match exactly with the books for extra help.
Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit- Letter Knowledge and Phonemic Awareness
Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit- Phonemic Awareness

Pre Math Skills

The Pre Math and Math skills that can be covered in this box are great! There are so many different ways to use the tools given. Skills you can cover include but are not limited to Matching, Sorting, Comparing, Counting, Sequencing, Patterns, Identifying and Creating Sets, and Shape Recognition.

  • You can use the combination of foam numbers, flashcards and posters to match # to # or # to #word.
  • Sorting the numbers and cards by type is great practice.
  • Comparing is a great skill that can practice with the magic board. Draw a big shape and a small shape and talk about the difference. Stack the card in different piles and talk about which one has more or less- taller or shorter.
  • Counting can be practiced with the poster, flashcards, foam numbers or transparency cards.
Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit- Fine Motor, Matching, Counting and Sequencing Numbers
  • Sequencing the numbers is another obvious one, Just use the cards or foam numbers and put them in the correct numerical order.
Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit- Fine Motor, Matching, Counting and Sequencing Numbers
  • Patterns can be created with the round counters or drawn on the magic board.
Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit- Patterns, Creating Sets and Fine Motor
  • Identifying sets of numbers I love to use the foam numbers or cards and grab some cereal, stickers, toys- whatever to create a set that matches to number. Using the given counters in the kit will also work wonderfully.
  • Check out this post for How to Choose Play-Based Math Activities for Early Learning.
  • Practicing the names of shapes can be done with the shape transparencies and/or the magic board.
Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit- Matching Numbers and Drawing Shapes

The possibilities are truly only limited by your imagination. So I wanted to show you as many ways to use these tools as possible.

My YouTube Channel will have some upcoming video examples as well. Please go check it out and subscribe.

If you have this box already I hope I helped you discover some new ways to use it with your preschoolers.

If you don’t have the box yet… What are you waiting for!? Check it out on Amazon today!

Here are the other Learning Kits they offer! Teach My Toddler, Teach My Kindergartener, and Teach My Baby.

Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit
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  • Tucker

    This is such an important time for parents of preschool-age children to know that this type of resource exists. I was with my goddaughter and her parents when schools first began to shut down and we talked a lot about the best strategies for continuing to teach her the topics that they were covering in school. Fortunately, she attends a Waldorf school and within a week they had sent a wide variety of resources to aid her parents in continuing her education. But this isn’t happening for parents of all preschool kids, so I will be sure to bookmark this kit and suggest it to anyone who is having a similarly difficult time! 

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