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Creating a Mud Kitchen for the Kids

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Kids Playing in a Mud Kitchen.

It is spring. My kids want to be outside and they love playing with nature. My daughter is about to be 4 years old and of course, she loves to play pretend. When I was growing up, one of my favorite things to do outside was to play in a mud kitchen for kids.

I would gather leaves, plants, rocks, nuts, and berries. Next, I would clean them, cut them, smash them, stir them, bake them, and/or cook them all up. I would make mud pies, salads, and other fun dishes. An outdoor mud kitchen for kids is a perfect place to cook these up!

Here is the book Mud Pies and Other Recipes- A Cook Book for Dolls. I read this book with my sister and as a result, it inspired me to get cooking!

The coolest part of using the mud kitchen was using a knife to cut the grass and leaves. It was only a butter knife but it was metal so it worked better than other play knives. I decided I need to make my daughter a mud kitchen. As soon as I created it my daughter and all the neighbor kids were there and excited. Some of them even went home and created their own mud kitchens.

Working in the Mud Kitchen

Supplies to Create a Mud Kitchen for Kids?

1. Counter space or shelf in and outside area. (It will get messy, dirty, and muddy.)

2. Real cooking supplies from a thrift shop or things you are no longer using from your kitchen. For instance, an old muffin tin, some different pieces of silverware (be sure to include the butter knives) an old pot or two, a cutting board, plastic plates, cups, bowls, measuring spoons and cups, etc.

3. Several baskets or boxes for collecting nature ingredients such as leaves flowers and berries, etc.?

4. Some hooks to hang kitchen supplies from the counter or shelf space.

5. Bonus: if you can get an old kitchen sink or you could just use a large bowl or a pitcher for water.

6. A board and some paint to create a sign. (Harry and Lily?s Mud Kitchen)

7. A table and chairs for the serving area.

8. Access to sand and mud!

9. The kids to play in it.

Mud Cakes!

I had to show my daughter a few examples of how to collect supplies like grass, leaves, and berries. Once I got her started, she was mixing chopping, and having fun. The neighborhood kids were all excited to join in the play! I do put the knives up when I am not out there to supervise. They all need to get a little older before I let them take on that responsibility on their own.

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You could just get a Fisher-Price plastic play kitchen and put that outside to use as a mud kitchen as well. I really like having the toy play kitchen inside and clean because it gets played with a lot. The outside mud kitchen I created is much more rustic and a part of the fun appeal. It teaches kids to get creative and reuse objects for fun.

Kid's Mud Kitchen

Here are some links for products on Amazon if you want to buy some new toys for your mud kitchen. These are cheap easy options if you don’t want to raid your own kitchen or hit the thrift shop as I did.

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This mud kitchen is going to get played with all summer long and maybe even in the winter. I will probably have to make it bigger to grow with my kiddos and their friends.

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This book above is one I remember reading as a kid and becoming inspired to create things in my mud kitchen. I highly recommend getting it for your mud kitchen-loving kiddos! Click on the photo for a link to buy the book!!

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  • Raquel

    Hi. I love the idea of writing an article intended for mom’s life with her kiddos. While reading, it reminds me of my happy memories with my children when they were young. You’ve provided excellent ideas for mom to give their children an enjoyable play time with the kitchen mud. I hope to revisit your site for more great ideas.

  • Rachel

    Wow this reminds me of my childhood. I used to love doing that. I want to create something like that for my children when they’re older. Do you think it would be the appropriate game for boys too? I noticed that my boy loves cars but i want him to be take interest in cooking too.

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